Half Life Foxtrot Uniform [RUS SUB] / Half-Life: Униформа Фокстрот [Русский перевод]

Half Life Foxtrot Uniform [RUS SUB] / Half-Life: Униформа Фокстрот [Русский перевод]

you may 16th 2003 New Mexico desert United States of America at 8:58 a.m. the Black Mesa research facility is placed under full containment after an experiment went wrong on May 17th a special unit of US Marines is called in to ensure complete quarantine by any means after a few hours due to the heavy resistance of unconventional and unknown forces the operation is a total failure and the Marines are forced to evacuate less than 24 hours after the incident the order is signed CIA black operators are sent in to detonate a thermonuclear bomb and eradicate all threats including science personnel and remaining US Marines nobody ever heard of this incident as it never happened fries Rambo your gun drop it on the desk you can come out mr. Smithers well-done ODIs you trapped another one of those barbarians what are you talking about we’re here to rescue you United States Marine don’t waste your time we’ve seen where your mates done here by the way why do you wear those ridiculous masks do we look sick advert to the doctor GI Joe they told us there was a contagion and Black Mesa orders were to quarantine all personnel by any means and I heard that some units had special orders like eliminate a certain Gordon Freeman so Freeman is still alive no not again no no I must go to the bathroom now wait feathers this not say fuck you Otis what is it don’t shoot don’t shoot one clear – clear very clear Oh real clear race get out of here sorry pal you know the orders okay how are you okay buddy I got the first-aid kit Tower I gave you ooh hang loose fucker pickle I’ll cover you shit Wow Oh on May 17th the government of the United States officially declared that a meteor hit earth precisely in the desert of New Mexico but unstoppable resonance cascade had already begun and portal storms are still raging across Earth more and more cases of attacks from unknown animals have been reported since 2003 they are coming listeners Black Mesa was only the beginning Zen aliens were only casualties of war the calm by Empire is coming to wipe us all out of a throat problem need to get some more beverage in need now getting way too old for this you

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  1. Можно посмотреть этот фильм пока мы ждем халф лайф 3.

  2. Ну, положим, с бешеным "чёрным" перебор, а в целом годнота.

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