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  1. That's great on a 2 dimentional surface but what is pushing those marbles down upon the "rubber space-time fabric?" How can you use gravity to explain gravity? There would need to be a force coming from every direction to the center of every piece of mass (much like being under water or in the Aether) and this would negate your "gravity wave" theory.

  2. Im curious to see what appen if the heavy piece in the middle was a positive magnet et the ball same , im curious to see how many time they will turn around

  3. seen this before gdi youtube xD guy has some good quips xD he sounds like hes tired but im expecting this was a long day for him, but man this is a fun teacher
    had a crazy physics teacher woman who was actually pretty cool and fun, even letting us blow up some capacitors if we could explain to her what happened inside the capacitor when you mix the wrong polarity, and other such things xD

  4. But why do the objects in space time follow that curvature? If it weren’t for the gravity on earth, wouldn’t the marbles stay in one place, regardless if the ground below them is curved by a bigger object or not?

  5. Just imagine and learn a lot of complicated stuff in high school and inter and then these motherfuckers demonstrate petty things in prestigious institutions.

  6. This is the only demo I've seen that empirically shows those that don't go with the flow get eliminated. Man! Nature is cruel.

  7. Narrow minded flatearth idiots will deny this because they can't get a life so they have no job and get locked in a cellar…i feel sad for the poor bastards…

  8. This is a fat lie. Senseless. There's nothing like fabric of space and time or whatever. The earth does not rotate on any fabric!!! Are you stupid!!?? Gravity is a pull, not a push. The above there seems to suggest that gravity is a push from some kind of fabrics. Useless! If such was the case, the nothing could prevent the earth from pulling down thw moon after all these years. For this experiment to work, those balls need gravity to to roll back in. If you perform this in space where there's no gravity, the experiment will fail terribly. This teacher would be fired!!!!

  9. OKAY, Can anybody explain one thing about gravity as you explained the gravity model of Einstein which seems incorrect. We are seeing only top view in this experiment what if somebody is standing under this round clamped table and thinking about gravity at the same time we are seeing from top view. Please explain this as well this will definitely change the entire theory of gravity.


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