GTA 5 Casino DLC – Unlock SECRET High Roller Outfit!! (All 54 Card Locations Guide)

GTA 5 Casino DLC – Unlock SECRET High Roller Outfit!! (All 54 Card Locations Guide)

what a typical game here with your daily YouTube live streams and more into dare for you I got a special gta5 stream featuring all 54 card locations in the new gta5 casino DLC if you didn't know there are cards scattered throughout all of lo Santos all of the map all of San Andreas technically and there is 54 total of them with you collect them all you get a special item you get a special item you get a special outfit and you get some other cool things as well as long as some casino chips and some money as well I guess that's technically money as well so we're gonna be going through them all tonight now typically I would make this not a live stream and I would make this like chopped up into each one but I was thinking like the guy that I'm gonna be looking at which is like the description below from GamesRadar that that one shows all the locations with like a picture and stuff like that but I kind of thought it would be kind of cool if if I went through each one live on stream so if you're doing these at the same time maybe we could do them exact same time and maybe you know so that it's less bore it feels like you're doing it with someone so I feel like that's a good way of doing it so we're gonna go ahead and start off by calling the phone services getting a helicopter and going over to spot number 1 I'm gonna be showing you each one on the map I'm gonna be showing you each cards and then we're gonna be talking about everything and all that stuff in between so if you watch and enjoy this – be sure to hit that like button subscribing for you and if you wanna cops in that fire merch like that I like the glasses or the new champion typical backpack the typical champion backpack link will be in the description below so let's go ahead and get this started the first one we're going to be headed to is going to be all the way north over here so we're gonna go ahead and fly there first now you could do them in any order it doesn't have to be in a particular order but I'm just gonna be doing it in this order because well I'm gonna be basing it off what I think is gonna be the fastest so we're gonna be taking some shortcuts stuff like that if you want to make sure you get them all probably follow the order I do it in or else you might get confused and you might this one but we will be collecting all 54 of them today and apparently there was some leaked leaked information that they're also gonna be doing something similar with this with action figures and stuff which is actually pretty cool so pretty good to know pretty good to know I don't know you I don't think you need the penthouse or anything to do this I think you just need to go find them so there is that so why don't we go ahead actually I think we couldn't go to maybe we go to this one first let's go I know there's one for sure over here at the entrance of area 51 let's go ahead and fly there because that's gonna be an easier way of doing it and I think they're all gonna be located on tables as well so pretty neat pretty neat so when you complete it you get an outfit you get a item for your penthouse and then you also get RP chips and a special item using Red Dead online which they haven't announced what it is yet so pretty neat if you ask me pretty frickin neat in the head over here a collect numero uno I think I know it is I'm not even gonna look at a map or anything I might be completely wrong let's land this thing I don't want to use the helicopter for everything I'd rather use like the mark 2 or even just like a fast car now I think it's gonna be in that booth I think if not we're gonna get blasted this might be a risky one yet maybe the hardest one to get sir oh sweet I forgot that I'm a civilian and grounder okay there we go card number one so if you look in the map this is right the entrance to fort Zancudo and if you look on that table look at it we got our first card baby let's get it card collected one out of 54 playing cards collected so bada-boom bada-bing let's go ahead and can we call up our mechanic what car should be used should we use a car or like a flying bike it's up to you guys do an area 51 MOT I will definitely do one we see it uh I feel like with the mark 2 you could fly anywhere right we're just kind of helpful I don't even know where it would be though it might it's somewhere there's so much space in these garages though I like I can't even believe I have all these cars it's so crazy how do you even call it oh shoot wait I think it was in there well maybe I should take like a Lamborghini or something everybody sing car should I take the Thrax Thrax might be a good idea I think I put in the nightclub it's not in the nightclub I mean I got the oppressor there anyway let's go with the let's go with a fracas which it up we'll switch it up in between that's what we'll do alright so the next location is going to be this is card number one card number two is gonna be over here and we deliver the car right inside the base look at that it feels weird being able to walk into Fort Zancudo because like playing all the single-player mode you always had to be wary not to go into it by accident all right sweet yeah out of curiosity what is your favorite car that has come out of the gta5 casino DLC I wanna know let me know in chat and we're gonna book our way I mean this car is so fast it takes almost no time to get to the next location but yeah I think that one is the best one to start off at and then you go on to this one and you kind of want to do the top half of the map first where you could do the bottom half essentially you could play this video in Reverse and do it too but you might get a little bit confused doing that so maybe don't do that just uh follow this order and you'll be okay it'll be a nice chill stream a nice stream where every but everybody gets what they want you know everybody gets what they want it'll be a good opportunity for you to get as well I mean the outfit is gonna be pretty rare since I doubt many many many many many people are gonna be doing this so this one you're gonna want to add to the stock and go down here down these nice little stairs this is where the submarines are usually not in GTA online apparently and oh my gosh you can barely see it so it's gonna be really hard to see they actually glow white I'm pointing at it right now and it's definitely hard to see during the daytime but that's two out of fifty four and you can see I got a hundred chips added and that actually increases after a while so you get more and more chips the more you collect so let's go ahead and make our way a bit further north we got two so far I'm feeling good about this too so far is pretty good the racks is your favorite all right I respect that I respect that all right so next one's gonna be the bottom of the cable car station so let's head over there now bottom of the cable car station where is that gonna be exact oh gosh I was gonna say stay in your lane but apparently I wasn't inland so that was gonna be essentially like over I don't know if it's gonna be on left or right side I think it's gonna be on the left side let's go over there I should do nightclub missions my nightclubs popularity is like zero cuz I haven't done a nightclub mission in forever it actually generates a decent amount of money too if you want to I think you could be pretty self-sustaining in gta5 you just did all the all the businesses and stuff I mean they do cost a lot of money to to go ahead and start but not bad alright I think it's somewhere here it's on these tables it is not on these tables it is let's me see is it oh wow I think it might be upstairs let's check oh it's right over there okay so if you come up to this cable car section the cable cars that of course go to Mount chiliad you will find card number three on the ledger it's crazy that everybody found these already isn't it so you'll see just right here on the map all right easy enough right easy enough let's go on to the next one get number four cool into our car let's get it all right number four is going to be in the town so it's gonna be I think it's like near the convenience store I think I'm fairly certain it's gonna be like around here all right let's make our way over there yeah so I mean I'm gonna be rockin the outfit you get for sure I'm gonna rock the outfit you get for sure I'm gonna get my fingers switched up to the mark two eventually as well probably wouldn't be a bad idea rockin it with a mark – that would be the fastest way to do it I think all right so we're looking for like an ATM machine ATM machines kind of redundant the way so that cool rod don't know exactly where it is so we're gonna do a wee bit of guessing oh whoa wait wait wait I think I found it it's on the ATM right here right beside the hairdresser's look at that if you're just coming to get some money you would have found the card boom for collect it easy peasy lemon squeezy we're burning through these real quick all right the next one is going to be a thing near the pain spray it's weird because they're not called pain sprays anymore like they're actually called what are they called LS customs just weird to call it LS custom stuff all right so let's go over here and this one should be in the garage so how does one get in it we get in this one or is it beside no I think it's in here all right sir you're gonna have to let me into your establishment I don't even I don't think this door opens I think this one does there I wonder if that door opens huh Oh does open look you need a vehicle DS beakers garage no off freak and don't look if there's a playing card right on that table who found this one is the real question so right this is Alice customs you can just walk in and collect that card boom bippity Boppity easy peasy lemon squeezy can we take a look at the shop oh you can take a look at the shop and the doors open for you oh my gosh the guys are standing there that's kind of creepy all right top it should we switch it up to the mark to the marks you might be good all right this one's gonna be a little bit further up the road I think it's gonna be out like right here again this cars pretty fast so what kind of what kind of thumbing through these things at the moment I thought it would take a bit longer to find each one though but we're going pretty fast here so take the door yeah easy enough easy enough you're the one that made me play GTA 5 I'm glad you got to play such an amazing experience take the flying car what what would be the best vehicle what do you guys think would be the best vehicle to use I'm ruined people thought that this spaceship had something to do with like an easter egg or something so I think this one should spread throughout the road here on one of these benches ah there it is alright so we look at our map right over here alright dude just be quiet shh shh go to sleep it black my card there you go alright the mark 2 where is the mark 2 under I forgot how you call it the mark 2 tonight I think you should be under here what's the mark to under you have to go to your garage right I mean I think I got to blow my car then big rips on the cars all right no problem probably have to call the cops off first before I do that I definitely have a mark – I just don't know Oh oh there it is it's in the oppressor let me call Lester I don't need these guys on me I would have had cops if I didn't take him out all right mark – is buffs really you're in trouble and you need my help no problem all right there we go so we should be able to thumb through these now I mean it's not like we weren't through me through them before but okay so this one is going to be higher up and like the mountains I think like right over here so I think it's actually right over here it's somewhere here oh my goodness I forgot how Opie's bike is you could literally fly across the map with it a little bit okay right and you got rockets in geez okay so if you don't have this bike you have to take a little longer to get where I'm going but look at them look at a fricken view man it's a nice view I like how you can just hover in the air alright let me figure out where this is exactly so it is if you take this I think it's on this bend here let's head down over there so we should be able to look for like a campsite hers on them oh shoot I didn't mean to do that go lower how do you go lower in this thing I for real don't know galore oh if you just press spacebar you kind of go lower it's taking some readjustment time to to figure out how to use this thing oh there it is okay I'm coming down so this campsite right here hey there you go look at that what do you guys got here get some lasagna sorry I interrupted you guys I'm looking for a card oh I think it's over there hello this is kind of a table this is a rock table you can see it's over here on the map bippity Boppity easy you know seven alright I took some readjustment to to figure out that but we good now let's go over the hills oh god oh god this is where the ghost appears right where I just went over that hill alright the next one's a little bit further down the road you could say I'll start a motorcycle club that would have been a good way of doing it – sounds like a spaceship I think it technically is a spaceship man okay so I believe it is right over in the front of this house so let's go over to the front of this house this house was always very spooky oh it's right over here boom look at that so if you go for you're on the map you will find the next card boom eight out of 54 we're going fast we're gonna be done faster than I thought honestly okay so let's go with the next one here so there is let's do this one here this one's the closest one luckily again we have this bike if you don't have this bike you're just gonna have to drive a little bit but I mean – but the bikes so quick if you don't have this bike you should get it it's so good it's good for a lot of things especially if you need to get around the map quickly probably the best darn thing you're gonna use let's park this thing over here look at that and agree to us at the Park View diner is a beautiful card which is right over here – ding all right on to the next one we got let's do let's continue into this town I think this town's gonna be a good a good point I think this one's gonna be in the barn on Trevor's airfield ah it's not technically Trevor's airfield I misspoke that's uh that's the other airfield I don't know what the name is Trevor tries to take it over a couple of times to think so that's the thing the distribution airstrip this is a gang fight zone please don't be a gang fight zone I mean no harm please all right where's the guts is it in the air oh this is death there boom card right on the table those you don't know where that is easy enough I gotta go on the other side of collector really here we go we got ten of them we're a good almost twenty percent of the way there we're making progress to say the least all right this one I believe is in the convenience store let's go check this out I want to see how much I think you get a total of something like I don't know you get like over 50,000 credits I think casino tokens for doing this so this one's at this convenience store I think this one's in the backroom I'm like almost sure of it so we're gonna go to this convenience store heading to the back room me with no gun in hand I think he's still gonna call the cops so we're just gonna have to be quick with it oh yeah it's right there I got I'm sorry I just started I'll buy something I didn't I didn't mean to disrupt you thank you I appreciate that all right don't don't tell anyone I went back there wouldn't you be a little concerned if somebody ran into the back of your shop and they ran out I'd be very concerned truthfully I'd be very very concerned okay so the next one we're going to do we're essentially going to do this whole top half this whole top apps going to be done so we're gonna head over to this section over it's nice little section here Oh how do I use boost you can use boost on you there are a hundred new collectible action figures are they out yet I don't know if they are but if you guys want to see me do those as well do be sure to hit that like button I don't recall how to use the boost on this bike if there is a boost alright Park nicely over here it's probably gonna be on that table isn't it oh yeah see alright this spot which has a lot of action single player I think multi player to head over here and grab excuse me ma'am is that sir it's a large drink that you have there oh he's pouring one out for the homies okay thanks man appreciate that it's right at this booze sorry that's not foosball table tetanus can you join the strawberry game I might have to Avery what's up dude is it X oh it is X oh my guts oh shoot okay you guys are correct it is X how often can use it I think you have to be on the ground to charge it don't you alright the next one we're gonna go to is going to be in Ratan Canyon so apparently at the top one these trails there we go so if you're taking the car you're gonna want to film it you're gonna want a through minute now you gotta stop for sure to use these the boost all right oh there it is perfectly who would find these all by themselves without a guide is the real question the East Alamo view look at that beautiful card that's a nice looking card right so again show you guys where it is right above the train tracks collect see card okay next up we're gonna go to the biker community here this might get a little bit a little bit lit to say the least it might get a little bit lit there's gonna be a lot of bikers here and they're not gonna be happy I want to take this stuff but the easiest ways when you come in you'll see that like the lowing platform essentially that's where you want to be or maybe it all asleep maybe I came at the perfect time the range you go up onto here and right on top of the on the platform here people actually thought this was an easter egg because of the colors here so you got blue for Michael red for Trevor green for Franklin people thought that if you sat them each under each one that like a UFO would spawn or something it didn't turn out to be anything but pretty cool pretty cool so here we are and there we go easy enough easy peasy lemon squeezy okay so the next one I think we're gonna go for is technically over here I don't know what's so technical about that but it's Oh God okay that was a thing all right when we go here should be fairly easy to find it's gonna be on one of these it's gonna be on this house I presume I don't know if it's gonna be on this house or that house it's parking here like how are you giving a tour while looking for the cards I thought that would be the best way of doing it you know okay so I don't think it's on this house mates on the other house I like our little cars parked here though kind of makes my day a little car apart cars parked here so we're looking for number 11 it's on the red toolbox I think it's on that house actually I knew one of these two where's that little red toolbox oh there it is aha I found you boo bippity Boppity this card is now my property 15 done 600 chips for that one right there it's it's skipping a half the amount for them I'm gonna be real let's open this up let's do let's go into like sandy shores area now or we could even do there's like three more near here okay let's hit up this one next actually so there's one right here we're gonna go off the path a little bit and then we're gonna go back into sandy shores I'm trying to make it as like as convenient as possible this path essentially as convenient as possible this one should just simply be oh there's somebody standing there that's not creepy at all excuse me sir I thought this was him this house was haunted for a long time but you just has a creepy ass man and the card is right here easy enough to see easy enough to get and then I think the other one's gonna be in the clothing shop here so let's head over there now a lot of these are unlike pretty well known not well known spots but I guess anywhere with table asks spots so this one's gonna be if you like oh what did I just hit what the heck I don't even see that and this one's gonna go hi lady how are you today howdy so again this clothing shop here one outside of Fort Zancudo you go to the back and there should be a card right over there easy enough all right let's continue forward over here let's go to which one should we hit up let's hit up this one as we threw them over there I like how we're gonna go through like a full day night cycle a couple times at least at least one or two times right yeah this is that this is the tour of lo santos tree right here this is tour of los santos so we got I mean like if you know the locations on the map I pretty much know every single spot in GTA 5 so even just knowing the general location I could probably find it let's line this one down add to itch my nose at the same time now I don't know if this one is at let me see this one's going to be actually right on the L of rebel right on the L of rebel easy peasy lemon squeezy okay so let's head into nan de sandy shores yet but we'll head into these I think these are the burnt down buildings right here I would've been cool if you had to go to the mine cuz there's that mine that's never used I don't even know if it's ever used in a mission the heck there's a bunker there I think that's my bunker oh yeah see I I guess they're not burned down so what they're just one year here that's burned down I don't call which one can you go in here mace in the backyard hello I'm looking for a card oh it is it is in the back here right on this this pre-owned forklift I'm selling this pre-owned for clip here it's looking a little bit rough but you know it's worth it the pre-owned forklift next one is gonna be right in sandy shores I think at the fire hull so Ted over there real quick to the fire hall we go this outfit better be baller it better be the most baller outfit I've ever seen I think the only cue to collect these cards too was like a little bit of an intro hello awesome furs wait you're not a surfers ladies that's a card up there it's not the card up there it's the card in here look at that jukebox baby alright so right over here in the fire station there's no prompt to tell you you're in the fire station but if you know you know and that's how you get 20 of the cards if you know you know alright we're pretty much done on this upper half I think this one's actually in the bar though pretty much done in this upper half and now the rest are basically like there's gonna be an odd amount not in the city but most of them are gonna be in the city now I don't know if this one's all the way in or not let's go inside this bar is kind of cool because it's the only one to my knowledge that has a snake in it it's the only one with thee there's a card right there but look I collected the card okay it was on the pool table right here in this bar and if you look over here look there's a giant snake what are you saying to me I'm looking at the snake leave me alone what the hell do you want dude do you but do you really want to fight I'm looking at the snake do Knight no your snake my snake this is a bar owner snake you want one more shot the heck out of here bro slumped over why is there so many bloody footprints here and bro feed them to the snakes film the snakes that's right y'all heard me I'm King Kong look at that look at that deer up there what lady why are you yelling can I get a beer they won't even serve me a beer anymore they won't even serve me a beer anymore there's there's only a few few snakes in the game and and that's that's one of them so I think that's pretty neat I think that's pretty neat alright let's head over to the oh you guys gonna remember this from the UFO collectables if you guys done that I don't know how many of you guys did the collectibles and stuff I did a guide for the u.s. UFO spaceship parts there was a lot but um this is pretty much where the missions ended so you got to find a really colorful one so this one is it I just collect the car okay the card was right underneath me on the peace and love RV camper so right here yeah well that's a quick way of getting it right that's a really quick way of getting it okay so now we're moving on to low rap we essentially did everything in this in this top half let's head over to the ranch we can go through the ranch and I think it's gonna be right here perfect oh gosh to the ranch we go through the windmills you already know what it is through the windmills we go maybe that was a tough ranch fight dude sorry that wasn't a range fight okay that was a tough bar fight there's a 1v1 mano a mano oh shoot all right I don't think there's gonna be guards on your is there it's gonna be in one of these back rooms though I think it's gonna be these these nice little shed tears here we go so we go in here and on top of this red toolbox over here 23 collected 23 is my favorite number you guys know that all right now there's some mmm how are we gonna do this let's do okay we're gonna do this one first I kind of went out of order and the thing that I'm looking at but I think it makes more sense than what they pointed out so I almost just tried to fast teleport forgetting that there's no mods online that's funny yeah though this thing is gonna be the most helpful vehicle if you want to collect all these by far by a long shot that's Niko Bellic spar I think this one's also in the convenience store I don't know if I got to go to the back though again let's say hello I'm not gonna steal stuff from your store I just need to share everybody where this card is okay I'm sorry I'm sorry sir I just where's your frickin card man just tell me where the card is and nobody gets hurt I don't want to do it I don't want to blast this guy away I went into the wrong store didn't I it's that gun store it's in the gun store my apologies almost I almost blasted him away all right we go in the gun store and right on the counter is the card there you go I didn't have to hurt nobody see I didn't have to hurt nobody easy enough the mark – I think you just buy it online all right I think I think you literally just buy it online all right next is the observatory which I believe to be up here once my memory fools me so let's go over to the observatory again a lot of these are at landmarks that you probably know but there's a lot of them there's no way you're gonna find them all by yourself unless you took like a year to search for them all I don't know how you'd get them all I could probably find like 30 40 by myself 30 or 40 by myself but besides that look at the casino from here man the casino looks nice let's be real the casino looks real nice real real real real real nice okay this one's fairly easy it's gonna be Bob by the carpark restrooms by the observatory I don't believe you need a penthouse for these I think you could do these without the penthouse you get pretty cool rewards for doing them too you get chips in a special suit I think RP as well yes that's correct okay so you're gonna want to go when you're up here right – this right here park your lovely bike and you will find it right over here easy enough 25 collected we're almost halfway done we are two cards off halfway see we're doing it pretty fast we are doing it pretty fast I want to get I mean they're gonna be away faster once we get all the ones that are kind of away from everything once we do all these ones that are kind of out of the way then the rest of them are like in the city which will make things way easier or sure okay so you got to go by the gas station I think I think it's in the backroom the gas station you guys gonna see by the end of stream what you get for completing it so if you're if you want to see if it's worth it and the stream is gonna have for you yes you get it you get a special deck as well so whether it's worth it is up to you but you do get quite a few things for doing this so this can be in store here and I think you run in the back uh-huh it's on top of the safe going I got it I'm sorry there we go see if we did we'd out there are nobody we just grabbed what we needed and we went all right two more cards out of the way and then the rest of them are essentially in the city that's what I like to hear as we're about to crack the halfway point for all the cards we need to get I actually kind of like elect them not gonna lie okay this one's by a hardware store so this one's actually not in a store direct I actually think it might be yes this right here land so if you go over here you'll buy the hardware store a little bit off of my marker but close enough right near the tattoo shop in the clothing store in the gun store it's going to be right over here dun-dun-dun we should take the moped the next one's going to be in this convenience store yeah eat yeah let me know if you like this kind of thing I mean like I could definitely chop this up into a smaller video if you wanted to see or if you like the walk through experience let me know I don't know where this one is can I take off my helmet that's nice shirt do you want a free helmet there you go I'll give you a free helmet in exchange I would like this playing card thank you there we go well over halfway now not well over but okay and these are all the ones that are out of the way now we're gonna go ahead and start the ones that are in the city these are the ones these are the big jalopies we're going to start off with the pier which is gonna be good vibes the pier is gonna be good vibes we're heading over there now now I got to tell you guys the first time I ever went to Los Angeles I actually knew a little bit of how to get around the city by knowing what things like what direction things were in GTA 5 which is pretty interesting so knowing GTA 5 is actually pretty helpful in real life it's actually pretty helpful not gonna lie as we come up onto the pier here and we will have the next playing card this one's actually gonna be right at this like red booth right there so you've go to the end of the pier the one that you could like jump off with the car right this little booth you will find at the gifts at the pier a playing card there you go I got 29 hold on did I miss one I think I missed one hold up give me one second chat which one did I miss I'm trying to look at the guide but I wouldn't in the wrong order for the guide clearance hammer oh I see which one I missed gosh darn it okay we just got to go back over here real quick I know trying to miss it's better than we caught it now than later so this one's actually gonna be at the hardware store right over there I knew it I knew something was fishy all right don't miss this one I don't know how to go back and tell don't miss this one you want to go in order don't miss this one it's gonna be a nice nice Drive back there a very beautiful beautiful drive back for sure guessing in the hunt for the cards yeah never you know it's go back and get this I wish this thing refueled faster though I mean it only refused to if you stop so that's a problem print off a list and check it twice yeah yeah I'd the biggest tip yours don't miss one that's the biggest tip here why aren't you in New York I didn't get invited to the pro-am or the creative thing so I didn't go I do appreciate the times they invited me though I will be streaming like AI think I'll do a reaction of the of the World Cup finals s my stream kill thank you for the 550 he says hi what's up kill what's up dude what's up dude area 51's gotta have this bike for real right if people rate area 51 and they don't come out with one of these that's it fake what's the second best vehicle to use I mean you can use a car and easily get to where I'm going but a car might be like slightly faster at this point I'm not going all that fast the pitcher guide to find the cards I put in a description below that's the one I'm using use a car in the city I think I will use a car in the city do you guys agree let me know your thoughts I think I will I will ditch this one over here and get my car back let me actually do that now let me get the weight how am I gonna I gotta blow this thing up then right I think we can handle that I think we can handle that all right we're coming up on it wait oh I completely overshot it I was looking at I was looking at my map look at his dough look at it though use the armor should I use the Thrax or the action when use the armored one you guys right I'm gonna go so fast right here and blow this thing up let's use a nice little sticky bomb though of course to get cops blowing up an alien vehicle come on alright so if you're at the entrance of you tool okay leave it with creepy uncle Lester if we had the entrance of you tool you can go over to the laundry machines and pick up your playing card which then puts us back on track which we got to go to the pier so we're gonna go to the pier nothing pier itself but the the gym what the heck is this a gym here um I'm trying to think I think it's right here it's somewhere here alright we're gonna call the armored car the new one we can scramjet across the map you good yeah if I call the para ganar I might have to recast my zit though cuz samaris purple although beautiful is not not my wave you know it's not my wave different strokes for different folks this is like a Thanos Jade you guys are driving real close this car goes so fast though if you guys don't know how to get this car you have to do all the casino missions as house I did part 1 and 2 of it you guys wanna check it out it's on my channel I mean it's not bad it's just not my exact choice yeah use the deluxe Oh the deluxe it might be a little hard to steer I mean scramjets nice we should just use the what's the Batman looking car we have 30 cards out of 54 that means we need 24 more cards which isn't too bad 24 more cards I'd say where I'd say we're pretty successful at the moment it's the Joker's cart yeah it probably looks a bit more like the Joker's car than fan else's car even though fan else kind of uh with Dan'l's drive a car really like think about it what do you really drive car really this thing it's Tolman the vigil on say the vigil on site yeah that's car I was thinking of Oh where's my shit of guns on this thing oh I wish there was an easier way to access your weapon wheel in cars nice trying to turn there we go so as you can see I got a machine gun on my car think about that vanoss can't fit in that car he really can't he can't thin him up pretty much she's hella thick is the car free it's essentially free if you complete the missions yeah you do need to buy the penthouse though but I mean you can get the penthouse for free if you like link up your twitch Brian I'm pretty sure then also drive truck he would be a truck he was literally be a trap perfect driving abilities by the way scram just faster than vigilante good to know I don't really need speed though here like I don't have to travel for our distances too far at least okay alrighty good driving oh it's Blue's Clues tickets guy from Blue's Clues good to see you man alright so when we're on the beach back on track here there's gonna be the workout zone when you're at the workout zone oh I picked it up it was right on this bench here as it heads out all right the next one's gonna be the tattoo shop we're gonna go through boom through the last ones because they're all gonna be so close all right tattoo shop what's this tattoo shop you don't pier stains well sir I'm very disappointed I don't think it was this tattoo shop let me check it was this tattoo shop what am I looking at you I'm soaked if you give me oh wait wait no entry honestly I've never been back here I don't think I just like to listen to the no entry son what do you do about a punk huh we're gonna do advanced on me oh it's not in the tattoo shop hold on it's in the hair shop a little further up the road let's do that you can do these in an invite-only session as well so that nobody grieves your game all right we pull up that car's a beaut see no I want the car thank you see ya so that is going to be right over here in the barber shop guy okey-dokey the next one's going to be in the not a movie theater the movie lot the movies Lots gonna be up over should be like up over here somewhere not even oh I'm just gonna drive design or it is the marker kind of brings you to a weird spot and when we get there it's gonna be near a taco truck do you think cops get on me here I don't think so all right so you pull up to here and you'll see it's actually right on this ledge it's very hard to see did he just flash sometimes you can see it right anyway right here on the map you just essentially walk over and you'll be good do you guys hear that noise what the heck I swear I've never heard that noise before I swear I've never heard that noise before I the next one is going to be if that was 30 the ring I think right here I swear I've been around the movie theater a lot looking for Easter eggs and stuff I don't think I've ever heard that audio clip did they just they I'm very doubtful they just added that very very doubtful alright this one's like it has like an interior oh it's right here I didn't even know so right outside the life invader business off this main road you go into here and right on the shelf you'll get it oh you can actually walk through into the pool this is a dead old pool huh ain't nobody here I always liked the little interiors in GTA 5 they bring me joy alright the next one is going to be at a very beautiful beautiful house and I think it's gonna be this one right here now this is the house with the chess table in the backyard so if you know where the house is by heart congratulations to you if you don't follow me I think this house right here yeah yeah I'd I thought you could jump over that fit okay you can't we got to go through the front entrance they're making me do it the hard way huh oh you know what there's a gate right here part of me hello yes you know it's this house cuz as these little little dudes do you own this place buddy I don't know if you own this place one of the most beautiful houses in gta5 by the way absolutely stunning is this even where it is I thought it was maybe it's not means the other house over well now you know what now we just got to see a beautiful house are you guys happy can I jump back yards I think it's the house back there this one's still one of the most beautiful houses alright I just want to say you know what you didn't even tell me the help you don't even tell me where it was dude you can even tell me where it was there knocked out now you slumped over there he ghosts go to sleep in the bushes look at this dude you take a little nap over there taking a little nap this is the house we want this house more beautiful than the house that house suck like it has a little pun what are you looking at bro get the heck out of my way has a little koi pond but most importantly it has a chessboard over here and on that chess board are you chasing me sir look at that on his head so right in this backyard this house on the corner in this backyard there's a card right on that easy enough probably turn left when you get into the house oh you don't have to go all the way around you do not have to go all the way around let me tell you that okay number 36 is going to be a little past here over here we're actually to follow the road signs here less than less than 20 years ago right we got less than 20 years ago we're almost done if you've made it this far congratulations you almost have all of the playing cards and also hit the subscribe button set you can get more cool videos like this one heads up by the way I think it's in this garage this garage door opens yeah yeet it is why you guys leaving this is your house like honestly I guess it's my house now Last House on the right garage will open and you get card number 36 all right now number 37 it's gonna be up in the hills I was gonna say we can customize the car but I think there's one closer to there so 37 is going to be this house right here I actually think this is the house of one of the girlfriends in real life thug mod or real life mod I don't remember you guys are gonna see in a second let's pull up oh goodness gracious why do we have to sneeze why do we have to sneeze [Applause] I should be like a yellow house no I don't think we ever made the yellow house somebody's thing but it's close to here thanks I live here go to the back of this house and on this little little cord here you will see the card number 37 there we go 17 more cards to go not bad right are the windows bulletproof this whole cars like bulletproof doors aren't rip proof of that let me tell you that I let me align myself let me see where I gotta go here so this one's actually gonna be at the gentry hotel so that should be I'm just gonna drive I think I know it is I think it's right down the street here yeah it's right here this hotel right here actually we're gonna reverse Michael sometimes spawns here if you guys remember it's right over here and I actually had a zombie apocalypse base here and this one should be right on this chair boom easy enough all right the next one you guys are gonna love next one's gonna be in the bank that you do the bank robbery zijn that just hit the main road Hollywood Boulevard and go up to the bank this is the one that you do the big heist on probably one of my favorite heist missions I my favorite heist mission I'm gonna do the heist again with Avery X off and Samara I think but right over here on the end table you will get the playing card just in case you guys didn't or that is all right we're through manned by these now do them by this now all right number 40 number four just gonna be more monumental you know we're gonna have to go ahead and it is in this garage here sit over there other glasses out of stock piece game glasses are not out of stock we actually brought them in and stock again we restocked them is the better term and you can get them now a typical das for their gaming glasses not prescription glasses so blue light blocking pretty cool stuff pretty cool stuff and this one right when you enter here it's gonna be on this red little tool thing there we go 40 easy enough all right the next one is going to be at this convenience store over here I think it's going to be in the back room look that I'm my driving skills are exquisite can you be real my driving skills irks was I'm surprised so many of you are watching me collecting the the cards appreciate you guys you guys rock we've pretty much done all the casino DLC like content besides this and then when they drop the action figures I guess we'll do that as well if you guys want to see it of course I think this ones in the back I'm sorry i sir okay I'm sorry I staff only let me realign myself here with where I have to go so top of the monitor hey what do you want oh shoot okay I'm sorry okay you're right you do have a family I'm out okay you're lucky I'm feeling uh-uh can i buy some snacks how about if I hop over they're gonna give me that cash register man I don't want to hurt you move move move take it move get the heck out of here there we go alright sweet there we go got to make a little extra money somehow right here we go a thousand two hundred fifty five bucks it's not bad I'm gonna call Lester off for free worth it man worth we're gonna drive by the cops like oh we're no longer looking for you so that was of course at that convenience store over there no problem that's where that was this one's gonna be at the convenience store down the road I'll show you a sec this one's more of like a liquor store still a convenience store so this one right here this will turn into a video yes Oh what's up man we good thank you twelve more to go please and thank you yes here we go all right well more to go we're really filming now we're really filming now all right 43 is going to be downtown at the near the mace Bank Towers it's gonna be at the Eagle statue at the FIB headquarters to think so let's head there real quick and let's get this card let's get this car it's gonna be I think the building on the right actually okay you know what that bus cut me off psych all right so you can see the statue right there we've got to get up there can I can I squeeze by this I can look fantastic alright so once you find the Eagle statute it's a very beautiful statue by the way it'll actually be on the ground or non the ground on one of these benches this one right over here so there's the statue looking towards this direction see maze bank there that's right over here there you go alright back up the stairs we go that called a ground and pound ground-and-pound very very interesting alright next up number 44 it's gonna be the positive buys by the big ole mall I think that's actually called real life the beverly hills mall meets where I've gone there it's actually a really cool mall it's really chic and it was the first time I've ever seen elevators that so these elevators you like you don't punch in the floor while you're on them you punch in the floor before you get on them and then the elevator comes down and takes you specifically to that floor it's actually a really cool system I've now seen them in like one or two other places but that was the first time I ever saw it and people it definitely takes a little bit of adjustment too but once you understand it it's fairly cool fairly easy so you're gonna want to go to this clothing store right over here by the big ole mall you want it to the back take a look around I think I will not I think I will go to the back here pick up this card lady 44 for you alrighty that look hmm great on you alright we're changing the color real quick what goes well with green we need something to go with green the green line on the car I want to keep that but I want to change the car up color wise I think we might go black black or white nobody tells Samaras first with regard yeah she's gonna be very upset if I'd I'm just kidding she won't care let's repair this and let's go respray honestly matte-black looks kind of sick do is that I think matte-black might be the fit all right it's been decided Chad decided I decided it this car looks sick no okay so the next stop is going to be was it 40 45 45 so 45 is going to be right over 45 it's gonna be right here Wow we're we only have nine left to go right I mean once we get this one open nine left for ya we currently have I don't know how to math I quit we need about ten to go let's see you see this way to map it out that's the easiest way to math it out yeah you can get this car for free you just got to do the missions oh shoot I went the wrong way the Viper was my favorite car for a very long time I think I've said this before but Dodge Viper growing up was by far my favorite car it was there's no question about it we got to go up here this is a very conveniently placed side track for those of us who don't like to use your legs oh it's right there so if you come up here you jump this right on this bench you got car number 45 there we go all right now it's time for card number 46 this one's actually gonna be it the gun range the big gun range the biggest gun range in gta5 that's where it's gonna be at don't don't lose the door not this time I love breaking those fences are the most satisfying thing to break somebody needs to make a course where you just break those for like half an hour and title a GTA 5 ASMR a million views easy I'm telling you a million views easy all right so we go into the gun store the big gun store that you know and love I'm gonna go first person here so you can see you say hi to Bob hello Bob let me make a left here and on this table is the card are you going again if some of you guys don't know where do the good ranges you should okay it's right there next up we got to go to a certain club club Dallas trip we got to go to a club Dulles trip and this one's gonna be tough but I think I can do it and keep it peachy you guys ready for this all right you're gonna want to enter this establishment right you want to keep your head down your chief all right you know we got to get a shot first got a buy drink oh it's bumping into your chat I have music disabled because you know copyright reasons so all right thank you Oh somebody's on the pool all right is it in this booth no is it in this booth yes second booth collect that card damn you talented girl I'm out of here bouncing we bouncing okay how's the gentlemen's club there if you don't know where that is it's the shoe it's literally the shoe just look for the shoe on the radar is that the only I think that's the only strip club right think so anyway next one you're gonna want to go lightly down this let me find it first yeah okay it's this way we want to go into the fire station right over here this is the were the fire stations at and collect that card see we're starting to get how much twenty-two hundred chips for that 48 out of 50 for we're stacking it easy money dude easy shmoney actually it's gonna be in the Sun I next one's fairly close to I mean they're all close like I said when we get into the city this becomes a cakewalk super super easy and if you made it this far we're almost done stick with it okay stick with it you can do it stretch if you need to it's gonna be in this booth on that table right there so just look for the the P look for the P 49 alright where's number 50 this is actually gonna be at the airport so we're gonna go over here so it's gonna be on the ground floor entrance the ground-floor entrance we're almost done can we get some hype every time I collect a card because it's basically like we're counting down at this point it's basically like counting down so I would suggest like a aerial vehicle maybe even a helicopter for the first 20 or 30 and then when you get to the city just take a car you really don't need like a mark to earn either truthfully you just need to drive so when you get to the front of the entrance front of the airport over here you pull up you look at this beautiful entrance to the downtown ok then you make a left and they will be on the bench right here number 50 we have four cards to go let's go four cards to go okay this next one is going to be I thought it'd knock somebody over okay so this next one is going to be I think pretty much where we picked up it's pretty much gonna be where we picked up our car this would actually be really nice if we had an aerial vehicle but you know we're gonna enjoy the drive so we're gonna do we're gonna enjoy the drive sometimes you just got it there we go I'm excited you better believe I'm gonna be wearing the outfit we get forever until I change it it's a pretty cool one I'm excited to show you guys if you guys haven't seen it already it's definitely a dope outfit wrong way pardon me thank you don't ever do this in real life don't do anything I do in this game in real life as we zoom on over there I kind of like it's kind of weird out I think if we mentioned it to the interior of cars looks so outdated compared to the outside but the the outside of the cars are always so nice in this game they get better and better at I think I don't even know how they keep adding cars like it's not that there's still cars to add like when they have ran out at this point like it's a lot it's a lot okay so this is where I actually picked up this armored car and you can pick it up too once you complete all these story missions for a casino update so you go right here and you collect it off this bench there you go you actually pick up the car right over there so you guys should know where this is there's a little zoom in on the map there if you don't all right get some hype for that one and now we got to go ahead and go to the gun store which is right up the road not bad oh look at my car it's looking nice let's take a nice oh shoot that is my door I always lose the door who looks at the interior anyways I mean like if you're first-person if you like playing the game first person you definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely going to go first-person a lot and look at it oh shoot I meant to do that I totally meant to do that so we're gonna go inside our car anyway go inside and then look for a nice little black table that has a beautiful little playing card on it ear and eye protection must be warned boom I guess this is also the same kind of range right alright two more to go what's up bro two more to go makes you drink this buy one of these sodas buy one of these sodas well rat it me buy some armor we should buy some armor too just in case for as armor there we go so we need number 53 and 54 we're getting close we're getting close okay so 53 is going to be I think it's gonna be actually up over here it's a really really close all right I marked it a little bit off but I know it is so 53 is a little bit further I think it's in that bus actually pardon me yeah it is in the bus so right off this alleyway or right off this road this main road here this alleyway you will see the bus and the bus will have number 53 25 under chips for that alright last but not least we have the final one which is at the tattoo shop very very easy to get let's go up over here and get this last one are you guys ready for this okay easy enough you guys can see the tattoo shop so all you gotta do is walk in and collect the price there it is number 50 for a new deck of special playing cards now available on the private table inside the diamond casino resort penthouse the High Roller outfit has been unlocked and added to your wardrobe ladies and gentlemen that is all 54 cards that you need to collect to complete it I'm so glad we're finally done if you watch the whole thing hit that like button subscribe if you're new and we gotta go check these things out all playing cards collected log into Red Dead online with a link social club account to receive an exclusive reward so they haven't announced what that is yet I don't think so we're gonna do that whenever they they release it I'm curious what will get and Red Dead will it be worth it is the real question let's head over there right now all 54 cards completed in about an hour and 20 minutes so I'll say that if you want to collect all these give just give yourself an hour and change an hour and change and you should be able to get all of them fairly easily well you could probably do an hour if you're you're really direct about it but I mean you follow this at least an hour and a half all right let's pull up park my car sir valet sir is unavailable for this vehicle duh don't you walk away why won't you valet my car don't find me oh you've run away run away what are you looking at don't Phil don't film nothing anybody and you're filming – I saw you filming I saw you filming stay down alright anybody else here we're good had to take away all traces of evidence all traces evidence are now gone all right let's go into the casino real quick just use the oppressor if you have it you could use the oppressor I think it's easier to drive downtown the news the oppressor but you know to each his own oh wait let me go through here okay you walk faster in the casino in first person just as a heads-up can I collect my daily bonus I can well I got a thousand three chips and then we can acquire 50,000 chips which means that we're gonna bet 50,000 on black with black real quick that's what we're gonna do this guy looks oh he's not having a good time actually no we're not gonna do that yeah we're gonna put on the suit and check out everything in our casino or penthouse that we got from doing the cards I don't can ice I don't think I could spin the wheel yet can I I might be able to no I can't spin it yet okay everyone this on the last room which is pretty nuts he wasn't even streaming all right let's go up to the penthouse up to the penthouse we go and we got a couple of things for complete completing oh hi statue for completing all 54 of those cards so the first thing that we got and probably the most notable one is if you go to outfits you go over to special you will have the high-roller outfit this is only if you completed all 54 cards if you see somebody in your lobby with this they went through the struggle they watch this video and they they collected all 54 so as a heads up that is the special outfit and we're gonna go ahead and wear that it actually looks pretty snazzy it's like it looks like tacky but snazzy I like it I like it a lot looks bloody brilliant okay the next thing that you will have got is if you go to your penthouse management you're gonna place decorations I don't think the lounge made the landfill have it has to be in a specific spot I don't know what spot it has to be but it's like has to be on like a desk or something I don't think it's any of these let me say where could it be believe it or not where the heck is it okay so it's not there oh there it is okay right there so playing card collection free so we can go ahead and put that down is there a better spot to put it maybe but not not where I could find out right now so you actually get this as well for completing it so you get a stoker queen king sorry ace Jack Queen King and Joker all in the special sort of special look so if somebody's got that that means they completed all of it as well so pretty cool to put around your house and then finally the other thing you will have got is if you go over here to the dealer he will have a special set of cards the ones you collected so let's go ahead and bet 50,000 and you will see that the cards are different the back of the cards look like the ones you collected most importantly the face cards are the ones that you're gonna want to see so I'm gonna go ahead and that's it weird feel like we're we're lucky we're in the high-roller outfit we're gonna double down that really sucks okay I had the worst Oh like if I had a 10 there I would want okay we're gonna bet another 50 G's here we need a face card ten okay ace we got Jack Black Jack don't if he has a black I'm sorry what this game is raked it's rigged this rigged Queen okay so look at the Queen look it looks different it's like a duck I'm gonna stand bro there we go I want a hundred thousand chips easy peasy lemon squeezy so you can see that the cards are different which is it's it's a pretty cool feature it's a pretty cool feature that you have different cards okay twelve I have to hit so if you look at the dealer's cards look the queen is like a dock in these new cards I'm gonna take a hit I should probably stand understand she probably has better thing though oh there we go to ten Oh perfect okay he keeps getting ten as his face hit me 2119 I'm gonna stand what do you got twenty oh oh my gosh I keep winning I keep winning I keep winning chat 50k again ace twelve take another oh my gosh can I split aces you can that's got worse is that a moose can yours look at that that's a fricking moose as the king now so that one sixty I'm gonna have to stand with that one hit me on that one size 12 are you kidding me you have gone bust the left hand okay I want someone a hundred thousand okay um I mean we're kind of crushing it right now for I mean I'm gonna have to hit what is this guy's what is that I'm gonna have to hit I'm gonna go bust though yeah shit's wanting anyway I wasn't gonna win Blackjacks fun man I gotta say Blackjacks fun to play so that's a sixth and his face Kars is sick so like there we go I knew it I knew I read the I mean if he had a pocket ace that would have been good but he didn't so get bodied big money big money big money I think I I think I just broke even I'm gonna be honest seven give me seventeen I got ten that's great should I double down I'm gonna double down that's it hit me with the ten hit me with ten baby sixteen not bad yes we want 200 oh my gosh we just want so much it's a platypus they mean a clip for you at the pro-am really somebody said to me on Twitter oh my gosh I can't believe that we have three hundred seventeen thousand chips we have gone on an epic run right now should I double down I'm gonna double down together give me a ten give me a ten oh shoot come on I should have done that I got a little bit crazy yeah I got a little bit crazy I got a little bit crazy okay 818 I'll stay yeah he's playing a blackjack he does not have a blackjack I'm gonna stand he's 20 Oh anything about that I should have walked away chat I should have walked away I'm gonna lose all my money now I'm gonna have to take a hit here 17 is not bad though 19's get it I'm gonna stand please don't have are you kidding me bro okay I gotta make my money back at least all right this is how casinos get you did you win a little bit you want to keep going and then they always forever have the odds in their favor hit me I mean I apollo's but how does this guy have twenty like four times in a row rigged frickin a rigged a stick at that ace holy shit twenty one get bodied bodies get bodies get body get bodied you got body do you got body easy-peasy I love getting blackjack off the top give me an ace I'm splitting screw it I don't care that's it this is my last hand I don't think we lost a single thing but I guess the split wasn't worth it actually it screwed the splits worth it Oh perfect I'm just gonna hit ten please all right last hand oh the dealer wins huh what are the odd last hand let's go go big or go home twelve that means we're gonna wait we can't even double down yeah me too on East and we're good there you go see all right well we came out of it with slightly less money but at least we got to see the cool cards we're in our cool outfit in our cool penthouse let me go let me know what do you guys think is it worth it to collect all the cards I think the outfits actually pretty sleek I actually really like the outfit I think I'm gonna rock this outfit from now on I'm gonna be honest and and you know what the the card decorations cool the cards at the table are unique I think it's overall a pretty cool thing dude doesn't cost you anything but a little bit of time to go ahead and collect them all so let me know what you think is it a cop or a drop doing all these card locations let me know in chat if you watch the drawers too drop a fat like on this video subscribe if you're new I'm gonna be super chats and donors and members now do that because you guys have been going crazy with the typical champion backpack these things are more than half sold out so you guys have been going nuts with it and if you want to cop one before they're too late head on over to typical diet or give yourself some gaming glasses again these aren't prescription these are actually for like gaming and being on the computer they're blue light blocking there's a lot of cool stuff about what that means you go check it out on typical da store and the hats are on there too so all this is available now typical that store go get yours they have something in there so yikes yikes dude freaking yikes so what else to be happier so we have a bunch of donuts here I'm actually Ken Ken Hall thank you for that thank you for becoming member welcome enjoy the CMOS if you want to as well link in description below I matrix swirls hey bro I really love your videos and your streams I'm wondering if you still have your Lambo though yes I still have it if you go look at my Instagram and Twitter I actually posted a picture of me in my car today so go check it out both of those link in the description below I think I think there's a really cool photo I had a vision I got some arrow on my vision and I think it turned out really cool so let me know what you think in chat then we also got a couple of donuts here that I want to read out Luke yet D Davis we got Matt Ennis me and my wife watch you love to watch you playing and Samara – wife shout-out to you and your wife Matt that's what I meant chatty met and what a nitro thing for that Dee Davis well lead with the 10 hey Andre team GG can I get a big happy birthday – Joey Kurt Joey it's your birthday he's a bit weird but a great guy – moderator TG elite around the world we the elite well he'd shout out to you a big shout outs a moderator Joey Kurt you always the homie if you've been in chat at all you'll know who he is big shout to bed I hope you have a great time on your big day man Billy prevel thank you for that I was wondering when you're gonna play Archaean I just want to say you're a legend keep the good awesome work bro I made a tweet that said if it gets ten thousand retweets I'd play Ark it didn't even get half of that so you know if you want play Ark follow me on Twitter and it might do another one of those soon maybe I'll lower it will say Zubair Ahmed thank you for that thanks for the con where it's axel Pacheco Abhishek Verma big fan of yours love your gameplay glad you enjoyed man big shout out to your brother appreciate the love Lou talk Taku are you going to rate area 51 or not in GTA 5 I will shout to H for 5k you think Rockstar will patch the lucky legend if it's if there's glitch I'm not aware of it and yes I'm sure that will patch it vein thank you for that gets paired to a hundred thousand likes yeah in Samaras latest vlog I said if it hits a hundred thousand likes I'd buy her a Lamborghini SUV I said she has five days so hopefully it doesn't hit that but if you guys want to support her go check her out slash Samara red way shoutout to typical Daniel you should start playing Rainbow six siege I should play it again for sure shadow do Daniel Draco beets Thank You Hannah with the five finally hit my one-year badge I'm happy to be able to support you by being a member of the TG League can't wait for my two-year batch much love Andre Hannah you're the frickin one man big shout it to you appreciate it I hope you enjoyed it's a really cool badge and man thank you for being a big part of this mutant community Hannah Raven – thank you for that brighten Jordan well done did you thank you brighten bad kid shadow to you we've Catherine alcaraz shadow to you shout to Quentin please from Houston Texas whoa she had both of you Pizza of the hut with the 20 bucks you were the best youtuber ever you keep it family-friendly you keep smiling keep it up and keep a good luck and good luck on further for night matches and tournaments always and forever tea chili pizza the height Thank You Man really appreciate that thank you for the kind words and big shad to you for the love I'm gonna go see if I can spin the wheel let's say it's girly casino a shout to Brighton Jordan Roger Ford an axle Pacheco have you ever been in Washington I have me and summer just went down to like through the Blaine border and we wanted to go check out a little bit of Washington the other the other day so pretty cool stuff man pretty cool stuff we shout to you not buy more I can't buy more chips okay I'll spin this fricking wheel give me a car spin the lucky wheel spin the lucky wheel ah yeah that thing a nice big spin hmm Oh RP well you know what at least we get 15,000 RP oh we leveled up because of it it's not bad that's actually like a decent amount of RP thank you Rockstar I'm level 337 now on that note I think I'm gonna wrap it up again let me know do you think it's worth it for this outfit let me know in chat big shout to all of you who came through and let me know if I should do the same type of video for the action collectibles like the action figure collectibles that should be out in the next couple of weeks probably so that's can be your first one I'll see you guys the next one dropped like in this way to subscribe don't forget to go to typical die store go right now go crash the side typical die store I'll see you guys later thanks for watching Opie but awesome day and peace out just [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. The Vagner Supercar is the Best in Game when it comes to all round and when it comes to my favourite supercar, it would be the Deveste Eight.

  2. Guys I completed the first mission for my casino storyline 2 times now and I still haven’t gotten the 2nd mission, can someone please tell me how to fix this please it would help out a lot

  3. Still waiting for a new visage stream πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  4. A way to win on the horse click the first horse just put a small bet on to see if you win. If you win the first race you will lose the second race then go big go small

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