GOLF: My Favorite Compression Drill For Hitting The Ball Solid

GOLF: My Favorite Compression Drill For Hitting The Ball Solid

hey guys in today’s video i’m gonna show you my favorite Compression drill one thing that i use myself in my practice to really hit the ball more solid Alright guys so i want to talk today about my favorite compression drill now what i have here with me is a hanger This is something that i’ve seen a lot of other people do i’m more or less tried kind of on my own just? To see how it felt and after some trial and error i decided that i really liked it and i use it for myself To change my compression so i want to make you guys aware of this if you guys don’t know i haven’t seen this drill before i want to let you know how it works show you myself going through it and then how i feel Things i feel when i use it to help compress the ball more So what we do here is we’ll take a hang or normal hanger from home nothing special about this just a plastic one and we’re gonna put it on the side of the club so when i put this on the side i put it on the left side of the club if it’s a little bit weird when you grip in the beginning i’m looking To put my right hand thumb basically all the way at the end i grip it like that first and then i grip around it from there now the whole point of this hanger is that throughout my swing i’m going to keep a portion of the hanger on my wrist and the goal with that and what i’m really training in here is wrist conditions so from the down-the-line angle here when i start the this little piece of my hanger the middle portion of it will be on My left wrist that i can feel that right off the bat now if i go up to the top some people will use it during the backswing kind of press that hanger up against their wrist there like so and that will give you that sensation in terms of bowing that lead wrist or bending that right wrist back i don’t personally feel it a ton there that’s not what i’m going for i feel like it starts on my wrist and then kind of just stays on my wrist at the top what i’m really looking for is during the downswing right now i can feel it’s pressed on my wrist as i start down i feel like i crank that thing onto my wrist even More and you can see for me for my clubface it does two things one it starts to tilt my Clubface down towards the ground so it’s not Too oh that’s part number one here? you can see also my lead risk goes from just, a slight extension i normally have at the top and i actually turn that down into a bowed Position it gets the club head nicely back out in front for me because i’m too far back Tilts the club face down and when i get to this spot here where the club’s parallel to the ground face is tilted down left wrist is flat this is sort of the ultimate and i’m just trying to Transport that then into my fatha that’s the whole point here so from face on i’m up to the top i feel that pressing against my left forearm and here’s where i’m at at the bottom left wrist is flat this is pressing against my arm Face is tilted down cubs about peril of my hands and that’s it i’m done with my arms and hands there then i’m just transporting that angle into my follow-through the hanger and the purpose of this is to get your wrist conditions right so again when i’m doing this here i’m feeling like from the top i’m cranking my lead wrist down i’m flexing my lead wrist i’m bending my right wrist back i’m feeling this pressing against my form more than normal The mind works i’m cranking that thing down cranking the face down and that’s good and that’s part of it but i have to turn With that right so i was hitting shots i’m saying hey i’m cranking that down and once i’m down to here i’m opening with that i crank it down my face is pointing more down my wrist conditions are good and then now i’m leaving that go And i’m just turning with it is the feel is that what’s actually happening of course not they’re gonna be releasing a little bit but That’s the feel with it same thing from here i’m Cranking my lead wrist and i’m flattening my wrist bowing it i’m cranking the face down and then i’m just opening up i’m not doing anything with my arms and hands from there is the feel of that so you crank this thing down you get your wrist conditions good get your face under control but you have to add the turn with it when do you turn well for me i feel like i turn a lot after i crank it down but you can turn right from the top with it and turn a lot crank this down and add the turn those pieces have to Go together so i’m gonna go ahead and demonstrate a couple here and we’ll start from the beginning so Hangers-on the side thumb is all the way down towards the bottom and i like to just practice this where i’ll do a couple rehearsals i kind of get halfway back it’s on my left wrist i crank it down a little bit feel like pressing into my wrist see my face Turned down and once they close parallel to the ground i’m done then for me it’s just how do i take that and Turn into my follow-through so let’s demonstrate one here I’m going to feel this right there and that was pretty good there for me so same thing i’m gonna do another one and i you know when you’re practicing this i might do twenty to thirty golf balls with this at the beginning of a range session Just, to retain those same feels i’m feeling here cranking that down getting that two here and just turning here and turning for me i really feel like my right side turns through a lot more when i do that yeah, and so that’s the point here right a divot like that compression i’m taking that club i’m taking that dynamic law from where it is normally i’m trying to crank that think for i’m pushing that against my lead wrist in this motion right here you can see what that does it a club if i push that forward my handle goes forward my club stays back and it takes the Loft off that’s what i’m trying to feel i’m just feeling it here and then i’m transporting that into my father obviously there’s gonna be some release that happens but my feel is i get that down there Crank that down face is pointed down wrist is good and then i’m just turning my right side through i’ll do one more and that creates such a good feel for me and when i check that on track me and what it does is takes my dynamic loft down a couple degrees relative to normal increases my angle attack a little bit neutralizes my pass so something you can literally grab for a couple cents out of your closet again when you put it on the club on the side it’s gonna feel kind of weird in the beginning when you grip it you’ll get used to that if you’re someone who your wrist conditions during the backswing get all taken off another thing you can do with that when you come back if your wrist conditions get where it’s cupped here like this you won’t feel the pressure of this on your lead wrist if you flatten that out you start to feel that different – so i like to feel that during the downswing – something i use what a lot of people will change your compression when you get used to it you might be able to use it during the backswing if you go off there as well i hope that that helps like the video leave a comment down below if you guys have any questions about this you

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  1. Really like that idea. Off +2 but only get to play once a week so this idea now it's been explained is a no brainer!! Great videos. Struggle myself with high hands at impact and this idea will work wonders for the feeling I'm after 👍👍👍

  2. Awesome video mate. Question, At the top of the swing is it normal to have the feeling of left lead hand slightly pushing down on the right before the downswing starts? This to me stops cupping in the lead wrist but is it creating more issue's in the rest of the swing?

  3. Hi Eric, I have been following your videos over the last few weeks. You are an amazing teacher! I should have discovered your series a long time ago. You are on my top 3 best teachers on the internet that, unfortunately, is riddled with hundreds of often conflicting swing philosophies and methods.

    The clarity of your teaching, especially on the critical aspect the wrist angles play in solid hits, has helped me tremendously. I have been playing golf off and on for 14 years. Have never really improved on my +25 handicap because of the wide dispersion pattern of my shots. I think I got that problem licked.

    I picked up the game again about a month and a half ago. Before leaving for holidays two weeks ago, I played a pitch-and-putt 18-hole course (50 – 120 yards) here in Vancouver and scored 5 over! Played a round prior to that one and had 10 over par with my less than A game. Those scores were unimaginable prior to my following your drills. Moreover, I had 2 holes in one within a space of 8 days! One of those occurred at the 2nd hole (75 yards), which, according to the pro shop guy, was the hardest hole with a postage-stamp-sized and undulating green; the other was on the 15th (also 75 yards).

    Thanks so much Eric. Am hoping to bring to a longer course what I have learned so far from you and am confident that I will be seeing significant improvement.


  4. i will try it today..
    i have this problem…
    extend the right wrist before impact…
    hit it pretty straight but to high and short
    if you come to island of elba let me know

  5. Great tip Eric thanks, this will finally help me get a consistent divot in front of ball. The key I picked up here is fire my right side. Thanks!

  6. The golf swing is all about feels and this is a great thing to work on when you’re at the range. Makes it harder to flip at the ball. You start to feel what it’s like to trap the ball. Nice work Eric 👍🏼

  7. Thanks Eric! I think the one thing overlooked is that this drill stops the flippy wrist turnover that a lot of players do thru the ball and it gets you to move your body through better. Thanks

  8. Another excellent video Eric. Is it up to personal preference to have a flexed wrist or not at the top as a lot of instructors tend to prefer a flat or slightly bowed wrist then instead of flexing it on the way down? I find flexing it at the top means less work on the way down but interested to hear your thoughts.

  9. You have some of the most no nonsense simple drills out there. I really like your take on what your trying to feel in this. I can usually follow alomg with most drills out there, but they never really explain what you should feel when you do it. This helps, i hate practicing something wrong lol.

  10. great explanation of this drill. you are the first person that has explained the hardest part of this drill for me. gripping the club with the hangar. so uncomfortable. and refreshing to hear active movements like “crank” “turn” instead of “hold”. thanks!!!

  11. Do you recommend doing full speed swings with a hanger or just 70-80% speed ? My problem is I can do drill at 70-80% speed but when I want to go full speed things revert back to ‘normal’

  12. Pretty sure this has nothing to do with the drill, but direction of hanger changes during the video.
    I'm most likely over complicating it. Just happen to notice odd things.

  13. I've been doing a drill without any tools where I try to bow my left wrist at the start of the swing in order to get better compression.
    This drill looks exciting, will give it a go!

    Great video as always!

    Viking, Sweden

  14. Guys incase you do not know this is one of the best drills out there. It comes from a swing aid called the "Watson Hanger" however that hanger goes for 80 dollars. And a hanger in your closet is free (: this is an essential part of the golf swing

  15. Tried this drill after watching the video and it definitely creates the feels to swing through with the proper angles and increase the compression. I find it gets my lower body moving correctly through the downswing which is where I struggle the most. Thoughts on this drill with the driver? Would it increase spin rate?

  16. Excellent drill and video. Many golfers don't understand how the club, hands, and body move the club head through the ball efficiently. This drill with the hanger does exactly that!

    Back in the early 90's I remember a golf infomercial with Wally Armstrong that included a specially designed hanger for exactly the purpose you demonstrated, Eric. Very well done!

  17. Great video 👍🏼 do you have a drill for trail arm in the downswing (mine is stretching too early causing scooping the ball). Thanks a lot and keep going your videos are great

  18. If anyone’s interested I’m selling a training aid called the Eduhanger for $42.99:) Great drill and explanation.

  19. I have delivered my irons with not enough shaft lean for a long time. At first this drill causes a new feeling that really works, but after a while it's not a new feeling anymore it's my norm and my sub-conscience slowly decides to revert my delivery to what it was before!

  20. Hi Eric, thanks for sharing all the excellent tips in your videos. They are definitely among the best out there.

    I tried this drill for the past couple days and it definitely felt a lot more powerful than normal when I hit it properly. However I tend to hit it fat especially for my full swing. Can you point out some possible reasons? I was thinking maybe I did not rotate my hips fast enough.

    Can you also use this for hybrids? And would you keep the same wrist angles for driver?

  21. Thanks Eric….that swing you demonstrate, that's our goal…..just switch clubs and make the swing to fit the distance. You make it look easy, it's not for us average players. Thank you…practice, practice , practice.

  22. Eric, once you reach the top of your backswing, do you feel like your swing from that point is very static or one piece as you rotate into the ball? I get the Sensation that I'm really pressing against the club with my right index finger down into the ball like I am dragging through the hitting zone. Make sense? Thanks

  23. Eric, how loose do yo keep your hands, arms during back/down swing? Also, keeping composure and position when things are loosely held!!! Hope that makes sense… cheers, Greg

  24. One of the concepts I struggle to understand is the handle forward to compress but still release. Kind of feel they both contradict each other. Great videos and love the technical nature of all of them. But I just struggle to grasp the hands forward and then release or rotate the left arm. Feels like I'm blocking it when I try this. Any ideas? Thanks

  25. Hi Eric – am at the point where I want to get rid of the flip although I have managed to get some good distance playing with it so I am a bit nervous. Can you tell me if this drill works better or not at all based on your grip? I play with a stronger grip so I cant imagine I need to do as much closing of the club face. Thanks again!

  26. Tried this drill but should have taken the shirt off the hanger first as it gets in the way. JK this is one awesome drill and the feel of the hanger provides great feedback.

  27. Hi Eric Love this drill. One question what swing trigger-do you recommend to start the backswing? THANKS Fred P.

  28. Phenomenal grill especially for people who dont release properly or have a open club face. When I do this drill I hit my irons a club to club and a half longer but the ball flight with a stronger draw and little to no backspin. I cant control the ball flight and makes approach shots difficult. Should I weaken my grip alittle? I play pretty strong grip and think that might be the culprit.

  29. Mr Cogorno! Went to the driving range today and used this drill for the first time. Strikes were solid and my ball flight was a tad lower. Not quite the 'low bullet' I'm looking for, but having been a long time flipper for so long, this is good…
    P.S. I don't spend too much time on driving ranges as I feel I'm only ingraining bad habits…
    Thanks and much appreciated,

  30. Solid drill with instant feedback. Best of all it's something everyone already has at home and need to go buy some $100 gadget. Im now subscribed. Thanks Eric!

  31. Eric- never thought I needed this drill – mistake- this drill fixed my backswing- face angle at impact- and rotation- by recording my swing I could not believe how my backswing was fixed! Problem for years! Thanks 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺⛳️🏌🏼‍♂️

  32. But just so I'm sure about this U turn to shallow out the club in order to compress. Otherwise your arms would race pass your body with a weak pop up shot?

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