33 Replies to “Gogol Bordello – Live From Axis Mundi – "Start Wearing Purple"”

  1. A year ago or so, my son went a great distance to see these guys in concert, and came back not so much raving as marveling at how interesting the music and the presentation were. We found this clip, and others, here on YT, and I researched the band online:
    How stunned I was to find out that one of the band-members was Boris Pelekh, who had been in one of my classes at the Hogwarts of Music in Boston, back in the late '80's/early '90's.
    Al Dimeola, Bruce Hornsby, Branford Marsalis, Natalie Maines, John Mayer:
    Eat your hearts out!

  2. This video may only have 170k views, but it covers 60% of the legal population. Epstein, son, you've done well!

  3. I saw them at Hyde Park whilst waiting for Green Day and was blown away! Definitely want to see them live properly now!!!!

  4. Im pretty sure Epstein was at this concert wearing an shirt of an armadillo from Texas playing tennis…riding an elephant 😉 Good luck on the bar y'all!

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