Google Android Wear: Full Overview And Demo (Beta)

Google Android Wear: Full Overview And Demo (Beta)

hey what’s up everyone this is dom and
today we’re checking out Android Wear. this is Google’s official operating system
solution for smart watches! it made specifically to run on small
wearable devices like a SmartWatch and it’s definitely
something that can become a mainstream solution. Google is definitely the type of
company that can take it there. now along with that Motorola announced
its new 360 SmartWatch and we also had a little sneak preview
of LG’s G watch so both of those watches are coming
out here in the near future but meanwhile I’m gonna give you guys a
little preview of the beta version of Android Wear I went ahead and installed the SDK and
we’re going to take a full on walk through So I can kind of show you guys what it
looks like. so let’s not waste any more time and jump right in.. So I went ahead and
installed the Android Wear SDK, got the emulator up and running, and installed
the Android Where preview app on my HTC One now the preview app is only required to
make the connection between your device and the emulator so that it can send
notifications like this one right here which is a text message and this is exactly how it will operate on
a SmartWatch. We have the ability to swipe over here and we can open it up on the
device and hopefully in the future will have the ability to reply to it with our
voice but this is just kind of what a default notification looks like on Android Wear and that is coming
directly from my HTC One so when i send a message to my HTC One we have it pop-up on the Android Wear emulator over here exactly as a will
look on a SmartWatch or another type of wearable that runs
this operating system. Now as I mentioned, because this is a beta, we only have one option here, which is to
open the message on our device and we can go ahead and do that and at once you open a message or you’ll
dismiss the notification you will actually be taken back to what
I like to call the home screen. I know this looks rather boring it’s just
a black screen with a button and the time but don’t worry there will be actual
watch faces. Motorola is working on some like this for the Moto 360 so we will have a nice elegant watch look
on the front face of this device when it’s all said and done.
Jumping back to the home screen as you can see here that we have this little Google
button and that is to invoke Google Now. This
will actually pull up the ability to perform voice commands but that is not
available in the preview so I can’t really show you how that works in this demo but just
imagine an “Okay Google” on at your watch.. That is exactly what
this will do. Now here comes another notification and as you can see it kinda pops up with
half of it showing now all you have to do is kind of Swype
up on that to be able to see the full notification and then you have the option to open it
up possibly reply to it whatever the options maybe I’m sure we’ll see many
more in the full release of Android Wear but
for now we can also swipe the other direction to dismiss the
notification so as you can see right here on the HTC One we have a tweet
coming in which then shows up on Android Wear in the former this
little Twitter notification with the icon there “don’t tweet me follow me I’m such a fan”
Well, to follow him but you I should follow him @JBtech17 if
you don’t. Thanks to him for helping me test this out Android Wear but as you can see when we
swipe over here we have the reply option we have the Retweet, we option we have
favorite, and we can open up the app. In the background
that his avatar from Twitter so it’s kinda cool that Google’s taking existing
information and turning into something usable on
Android Wear now I’m not sure if Twitter already had
this implemented maybe they got kind of a heads up and already made it happen but
it’s nice to know that outta the box there will be at many third-party
applications tthat will already support Android Wear when at these devices start rolling out
in the near future. In its basic form, Android Wear is going to push
notifications to your device for pretty much anything as you can see here I got a favorite
that came through from Twitter so it pushed it to the Android Wear
emulator where we have the same options to open up the app or dismiss it by swiping
the other direction as you can see here I got an email and the same thing happens
we have my avatar pull up in the background kinda blurred out and we have the ability to archive the
message we can reply to it, or we can open up the app. If we
click on reply it actually going to open up the email on the device. Obviously
that wouldn’t be a desirable thing we would rather reply to it with our
voice but that’s not implemented yet in it this preview version but I’m sure
voice commands will be in the future and as you can see there like I said
voice commands are disabled so hopefully we’ll be able to reply with
our voice and hopefully it’s good enough to do so without having to pull out our device
are open at the app like this and do it with by hand. As you can see
here I have a call coming through but nothing is showing up on Android Wear and I’m sure that’s not permanent
functionality everybody it’ll definitely show up once they’re finished with all
this stuff but when the call is over, I
actually get a notification that lets me know that I missed the call and from there I have the typical
options that you would imagine with a notification based on Android you
now you have the ability to call the person back or we can go ahead
and message them or open up the actual app and as you can
see it’s a little glitchy right now but this is a beta version so keep that in mind
now one last thing I did wanna show you here is the Android Wear preview app in there’s absolutely nothing going on here
this just a allows you to connect it to the emulator via a USB cable but in the future I’m
sure there will be a management app like this for Android Wear devices and will
probably have like an app store or something like that where we’ll show you
different app sitter available that will work with your device so this is the Android Wear preview app, like
I said absolutely nothing special kinda just a placeholder for what is to
come in the future so I hope you guys enjoy this video and if
you did please be sure to hit that thumbs-up as it does help at the
channel a lot and subscribe if you’re not already for more content like this
in the future what do you think I’ve and radware let
me know down the comment section below thanks again for watching everybody this
is Dom and have a great day well well ground home well

74 Replies to “Google Android Wear: Full Overview And Demo (Beta)”

  1. Looks promising. I love this a whole lot more than the Gear or pebble and I will for sure pick this up at launch. Great video.

  2. This made me rethink the whole concept of having a smart watch, it looks good, it works good and it's got Google Now, perfect for me. Nice preview man!

  3. That's pretty cool amazing to see Google still teaching everyone else how it should be done. Great video again

  4. @Dom Esposito I don't think that @Android gave special preview to twitter instead the wear probably takes commands from the expanded notification buttons……but I might be completely wrong. It is the smart way to implement it

  5. Will notifications from Whatsapp or generally less known apps also be supported and shown on the Android Wear powered smartwatch? Does it simply like "copy" the notifications on the phone onto the smartwatch screen?

    Good vid btw! Can't wait to have my Moto 360…

  6. Looks like the actions that you are able to perform in the watch are simply the actions from the notification (of you expand a Tweet notification, you can favorite/reply/retweet). In the same way, the background image of the target notification was likely that the image from the expanded notification. Seriously doubt Twitter has already added special support, and it would make sense for Google to build in the functionality of mirroring expanded notification actions. Less programming for developers.

  7. As long as wrist wear only works with a phone, it is simply useless geekery. But when wrist wear will work without a phone, then we might see a game change.

  8. Wearable tech will definitely change the future. Well it will good for the people but it will give tough competition to watch companies because as the time will pass wearable tech will get cheaper and everyone would prefer to have wearable tech like Moto 360.

  9. it's strange to see the twitter app has a button per screen.  why not just scroll right to options screen with four button options displayed?

  10. Its great that google made this but I have to say, I'm not impressed at all with this. Does anyone know if only circular screens are compatible with this OS or square and rectangular screens too. 

  11. as it relates to the moto360 i hope Motorola really pays attention to battery life that's good play a big role in how the device sells because if people are gonna be using it instead of having to take out their phones to see notifications then battery life is gonna be important as well as performance to handle the massive multitasking that's gonna be going on the device 

  12. I'm very excited to see the finished products it's a great year to switched to android for me. Really like google now, but I'm curious to see how apple will do it. Would be sweet to see the Iwatch already, but I'm afraid it might only be compatible with the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6.

  13. I like it, but it reallllly needs to be voice functional,fully, because,is already bad enough to deal with your phone at time when there is no good way to pick up the phone and so on, but if this watch can it really make things easier and simple to use when trying to touch a device is not so possible as the moment, voice recognition ,and I say full operated will actually be the right thing we need on today's technology,

  14. Only if it comes to be fully voice functionality then we have something that we need if not is just another phone, but just small and. Worst

  15. I wonder if we're going to be able to mute sounds on the watch assuming that it will produce sound like notifications and ring tones.

  16. It's pretty simple: Android Wear takes the notification icon as a background and each notification button as a Android Wear button.

  17. Really liked the beta over view, especially after watching the intro video from the Google Developers youtube channel. Super interested on how it will come up and want to explore it too in UI!

  18. Doesn't look like much yet, guess thats why it's a beta. Looking forward to what google brings to the table!

  19. Can you still use the 360 and some of it's functions without using an android phone or do you need an android phone for it to work?

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