GoPro: Formula Drift New Jersey 2014 – The Gauntlet

GoPro: Formula Drift New Jersey 2014 – The Gauntlet

are you ready New Jersey for the finals of Senate these gentlemen seen battle five times before present Osmo winning three of the two is there going to be even faster we're going to see three four three also Chris Forsberg podium now officially every round of normal adrift this season he's four for four rival by six out of seven by Vaughn Gittin jr. does now present also leaves the line he'll be chasing rocketed him today right on the plank we get judged on of good adjustment by Oz bow and forsberg great showing Hankook tires grabbing one or two spot line we're ready to send them makes us all here we go yes it's get out of the bank apply the pressure at all your transition from these guys forward dropping into formation know that yet go if the bottle the norwegian hammer versus the four goes into off you know what he got some blow now he throws some punches let's make some noise for these guys they get outside of their vehicles and wolf medium-speed way round for the formal trip bro Championship presented by GoPro the winner first ever

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  1. Seriously gopro, you are a multi billion dollar company and you can't even make a video everyday I mean I love gopros I have 6 of them but you guys have a series called video of the day maybe you should post a video every day. Thank you

  2. sick ride and driving skills! If money wasn't an issue, I would love to try this on dry pavement. The only time I can drift is during Winter

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