up close outfit oh look at the white shoes look at the white shoes hey guys so we're just gonna jump right into it to prime and moisturize my face I'm using Olay Henriksen truth banana bright face primer this is really good stuff it makes you glow from within I love it and then as my foundation i'm gonna be using bobby brown skin long wear a weightless foundation it has a SPF of 15 and I'm in the shade golden almond 6.75 and I'm just gonna dock this all over my face and blend it in and what I love about this foundation is that it's super and lightweight obviously it has SPF which is amazing for your skin and I just love the way it gives me that natural glow so for my concealer I'm using the Too Faced Born This Way multi sculpting concealer and I'm in the shade chestnut and I love this it's super full coverage and it just makes your under eye look really really good so I've been using this all the time like every single day Oh every time I put on makeup and I'm also just sculpting around my eyebrows and highlighting all you know those high points so for my contour i'm using fancies matchstick and expresso and i love this because it just brings so much more color and like definition to your face so i'm trying to chisel these cheeks and you know my face and all that so yeah I'm just gonna take a brush and then kind of just work it in I'm kind of brushing upwards just so the contour doesn't go too low but yeah obviously the key is blending so once that's done I'm just going to blend out my concealer and I'm just gonna use a wet Beauty Blender to do this and I'm just going to go ahead and do all these crazy things on my eyes cuz I don't know what's going on y'all I look so beat what I do be as an ugly when I do my makeup but anyways we are just going to blend blend Pat Pat cap cap and then for my eyebrows I'm using this smaller brush I have no idea what it is where it's from what it's called but I'm just using this to blend out the highlight underneath my eyebrows and this is just gonna really make it nice and defined I usually don't do this unless like I'm going somewhere and your girl is going to a wedding so yeah I'm trying to look my best so two semi highlighted areas I'm using the laura mercier setting powder I think this is in deep dark or deep or something like that and I'm just packing it into my face I don't like to bake or anything like that I just said it and that's it because I don't really like that cakey kind of look so yeah just setting my face and I love this stuff it just kind of smoothes your skin out and it just looks really good okay so now on to bronzer I'm using Anastasia Beverly Hills bronzer and mahogany so this kind of has like a red undertone and I'm just using it to set my cream contour and just warm my face up a little bit cuz I like to look really bronzed and ten and all that when I do my makeup okay so not to clean up this contour and just carve out my cheekbones a little bit I'm using a little bit more of the Laura Mercier powder and just dragging it right under the contour and this is just gonna really give me those chiseled cheekbones okay also onto the eyes I am not really good at this but you know we're gonna work with it I'm using this makeup for ever kit that I actually made myself and I'm using like this I guess burgundy kind of brown brick color and I'm just kind of building it up and tell I'm happy with how it looks so next I'm using this Bobbi Brown palette I karrimor what it's called I will link it down below and I'm using this darker shade in my outer-v just to you know further give it some depth and all of that and then I'm going back into the palette and then I'm using this kind of pink orange II kind of sparkly color right here and I don't know how I feel about this shade just because I thought it was super like glittery didn't come out how I thought it would but it came out cute you know overall so I'm just packing that on my lid and then I'm going into this orange shade and this Smashbox palette and I'm blending that into my crease as well just to bring some orange into this look because my dress is it's kind of like a burnt orange so yeah that is pretty much my eye looks and I'm just gonna dust off this excess powder and then I'm gonna add some blush this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills blush trio and berry adore so of course I do have to apply my winged eyeliner I do this all the time and this is the NYX liquid eyeliner pen and I love this stuff it's super affordable and it's nice and black and then on to my favorite part I am highlighting with the it's my ray-ray palette from BH Cosmetics and I'm using both of those highlighting shades and mixing them together and just applying on the highest part of my cheekbones and this is my favorite highlighter it gives me an amazing glow like from within I look so bronze when I wear it and I get so many compliments so when I do so just applying that to my nose cheekbones and all of that like a girl is popping oh yeah and my eyebrows well underneath my brow bone as well so we are going back into that orange color now and I'm applying it underneath my lash line just to kind of tie in the look cuz I thought it kind of looked kind of bare and then I'm also gonna put a gold kind of shade into my inner tear ducts and then I'm going to set my face with mac fix+ and also Urban Decay all nighter setting spray you cannot have enough setting spray I love setting spray just makes me look super doing it takes away that powdery look so onto the lips I'm using three different lip products I'm using a dark brown lip liner this is from NYX it's just I don't know just a dark brown lip liner you can honestly use any dark brown lip liner and then as my lip color I'm using NYX super quickie matte lipstick in the shade conform absolutely favorite combo along with Fenty beauty's gloss balm and Diamond milk and then I'm just going to apply some mascara to my bottom lashes totally forgot about that and that is pretty much the final makeup look but now we got to move on to my hair so I was honestly in a rush for this wedding we had about I think an hour to get ready which it's not a lot of time for me so I'm just kind of winging this hairstyle and it actually came up pretty good so I just took some pieces down in the front and then put my hair into this kind of messy but if I'm being honest and then I'm just kind of taking the extra pieces of hair and wrapping it around each other and then kind of flicking my hair up with some edge control and getting my baby hairs as well I'm trying to make it look as neat as possible but your girl tried and then to kind of finish off this look I'm wearing these bomb-ass earrings from pretty little thing I think and it just set the whole look off so that is pretty much the final makeup look and you guys will see in the next clip where I got my dress from and how it looks all together I like to fight a little dirty baby if I opened up anything would you hurt me baby I've been feeling like an alien a refugee sometimes you made my stomach drop with the tired we can


  1. Neiicy can you please tell me what you used for your lips?! Grandma would truly appreciate it. You and Bryan look super cute.

  2. You have a natural beauty that really shows!!! You and Bryan are so cute together!! Yall really mesh together!

  3. Yessss! Your skin is always GLOWING! I try but I always feel oily. lol

    Loving the orange/peachy look as well πŸ’•πŸ˜

  4. You got me out her trying to find this Bobbi brown foundation, I don’t know if it’s the foundation or your skin!!!! I love your grwm vids, super easy to follow along to!

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