hey guys welcome to the vlog and happy hallo-weiner you trick your trainers though with the cringy intro she does play video games but we have to go get ready go get some costumes for Halloween tonight costumes are gonna cost to me a lot money cost you and me a lot of money but Tito's already ready he's gonna be pumpkin seeds cup of my hand in that pick about you oh okay unfortunately I was on vacation for a while but that's not the sad part the sad part is we weren't able to carve pumpkins together and all McClung me and Tito alone we're supposed to have a night to try some final Kinsler we don't know but it's too late now that takes forever it does okay I'm sniffing for opening one up it was believed you did open up a can of whoop-ass okay okay when I put this on the back of that the reaction is gonna be so kay Oh backhand backhand that kid oh yeah I don't even close down okay so the good news is is that Logan and Anthony ant-man they filmed a curb stomp video so that should hopefully be coming out soon I think it's a great video oh wait I got I guess not volume guys we about is about to happen I'm dying guys let's go let's go let's go come on we gotta get the costumes Sexy's okay Halloween costume Sexy's the point is you got to be something that you were that you're not oh no no he's playing holy Oh again No we're never gonna leave I guess we're not gonna just how many fans do you think are gonna show up to our Halloween house yeah our fans are gone he hate us robot what are you gonna be for Halloween how about a well-behaved dog Oh gotcha gotcha yeah oh my gosh guess we're snowball wants to go to vacation where she's like that I've always wanted to go there Aruba do you know where that at I've heard of it but I don't know is it really it's where Natalie hello e1 is him oh wait Natalie Holloway is missing she thought she died here like 20 years ago I've heard of that name but I thought she was in there actress no she was a random girl from Alabama and what is it oh wow guys quit the make-out session get a room when everything is missing dang it all right let's go squad out hey I got an idea every time we leave the house we gotta say squad out so you ready all right guys all right so let's start the vlog all right guys let's go squad out all right guys are we're walking into the Halloween or Shop Spirit Halloween her Hollow oh those are the best kinds wow it looks pretty empty already whistle I can't Wow this way you guys are best buddies he says like my heart he says like my soul will let degree get a trash Logan look it's like one of your boogers when you blow your nose looks like you the boogie monster Tito penguin teats no you're a big baby a sumo baby try try to fit through the doorway in that lugging your this up to my loofah it's stupid Logan you better buy the sausage stupid oh my gosh this was for dogs I put blizzard in that she'll do it do it do the scenes you a what uh dang oh dang oh dang I do the same thing when I see Logan – oh dang oh that's it that's all he wanted right that's my that's my reaction when I come home – you hold a by no he didn't even say bye scooby-doo you told me you wanted me to be scooby-doo you said you found shaggy it was like precious a little but the top sits up okay we've seen you before right that's why god I'm like he's never met Logan before though no I'm gonna be a sexy Luigi Hey look so that you look like Zelda I mean link link do you know we found a costume oh why please hilarious yogurt chocolates you're a boo boo baby I wanted to be able to handle candy baby oh you're a boo boo baby though you should be daddy's little girl I look for tonight I see for tonight I go to a fortnight hey didn't you have that for a video on time which one I don't remember one of the hallways I've seen that in the house before though before night oh look at the baby leave all the cool costumes look you can be a boy you just do the fucking to get that and then your oh my god you are Luigi cart for tonight the blanket it's a llama fleece of a little dude oh my gosh I don't see any four-night stuff so far Halloween shopping has been a fail what we're thinking about doing is dude it was fine shirt green shirt Oh like brown pants that's over okay so here's what we're thinking he's gonna be shaggy and I'm gonna be the dog Scooby Doo and then chill my feet Velma he's got any glasses I don't know buddy we can't think of anything else this harness could be doing okay I know we did that oh go to the other Halloween shop find something better let's go let's do this squat hey hey hey hey wait three two one squad out okay so the squad is not out yet I'm dropping stuff but we've been in line and we've been seeing a bunch of cool stuff and so let me saw actually I saw this thing and I was like oh my gosh I need that Tito coffee there's so cringy bizarre online let's see look I found a Yoshi while we were in line why do I keep dropping hat I found a parasol from our pumpkin so I'm still gonna carve pumpkins together I got the daddies of a girl for teats and then the bag of tricks that I found I thought that was funny you might use that for a video I don't know right now this time I think it's gonna be squat out oh alright guys so now me Logan and the great pumpkin seeds are going inside Party City why are we going to Party City I found costume look yeah yeah let's put snowball to Lobster and they still try to eat you herself oh my god one of these she's a pretty I don't think you realize how big precious is she's pretty big pretty she's also pretty all right guys we're leaving a party city the only thing we got from there is trick-or-treat bucket hey guys hey guys we're leaving Party City so squat out it's good work okay guys so the squad is walking into Petsmart we forgot we got to dress up dogs too okay well sorry blizzard and snow they don't have any for your size apparently everyone only dresses up small dogs but it sucks all right guys squad out wow we're at our next door and the disrespect does anybody notice the disrespect to to toys r us toys city still has our in the windows rotten bankrupt guys we are at the old Toys R Us and they have turned it into a Halloween shop this season they call it Halloween City and then underneath it they put toy city what makes me wanna cry toy City get out of here you're not toys city look low get him you see the windows that's the Toys R Us letters oh my gosh no the Arizona this is the saddest thing I've ever seen her first I know this is huge oh okay that's creepy isn't it she's just jump roping until she died let's all be cards I'll be the peach cart she's gonna be the Luigi cart – no there you go look do you know you could be pickle tease but real live pickle tease so he found nothing at the store so you know what that means squad out all right guys I got my Scooby Doo costume ready for some trick-or-treaters Logan is changing and it turns out these are basically just PJ's it's a onesie and they call it a costume it's kind of wack but they still Scooby Snacks I don't know I don't really know the show too well but yeah it's just it's a onesie so it's kind of disappointing but if I open up the door like this it looks a little cooler [Laughter] how we gonna mean I threw it over your head yeah your your Scooby I love this shit [Laughter] David scoop oh my god this thing stinks I know okay you should have put snowball in that costume I still can oh yeah you want to try oh yeah not gonna work it's not it's not gonna work it really yeah well if you cut like the holes are right here and then you keep it on okay guys do we look like Shaggy and Chet Shaggy and Scooby oh no you guys I'm actually wearing the shitty pants that he wears and the black shoes yeah that's crazy and I'm wearing PJs and Tito you know what Tito what else do you know I love you boo-boo baby Tito went as a slutty guy in PJs that's hot Tito you ain't looking like a snack you looking like my last meal in prison here alright guys so chilli went as a Scooby Snack damn I got the Scooby Snack like this no he walked he walks on all fours yeah dude here get us all shaky jumps and give you the Scooby's arms the Scooby jumping into Salazar yeah or sometimes the other way around XY so running there's a ghost alright guys so that was asking rate for some trick-or-treaters your wieners so yeah we're gonna get the candy ready we're gonna get ready for a first trick-or-treater and all that fun stuff and uh yeah see you soon all right guys would you put the mask back on this this is the only time I approved for bestiality yeah like another girl I can fuck like a alright guys so that is the end of our Halloween thing not very many kids showed up I don't know why maybe next year a lot of fans will show up and say trick-or-treat that'll be fun because we always buy a lot of candy and we always have a bunch left over because we always anticipate a lot more people to come over and they don't I think a lot of people are kind of like scared to come over to our house and say trick-or-treat but yeah that's all I'm gonna say I hope you guys enjoyed today's Halloween video and OH lemonade Oh what year and a half one year two months I'll soda mm-hmm you know they do you know the exact day we got a look at the vlog it was on a Tuesday of last year wasn't it in September beginning September beginning September sometime on a Tuesday I don't think we mentioned the first day but we said something like hey guys it's been an entire week exactly one week since Logan has quit drinking soda and so we got to take that one week and then we are doing math figure out what day that was but I remember like anyways guys me and Shaggy and Scooby and boo-boo baby he's not booboo baby anymore oh we are gonna see you guys tomorrow and we love you guys and and see you next year and squat out


  1. Hey guys sorry about this. I’m testing the new YouTube Premiere thing to see how it works! So far I’m not a big fan of it but I just wanted to test it out. Thanks for being patient 😊

  2. I live in il (I won't tell you the full name) and at my mall there was a TOY R US and now there is toy city

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