good morning dudes what's up what's happening how you doing today today it's gonna be a great day and you know why so what I've done is cleaned out our entire closet this right here is just our closet we're on this wall right now because well the closet is not as cinematic as this wall right here you know we've got we've got plants we got other plans so I thought before I donate all these clothes why don't we just try them on double check to make sure we don't like them and I mean kind of a fun little spicy fun video to make so let's do I first wanted to start with something that was a little a little bit cute back in 2015 we got a dog and olive I immediately went to H&M and picked out a onesie for a three month year old baby and I cut the bottoms off of it and then slid it on to our dog and this here is what olive wore I just thought this was like the cutest thing in the whole wide world and I wanted to show you guys bear shirt I've had bear shirt for probably three or four years now and I kind of fashioned the sleeve this look on here I gotta be honest with you guys I did a really crappy job of cutting like the shirt probably myself and being good at making a cutoff shirt this is not one of them and this is probably not one I'm gonna donate it because it just looks it's just like a ratty old tee this wrinkled gem right here this is a shirt that I bought when I was a junior in high school I wore this shirt probably three out of five days a week it's kind of a thin material and I was like yeah like I'm a cool kid I were thin shirts I don't want to hate on cardigans or anything like that but there was a period of time where I went to a really long and painful cardigan period it needs a little bit of a patch there but other than that pink shirt back when we lived in Indiana I went to the mall one day and I made a vlog about it and I like walked into the store I tried this shirt on and I think I titled the video expensive shirt I have always been terrible at titles I got many a pumps in this pink shirt but I think it's time to part of it this shirt once again another prime garment in my closet here every day every day every day yeah this was kind of a joke to throw in the video but in reality we did create this like four years ago with the friend of ours and it's just been like a number one fan favorite Ruka shorts what was great about these shorts is that they actually were you can see this but they were size 31 I'm um I get a weird body I get a really weird body you get a really weird body in between a medium and a large which is a March I'm also in between a 30 and a 32 which penny loafers these are mmm these are good solid and now a message from our sponsor hello freshers and no care delivery service that delivers right to your doorstep and recycled insulated packaging to make it easy to cook delicious balanced dinners for less than $10 a meal and they help me cook dishes I would normally prepare which means me outside my comfort zone this is one of their vegetarian recipes the creamiest and mushroom ravioli which has plant-based proteins grains and seasonal produce recipes only take around 30 minutes to make in the fact that it comes with pre-measured ingredients has to be one of my favorite parts about it because there's little to no waste for 25% off each of your first four boxes of hellofresh visit hello fresh com enter code mark eemiller July offer expires July 4 2018 yeah you're probably asking mark why are you donating all of your crappy clothes this is like the grossest cheese you're at home well guess what oh hey there I'm just showing you the bad stuff I have the good stuff here this is the bad stuff this is the good stuff bad stuff good stuff

45 Replies to “GOODBYE CLOTHES”

  1. I love the pink shirt.
    And I love the Everyday Mountain shirt though I've not bought one, purely because it's a risk buying clothes online and from another country. I don't know if it'd be the perfect size and the shipping is an extra $20.

  2. Mark I used to be such a big a bit g fan but It feels like you have given up. I still love you but maybe it’s time for a break till you figure out whats next

  3. So I need alittle help. I’m gay, but haven’t told anyone, I only ask on YouTube. My dad HATES gay couples and I get really freaked out when he starts complaining about it cause I think he will never accept me. I need to know what I can do. How do I tell him I’m gay?

  4. Haven’t watched your videos in forever. Not sure why, just got busy. But I decided to watch again, and now I remember why I did. You are always full of energy 😍

  5. MarkE Miller got any tips for finding guys in the world? I watch all these gay couple videos but I can't seem to findlove in the real world and I wonder every day if I will ever have what you and Ethan have. So if you have any tips, please let me know.
    -16 year old gay American boy

  6. Can i just say, I'm soo jealous of your house plants. My boyfriend hates them and will not let me get any. 🌿 🌱😢

  7. no offense but I don't like that you are gay actually I can't say no offense because I'm sorry I do not like and I'm not going to say the word people

  8. I am honestly a little nostalgic and emotional over this video like I can't believe he's donating all these clothes… obviously it's so sweet… I've just been watching him and ethan for like 5 years now I think… anyways I get this is board aline pathetic.. I just have a lot of feelings!

  9. I remember you wearing the pink shirt a lot to for going to the gym in the videos (back in Indiana) 🙂 Did the same with my wardrobe and doing this feels liberating plus some clothes can make other people still happy so really good of you donating them.

  10. Mark can you talk slowly.. i need much second to understand what you are talking hehehe since im not good in english and it ia not my daily language too ^^ but i like and always love watching your vlog ^^ greeting from indonesia ♡

  11. If you’re going to give your clothes away, guess it’s an excuse to show off your body in public and not just on YouTube???

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