hey it's Sunday welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new so today I probably probably look like a hamster um girl um I look like a rat today we are doing a get ready with me for my sister's wedding I have a couple of formal dresses that I'm gonna try on for y'all y'all keep asking me for makeup tutorials but I can't freaking do pick up uh one makeup tutorial out that was my New Year's look I'll put it up here cuz that's that's about as in-depth as it will get a my makeup hasn't really changed I kind of have the same makeup look gold eyeshadow or pink eyeshadow today I'm going to be doing a haul for you guys all of these dresses are from JJ's house they have like a whole bunch of formal pretty gowns like from formal wedding you name it um I tried to pick out like a variation of gowns that I kind of know what I was gonna wear at the wedding so I have one long red gown I have like a short cocktail dress and then I have like a two-piece like so we're going to get ready we need to fix this wrap Foose probably why I'm single today my contacts are from iris Beauty these are in a color pure brown which is crazy because like on the website I would never pick these but they actually turned out like the grey color that I actually want say on my foundation and my contacts and my eyebrows you know the things you need to be on camera are already done next I'm gonna go into my eye shadow um I don't know what this is but I'm using this palette that I got on Amazon never know what color I'm going for but let's just dip into all the colors and find out I'm gonna be adventurous and like try another color but I think that's just that idea can't really do anything oh I think I want a brighter color I'm gonna dip into one of these no my Eustace that's the only one in use you can do is that all my face what are you doing I'm so bad at this why is there like I should I want my face Punk it goes on your eyes and Sunday next the corners of my eyes I usually used like a gold or white color and the creases in the right brush it's not too late okay blending like that takes time you know it takes skill takes this thing called patience that I don't have hide it again how did you get I don't know why but when I put my show here at dudes all the city likes it a wormhole and it just gets on the other side of my face okay I think that's done I mean I try have this right in why it's you can't see this in Y X ultra reading it's just sparkling white I'm gonna put it in my right did I do anything next I'm going to put on some eyeliner the Milani eyeliner as you guys know this is my favorite eyeliner I always used it I always have I am their spokesmodel I don't get paid I just love it I think it's really nice by later by the way I don't have a mirror so I'm like using the camera to do this so if I look like a honey badger I'm not surprised I don't care about any mascara products I just use it to protect my real eyelashes before I put on fake eyelashes y'all know I love my NYC Koko lashes oh my god so yeah these are my favorite lashes I get them from palette beauty shop calm I look the main town below I get mine in the style NYC I actually had a pair of these last for a whole six months actually it was longer than six months I just stopped using them coz I felt like maybe that's like it's not sanitary but they could have kept going sorry I forgot what style these are but I'm gonna be using these today they are Coco lash those I'll put a link down below but I always wear my see and I was like trying something new so I want to try these but I like the end do I see better tack this time oh really difficult oh yeah I can't do this on the camera oh I'll be right back okay I'm back in my pretty next I'm gonna put on some eyeliner up bottom just in like the corner but I put some concealer underneath my eyes I guess this is the LA girl Pro concealer any color phone I usually use toffee but in the bathroom I don't want to get it and finally my lips oh this is probably the question that I get the most is what lip color I use um I can't even find the lip color I usually use cuz somewhere around here right now I'm using this la girl lip liner I just use any red lip liner and then like a red lip tint and it literally changes like every time looking crazy looking crazy what color is this and then usually I'll put like a lip tint in the middle but I don't know where it is next the same eyeshadow I use as blush because again I'm not let's get into the dresses so here is the first one I actually got all these in custom sizes which you can do on the website it's in the color ivory if you like really good quality like the top the top is like not that cheap bead material but like a really good speed material and there's like this feathery pattern I don't know I just like this one princess and I can't wait to try it one thing I think is really cool is on the inside there is like a hook that's like mantle like snatch you in even more we shall see okay so I really like this one it's really nice quality the only thing that I don't like is how long it is so I'm gonna end up cutting it if I do choose this one but other than that this is show for cute I love little feather detailing paired with a little rhinestones this is so cute don't forget to leave a comment down below which one was your favorite next it's about to go down okay here's the second one and I absolutely love it if I ain't the black Cinderella I don't know what is um this next red one is so nice it's like a ball gown it has like this I don't know pattern of detailing at the top the bottom ass I believe four layers y'all four layers so it actually proves out it's really comfortable I love the beaded belt detailing that goes along the waist the only thing I can say is that my touch eyes don't fit but I gave them my measurements so that's my fault but other than that this is so pretty like I just I feel like the only where the only place I could wear this to is a wedding it's just like too nice like you know too formal like where would I wear a gigantic ball gown um I need fancier friends the light keeps changing because the sun's going down and lastly I got this two-piece what color is this it says color picture so it's whatever color that the bottle was wearing in the photo all the links for these dresses will be done below so you can go check them out um it's like a champagne color umm I love the design of this one the only thing I don't like is the color like I feel like the color makes me look holy it is a two-piece which I really like umm I wish the top was shorter it hasn't nice like wire in there everything was padded so don't worry for my little you know my little titty girl umm the jewels that are on the mesh are actually really well made I haven't had any problems nothing was snagging nothing was falling off nothing is loose the detailing at the top is so nice um I love the little belt as well that comes with a skirt one two three layers to it three layers it's very nice the top is like this lace the next one is like this silky satin type of material and then the next one is something comfortable that is the one that is up against your skin that is it you guys this was just a really quick get ready with me um hope you like the dresses that I showed you guys leave a comment down below which one was your favorite I think you can kind of tell which one of my favorite actually overall I'm really surprised with quality of these dresses they were all really nice I somehow don't have anything bad to say which is not like me just be very very careful of the measurements make sure you send them the right ones if you are getting like custom measurements definitely recommend if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up like and subscribe so I can make more videos on ya guys next time


  1. 🌷Love this video as always🌷
    😻Lovely thumbnail tho😻
    Everything Look Stunning on u
    😗Gorgeous sexy you are😗
    Hope u haVe a Wonderful Day

  2. Awesome dresses and you are absolutely beautiful, my dear friend! Congratulations! I hope you like my new composition! God bless you!

  3. I love dress #2 def not sure where u would wear it but who cares someone might just think u have a social event to attend lol

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