Going to the Bathroom in Your Wedding Dress

Going to the Bathroom in Your Wedding Dress

Well, one event where you can be selective
with the guest list is a wedding. But before a bride walks down the aisle,
she has a lot of planning. So where will the wedding be,
what types of flowers to get, and how to go to the bathroom,
wearing that giant dress? Well, ladies,
there may finally be a solution. It’s called the Bridal Buddy, where it’s a slip that you wear under
your wedding dress, and it lets you stuff all the extra fabric into it,
making it easy to go to the bathroom. Yo, it even has arm holes and a draw
string, so you don’t have to worry about the fabric dropping.
>>So genius.>>No bridesmaids needed. So ladies, do you think the Bridal Buddy
could have been the bride’s best friend when you guys were getting married?
>>I didn’t have the big foofy foofy dress.
>>We had mermaid dresses, right?>>Yes, we both had a similar, the same shape.
>>We all three did.>>Yes, yes.>>Really?>>Yeah, yeah, we all had a nice little silhouette.
>>I’m not just a fan of the frou-frou. I’m 4’11”, and
I just look like a cupcake in there.>>[LAUGH]>>Well, when I got married at the Elvis Chapel, I had on pants, so it wasn’t a problem for me.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>But if we were invited to a ball where we had a wear a big,
frou-frou dress, I’m gonna need this. So any of my girlfriends that might
be wearing these kind of dresses, it’s the first gift I’m giving her.
>>[CROSSTALK] I was about to say, did you [CROSSTALK]
>>Cuz I was all corsetted into my dress, I didn’t pee.
>>I don’t remember you taking a break, friend. You went all the way through [CROSSTALK].
>>But what’s the purpose? The purpose of your bridesmaids
is to do that, to help out, okay? That’s the purpose.
>>True, but.>>I do like those intimate moments.>>Yes, I do, but I had a bussle. Yes, so I had a train and then I had a bussle on my dress,
and when I had to use the restroom, I brought my best friend with me, and
we were all trying to figure it out. And we couldn’t. So I don’t know what she did. She didn’t do it correctly. I love you, Andrea Regalado.
>>[LAUGH]>>But it didn’t work out. So it was lopsided after
I used the restroom. But then I changed into another dress, so then it didn’t really matter.
>>Yeah, I remember I had to shimmy out of mine. And if you’re in a mermaid,
you can only come down from the bottom. And then you gotta shimmy out of it. And your friends have to hold the tail. So you’ve gotta do the squat and
they gotta hold the tail, but did you make them face
the other way cuz you can never pee in front of your friends.
>>No.>>You pee with them watching?
>>Absolutely.>>Yeah, they don’t care.>>No, you’ve never done it where, you really have to pee or something
super uncomfortable, you have to hold the person’s hands like this?
>>Yeah.>>Don’t cry, or either you’re like, [CROSSTALK] you don’t wanna touch
the thing, or the thighs just get tired->>You know how many women I’ve helped at the club when they had been in
the restroom and they need help, and I gotta hold their hair
while they get all that out? Yeah, that’s me. I’m that girl.
>>Yes, that’s what friends are for. Cue the song.
>>Yes, exactly.>>But seriously.>>[APPLAUSE]>>You’re right. You guys, I did not go to the bathroom-
>>I don’t remember.>>From the moment I put my dress on to the end, I never went.
>>Did you drink a lot? I don’t remember.
>>I didn’t, I didn’t.
>>We can barely get you in that dress.>>No, she was not eating or drinking.>>We couldn’t zip it up.>>You were so nervous, you were not consuming.
>>I did not wanna drink. But then right before the night ended, I heard that actually tequila is
the only alcohol that’s an upper. So that I wouldn’t fall asleep in the huge
time difference, I took two shots of Patron and we went upstairs.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Good, yeah, sound good and the dress came off then.
>>All right.>>[LAUGH]

100 Replies to “Going to the Bathroom in Your Wedding Dress”

  1. I feel ya Jeannie, Asians can squat well so we don’t need no frans to hold during our per sessions. I think it’s freakin weird when my girl friends see me pee

  2. 0:49 Adrienne shut up with the height thing! Those ppofy dresses make anyone look like a cupcake!!! I hate when her cohosts(that are mostly 5'4") call her munchkin, ya'll heffas are not tall. And just because shes ok with it,doesnt make it ok. her height is around average worldwide. Estrogen halts and reduces height which is why tall women in the 50s were given estrogen therapy. Stop clowning yourself

  3. Girls I love you so much each one of you. Going through stuff I became suddenly a single mommy. I relax while watching you. 💜💜💜 TenderTam JeniousMai, mamaLove Adreamer Houghton 😘 God bless you all

  4. That moment when you can pee in front of your friends, they aren’t friends anymore…. those are my sisters!!!

  5. The only person that will help me use the bathroom is my mother or my sister. I’m sorry I don’t want my friends helping me pee on my wedding day.

  6. I think I would def have two dresses because this is the way I see it wear the dress for the important dances but my fear is spilling or getting food on it

  7. The only ppl that I feel peeing in front of are my two sisters, my hubby, sometimes lol my kids who are really young and my mom. They all so so pretty coordinated and I love tamera's dress! Can I have it?

  8. In the military when you have an urine analysis and some chick has to stare at you while you pee. You might not even like her 😂😂 it’s so awkward

  9. Lol, nothing wrong wid peeing infront of friends or sister's. In the islands we bathe/shower together in the river if we are the only ones at the river everything coming off.

  10. That is too much work my lovely big sisters!
    Hit Amazon,there is a thing for ladies that helps to pee standing🤣
    I went off to see it!
    Trust me it works in India,them toilets on safari roads aren’t very safe sooo a “working nature”(as they call it)with a smart tool is cool🙈

  11. So,let’s order the tool on our wedding day so our besties help with lifting only the front part of the dress😅😎

  12. Loni needs to stop talking about her fake marriage. It doesn't count loni! You didn't experience what was marriage is like or anything in those 2 days you always talk about 🙄🙄

  13. Dang I literally got married a week ago and my wedding dress was a princess cut and puffy I wish I would have know about this!!! My mom had to help me go to the bathroom and I was so uncomfortable because the stall was super tiny and having to deal with all the material was super hard.😩

  14. I can't believe Jeanie's freaky dikie, dikie freaky self, talking about she doesn't wanna make them watch her pee. Hasn't she alluded to watching people have sex or having people watch her have sex or just something freaky like that lol. I love Jeanie

  15. I just want a proper tutorial on Jeannie’s hair 😭 like what exact hair tool and what direction to curl

  16. Im going to need one of those for when I get married. I need to pee like a toddler so I can't imagine having to do this constantly. Eitherway im that comfortable with my girlfriends where we pee and sometimes #2 if needed in front of each other. But it got to be the quick ones lmao. que the drunk brunch days

  17. Oh so 😎 that’s would be so perfect for a wedding 👰 I want a big dress so I need that hold up on my special day! ☺️

  18. Tequila is not an upper.. Even though is made from a different type of plant than other alcohols its still depressant.

  19. Jeannie you have been slaying since test season,
    Hair, makeup and wardrobe🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😘😘😘😘😘
    You look gorgeous

  20. My best friend and I have conversations while one of us is on the toilet and the other is doing their makeup or hair LOL

  21. This might sound gross to y’all, but I’m not above just peeing in a big cup or a bucket on my wedding day 😂😂😂 I saw Bethenny (RHONY) do it on the episode she got married because she had to go really bad and couldn’t find any of her bridesmaids lol

  22. For one of my friends sweet 16 there were like 4 of us girls in there helping her with her dress. Same for mine. Those were the real mvp's.

  23. just use the bathroom facing towards the lid of the toilet lol then the train wont be smashed against the back and you would just need to hold up the front

  24. I actually didn't have to use the bathroom during my wedding or reception, so I was pretty lucky. I didn't use it until we got to the hotel that night. But if I needed to use it, this thing would be helpful since mine was a puffy dress.

  25. In Asian weddings, the problem isn't the dress on the day but the mehndi (henna) night was a problem. My sister needed help when she went and yes…I wiped her…all I remember was "wrap loads of tissue around your hand and don't let skin touch my faj (vagina)" haha ahh memories x

  26. Adrienne was the hero in this segment. Bodily functions in front of your female friends is no big deal. If we can adjust our bras, talk in detail about our periods, and pick wedges in front of each other; having them see you pee on your wedding day is nothing.

  27. Straight after my husband said his vows, we left for the reception, I had the car stopped at a local drive in restaurant, and my husband of 2 minutes had to help me in the bathroom, and I told him " I think we moving too fast" 😂, and I wore a Cinderella wedding dress

  28. " that's what friend are for cue the song "
    When Adrienne said that I automatically thought of amigas cheetas

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