Halloween Lookbook (For When You Can’t Wear a Costume)

Halloween Lookbook (For When You Can’t Wear a Costume)

– Hello, hello, hello my friends! Kaitlyn here and let’s
do a Halloween lookbook. I feel like if Wednesday
Addams was going to pick some glasses from my collection,
she would pick these. (spooky music) So you wanna know what sucks? When you get out of like elementary school, but definitely middle school, essentially, by the time
you get to high school, and then college, and then
definitely the working world, it’s kinda frowned upon to wear costumes to whatever you’re doing
on the day of Halloween. So I wanted to create something for people who can’t necessarily wear a costume when they go to school or to work but they still want to
celebrate the holiday. So for outfit number one, we go straight into cutesy Halloween. No one is gonna be able to tell you that you cannot wear this
outfit to school or work. So I’ve had this orange, jack’o’lantern shirt for a few Halloweens and I always love pairing
it with some kind of skirt and this year, I
discovered, from ModCloth, this adorable pumpkin and cat skirt. So, basically, put them together and it is the most magical and adorable Halloween outfit that I
could’ve come up with. (peppy Halloween tune) ♫ Spooky, scary, skeleton
send shivers down your spine ♫ Shrieking skulls will shock your soul ♫ Seal your doom tonight ♫ We’re so sorry, skeletons,
you’re so misunderstood ♫ You only want to socialize
but I don’t think we should ♫ Spooky, scary, skeletons
shout startling shrilly screams ♫ They’ll sneak from their sarcophagus ♫ And just won’t leave you be For outfit number two, we went with the classic
inspiration of Wednesday Addams. So, basically, you’ve
got to go with some sort of black dress or top
that has a white collar. Also to make the dress longer, because I don’t want to
show everyone my butt, I put under the dress
this tulle black skirt. One of my favorite
styles for shoes to wear are these super high, wedge Mary Janes. And then add to it
these cutesy cutesy cute little white hose socks. There’s just something
about it that makes it look extremely lolita, and just
adorable and I felt like this is something that my
Wednesday Addams version would wear. And I would’ve put my hair in braids but I recently got it cut and there’re a whole bunch of layers and it just doesn’t
really braid right now so I went with pigtails instead. (Addams Family theme) ♫ They’re creepy and they’re kooky ♫ Mysterious and spooky ♫ They’re all together
ooky, the Addams family Outfit number three is Hocus
Pocus inspired, of course. Now you could choose whichever
of the witches to draw inspiration from but I knew
that I had purple and green, kind of flowing styles in my wardrobe, so I went with Winifred. I’ve got a purple lace
dress, which underneath I layered a kind of similar
colored lavender tulle skirt. I have way too many tulle skirts. That was very popular a few years ago and I bought them in all the colors because it helps me extend regular dresses and give them kind of the
“poofiness” that I enjoy. But it looked really great with this. And then I put an olive
green duster vest over top and cinched it together with
a cool, corset style belt. To round out the green and purple, I wore some olive,
heeled, lace up booties. The lace up ankle boots in that style just look like witches shoes to me. Also I tried doing my hair in double buns but it just didn’t really work out. It didn’t look the way
that I wanted it to. I couldn’t get it to tease
out as much as I wanted so I just scrapped that and went with kind of a pooffy top to my normal curls. ♫ I put a spell on you ♫ And now you’re gone ♫ Gone, gone, gone, so long ♫ My whammy fell on you ♫ And it was strong ♫ So strong, so strong, so strong ♫ Your wretched little
lives have all been cursed ♫ ‘Cause of all the witches
working, I’m the worst ♫ I put a spell on you ♫ And now you’re mine And, finally, we have outfit number four. Which is inspired by Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Now the questions always is, is the Nightmare Before
Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? This was actually the last
outfit that I picked out because I have this black tee with a silver ribcage on the front of it and I was like, I really want to wear it! But I didn’t know what character or kind of style that I could go with and I was like, wait, Jack
Skellington is a skeleton. So, from there, I paired it with a black and white, striped skort, plus some black tights, and then I have these super
cool, metallic, silver boots. And I was like, yes! I feel like Jack would wear this. I also have a white, cape blazer. But I felt like since
Jack is the pumpkin king, he would definitely wear
something like this. ♫ This is Halloween, this is Halloween. ♫ Halloween ♫ Halloween ♫ Halloween ♫ Halloween. ♫ In this town we call home ♫ Everyone hail to the pumpkin song ♫ La-La-La-La-La Halloween ♫ La-La-La-La-La Halloween, Halloween ♫ La-La-La-La-La Halloween, Halloween ♫ La-La-La-La-La Halloween Whoa! Okay, that was a lot of
Halloween and fashion and music and it was (screams). So, yesterday, before I filmed this video, I saw a bunch of my
friends and they were like, “So, Kaitlyn, what are you
gonna be for Halloween?” And I was like, “I don’t know, “I don’t really have a costume. “Like I made the Emma
Swan cosplay earlier, “so I guess if I went to a
party I could wear that.” In the process of making this video, I realized how good some
of these outfits were. They’re not just inspired
but with a little bit of creativity with hair
and makeup and stuff, you could really make them
into costumes if you wanted. So this is not just a lookbook. It’s also a, you know, if you wanna have a costume for
Halloween (clicks tongue) I got you covered! Whoo whoop! So, which was your favorite look? Make sure you tell me,
down in the comments. I really loved them all, but I think the Hocus
Pocus one was my favorite because when I was picking out things it was my least favorite but
once I put the outfit on, I was like, wow! I look really awesome in this! And I feel like, witchy and cool. So that’s my favorite. I may try to wear it. Like actually on Halloween
or something (laughs). Plus remember that you can check me out on these other social media sites. Come hang out with me and my cat and my coloring projects! Thanks for hanging out with me today guys! I hope this video made you smile! And I will see you guys on Thursday! Bye! (kiss) (spooky Halloween music)

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  1. My first choice for favorite costume here was the Jack Skellington one, because I've always loved the color combination of black+silver. I looked over the outfits again though, and the pumpkin-cat cutesy Halloween costume takes the cake for the best outfit here, I think. It's immediately recognizable as a lovely fall-season color combo, but it's got every bit of bright, sweet feel to it that I think we all need today. I love your enthusiasm!

  2. Favourite? Oh, I dunno…You're very stylish. That's a skill (for such it is) that appears to have been largely forgotten nowadays. You always make the effort, always something a bit different, not good enough for you the grey jogging suit…

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