Got CLASSIC Evil Ryu Costume!

Got CLASSIC Evil Ryu Costume!

37 Replies to “Got CLASSIC Evil Ryu Costume!”

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  2. Cool! Capcom should give us an Evil Ryu costume like this for Kage! I know story costume resembles SF4 Ryu, althought in a Oni version but…

  3. hey deadace, what video software do you use to get ur videos so awesome and crisp like golden fried chicken?

  4. It's been quite a while since i watched one of your videos, and i must say that you improved a lot with kage. keep up with this good results and show us your grandmaster on your back

  5. How do you use a costume mod on PC? I'm a console player and I never modded before. Also can you only see your modded costume or is it visible to other players?

  6. Hopefully in the next street fighter game evil ryu wont suck this bad but good gameplay and nice comeback with that perfect at the end

  7. The rank grind in this game is the worst ever and the most tedious. Casual and battle lounge ain't bad though it's pretty fun.

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