GTA 5 Online *SOLO* Director Mode Glitch Modded Outfits 1.47! (GTA 5 Glitches)

GTA 5 Online *SOLO* Director Mode Glitch Modded Outfits 1.47! (GTA 5 Glitches)

what's going on YouTube welcome back to a brand new video just before this mania does going to start shut it to the people on screen right night if you like a shower in a future video all you have to do is comment hashtag we free also be sure to stay active on the channel see never miss a future video I do go ahead and upload the Naga fallout it away let's get right into the video [Applause] what is going on YouTube welcome back to a brand new video in today's video I will show you the DDM glitch still works even after the casino update the casino update brought patch 1.47 I will also show you in the settings there are actually is 1.47 also behind me as you can see I am currently in depend on suite so for the actual DM glitch or you simply use today is have an up bird hunter online character with a simple exit and a partnership actually short list it to your direct mode once you've got that simply make your way over to the time trial the time trial can actually be swapped around to different locations from when you're actually watching this video so once you're at the time trial go ahead and equip the outfit and then simply just get in the car and set your location to last location no go ahead and drive your car and then simply start the time trial once you start the time child simply pull up your wheel and go to the screen mode it doesn't actually matter which treatment cartridge I should be go to just simply go to a story mode character [Applause] so when you I should do live into story mode always simply want to from there is simply pull up the interaction menu on interest and earth directly neither your in director mode recently what to do from there is good unto shortlist actors my Enya shortest actors like I said you must have the bird on your own line character once you have both for them simply just pulled up or down on your analog stick or d-pad for about 20 to 30 minutes so the birds actually duplicate before day so you can actually put an elastic band around your controller if you do it by analog stick so that way it just does it automatically and you don't have to sit there for 20 to 30 minutes to actually wait for the birds to finish duplicated so once the birds how actually finish duplicating your character should go over to the table [Applause] you who once she I've actually got your card turn on the hey Bill he usually tends to actually glitch bike to the trailer but deny should worry policing would do is just keep going back and forth and then we end up by five to ten seconds when your cart do something a bill to make sure it does not go back to their trailer so once your character has actually stuck to the hey bill and it does not transfer bike you're simply good to go to move on to the next step so for the next step you don't have to actually delete the bird unless you want to I know there's other ways you just delete the bird or online character but for me I just never delete this stuff and then simply from there by cart go to beach bums or any of the other categories and actors and then just press X on appearance now when you do that you'll actually see outfits they're actual glitched that you can actually bring to your lane so if these outfits you actually need to make sure there's nothing blacklisted on them side to be as cop belts based x christmas clothing anything like that it will not actually see if when actually didn't see a process for the outfit so the what you actually need is a christmas mask on the outfit and make sure nothing else on the outfits actual blacklist it so once you have a night fit with a Christmas mask that you do like go ahead and simply shortlist it but with these outfits it could take you ages there's a downside to actual finding and I thought you do like with the Christmas for us [Applause] so actually I'm just gonna use this outfit I did find interact with using the crisis mask so from there once you find to notice that you do like was the Christmas mask go ahead and shortlist an outfit no all you are do is go back to shortlist and then just enter director mood with that shortlist I'll say that you did like with the Christmas mask knowing that you're in direct mode simply go ahead and in the story mode by using the wheel you can also check to make sure nothing actually is blacklisted that you may have missed in director would know it when you're actually in story mode go ahead and hit start go to online and start an invite-only session Denine when you do learned into online attends the actual kicky from gta5 online and return it to instrument as you can see I did actually have the outfit on as how she does show you before you are kicked your character so if you actually have the outfit on you lecture it still stands when you're actually going into strimmer the one shot she loaded into a story mode all you are different there is simply hit start and go to invite only session [Applause] so you have does it for today's video if you're going to enjoy it be sure to drop like and subscribe if you are new and remember to not Pelican on she never missed YouTube is like this and yeah venom place signing on

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  2. Guys it take 20-30 minutes for it to work stop complaining he even says it in the video so if u dont have patience please go ahead and leave the video and stop putting hate comments.
    And yes u do have to have the christmas masks for it to save the outfit and u can not have anything invisible or a cop belt or anything else it will not save the invisible parts or the belt it would be a waste of time

  3. Thank you 🙂 I got a juggernaut outfit you can apparently get juggernaut pants and the over armor just the not the piece of padding underneath the main armor so if you find lucky you

  4. I got the outfit and I saved it but when I changed my outfit up I didn't have the save slot and my outfit disappeared

  5. when i tried to change the outfit with my joggers with any shoes or clothes, it ends up with regular pants even when i changed the shirt :(. (blue camo pants)

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