Graphene based smart textiles – Enerage Inc.

Graphene based smart textiles – Enerage Inc.

the high thermal conductivity of graphene makes the textile possess intelligent temperature control generally the way to introduce graphene into textile include spinning dipping printing and laminating the printing process is to print the graphene ink onto textile for certain pattern to achieve the design purpose laminating is firstly stacking the graphene polymer film glue and textile and then pressing the layers to form functionalize textile by different clothing designs graphene clothing makes people feel cool or warm the body heat can be quickly expelled out to the ambient through graphene in the hot environment when graphene is partially applied in textile by printing or laminate the body heat can be quickly conducted from the hot spot of the body to the cold spot of the body when in the cold environment besides by absorbing and emitting the infrared the heat loss can be reduced thereafter the heat can be evenly distributed and further makes people who wear graphene clothing feel warm therefore a plain graphene into the textile makes the clothing equip multi-functions to satisfy the needs of human activities

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  1. But isn't a graphene a conductor of electricity so you need to cover it with say Mylar or something, man our troops and emergency personnel will soon have full body flexible and light weight body armor soon enough

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