– The best part of this box fort is that it has Halloween masks inside of it. What are the Halloween masks for? – Put the masks on and come out and go scare people. – That’s right! We’re gonna scare people
and prank them today, right? – Yeah! (upbeat music) – Hey guys! – Hi guys! – How’s it going buddy? – Hey guys and welcome
back to our channel. Be sure to click that subscribed
button to join our family. And, if you are just apart
of, already, an awesome family that’s okay because you can
click the subscribe button and you can still be
apart of our family and be apart of your family. Also click that bell icon so you get our notifications in your feed. As you guys can tell, we are hanging out at Carl and Ginger’s house and that’s always a fun time. Why are is it so fun to stay at Carl and Ginger’s house Ollie? – There’s all of the YouTubers here. – That’s right, there’s always
a bunch of YouTubers here. We’re always filming a
bunch of crazy videos and I think you have a really
fun one planned today, right? – Yeah. – So Ollie woke up this morning and he was like, ” Since there’s
a bunch of YouTubers here, we’re gonna do something really special”. – I want to put them with scary masks. – [Dad] What? Really?! Smash that thumbs up button you guys for October because we are are so excited. We love Halloween, we love
dressing up in costumes. We love having fun and playing with all the different props and stuff. But most importantly, we love scaring people. Yes! Now that it is October,
we can finally dress up. We can finally scare people. And if you guys haven’t seen any of the past videos we did I’m gonna have a link up in the iCard for a super fun playlist of all of our amazing costumes we’ve worn, huh? We’ve done some cool stuff. What’s been your favorite
person that we dress up as? – The Ninjago. – Oh Ninjago? That was fun, huh? Alright Ollie, I think Mommy is inside working on a very magical box fort to
help us prank everyone so let’s go inside and
help her finish it, okay? (Upbeat tempo music) – We’re all done. Do you wanna see our box store? – It looks so good! Thumbs up this video if
you’re psyched to see it! Welcome to our Halloween fun Box store! – It is finally done and I gotta say it is pretty epic, right? Okay what is your favorite part about it? – The chimney! – Yes, so we’ve built
two chimneys on each side I don’t know if they’re
chimneys or like pillars. I don’t know. I think it just makes it look really cool. We’ve got the cutest little windows here. With, even drapes, come
on that’s pretty cool. And Two huge doors! This is awesome, huh? The best part of this box store is that it has Halloween masks inside of it. What are the Halloween masks for? – Put the masks on and come
out and go scare people. – That’s right! We’re gonna scare people
and prank them today, right? – Yeah! – I go in and out. – [Dad] Oh yeah. – [Mom] Look at that. It’s so easy, come on. – [Dad] And I think I see
some cool masks in there. You guys gonna use those
to scare everyone with? – Yeah. – Are you excited? Alright, let’s do it. – Thumbs up if you like Halloween. I wanna go change in my mask! – Alright are you guys
ready for his first mask? Here we go! – [Ollie] I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready! – Oh my gosh! Who are you Ollie? – [Ollie] SpongeBob! – SpongeBob?! I think this looks so awesome! You look, actually, kind
of creepy you know that?! You have like your little pants on and then your legs just popping out. Just like SpongeBob. Alright Ollie who do
you want to scare first? – Gage. – Ooh, I think that’s a good one. I thinks he’s working on
the computer right now let’s go sneak up on him. (suspenseful music) – [Ollie] Aaargh!! – Whoa my!! Ollie is that you? Oh my gosh, you scared me so bad! Nice job Ollie. That was awesome. – Alright Ollie I’m gonna show you the next mask you’re gonna use. I’m gonna go inside right now, ready? – Yeah! – Okay, bye. – [Dad] There she goes! Do you guys think she’s
putting on a creepy mask? Think this might be a scary one. – [Dad] What do you think Ollie? – I don’t know I don’t wanna look. – [Dad] You don’t know? – [Mom] Hey are you guys ready? – [Dad] Whoa! She sounds scary even. – [Mom] Three, two, one! – [Dad] Oh whoa! Its like a chrome skeleton. Look you guys you can see my
reflection in the mask even. That is so spooky! – Addie is like take
that off you right now! Alright, Ollie is gonna put this on now and he’s going to go scare Liz Sharer. Are you ready? – She’s gonna be super scared. – [Dad] Alright let’s put it on. – Oh my gosh – [Dad Whoa, look at this one. If you guys know Lizzy Sharer you know she is always up to no good. And Ollie is gonna scare her
so good in this Halloween mask! It’s gonna be so fun. You ready dude? Alright Ollie so I think you
should hide in the pantry because I’ve seen her go in
there to get some snacks. And so, when she walks in there you can jump out and scare her, okay? Is that a good idea babe? – Yeah, that’s perfect. – Alright Ollie go hide
in the pantry right there and then we’ll shut the door and we’ll put a secret camera in
there to get her reaction. – I’m gonna get to scare her so good. Put on that I’m the game monster I think I hear her (screams) – [Dad] Whoa, he got you so good Lizzy! – I snuck in here for a snack. I didn’t know I was gonna get scared. – I’m gonna delete you. – [Dad] Oh he’s gonna
delete your YouTube channel. You’d better be careful. – No, please don’t delete it. – Just kidding – [Dad] Oh it’s just Ollie. – Oh it’s just Ollie. Hi. – [Dad] Dude, that was a good prank Ollie. Did you see her? She fell on the floor. That was amazing. – I was thinking I’d
come in here for a snack, but then I got scared. – [Bryan] And look, it’s even reflective. It’s all spooky. – Yeah. Where’d you guys get that? – [Dad] We just found it, actually, in this cool Halloween box store. – What? – [Dad] Yeah. – If you guys don’t know Lizzy, be sure to go check her out. I’ll have her channel
linked in the icards. She does lots of fun stuff
here on YouTube as well. [Dad] So thanks for being a good sport. – Ooh maybe I’ll prank him back. [Dad] Ooh. What should she do? – I heard you! [Dad] Oh, he heard you. He’s on to you (chuckles). – Okay that was as
awesome prank but I think it’s time to prank someone else. Are you ready to go
change into another mask? Alright, go get in there. [Mom} Bye. – [Ollie] Bye. – [Mom] Come on out Ollie. – Aargh – [Mom] Oh my gosh, you look so creepy. What are you Ollie? – A Raptor. – [Mom] Oh my gosh. Show me your loudest roar. – Roar! – That is perfect. Who do you think we should go get next? – Carl. – (gasps) I think that’s a perfect idea. Okay, are you guys ready? (screams) Thumbs up this video if you’re excited to see Carl get scared. (scary suspenseful music) – Roar! – Oh my gosh. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, you got him so good! – You scared me so bad. Wait a second. Ah, Ollie. – [Mom] (laughing) – You got me so good, I’m all soaking wet. – [Mom] You soaked him! – I got you so good. Roar! – Ahhh, you totally did. That’s a great mask. I love it! Who’s somebody that
you should go get next? – Luke. – You should go get Luke. He would love it. – He guys. I think this is an awesome mask. How scary is this? Let me know down in the comments what do you guys wanna be for Halloween? Ollie’s already decided
what he wants to be and he’s so excited about it, huh? Let me know down in the
comments what you guys are gonna be for Halloween. We’re gonna go ahead and
scare Luke now, right? Alright, he’s gonna go back
into the Halloween store and change into his next mask. Okay, this next one is so scary. Leave down below in the
comments what you think it’s going to be. Ollie, come on out. (screams) – Scary Skull Trooper. – [Mom] You are. You are a scary Skull
Trooper from Fortnite. I think this is the perfect
mask to go scare Luke. Okay? – Let’s go get him. (slow scary music) – (roars) – Whoa! – [Mom] (laughs) – You scared me Ollie. – [Mom] Oh my gosh! – Oh my gosh. You got me really good. – [Mom] Do you know what this is, Luke? – Yeah that’s a Skull Trooper, isn’t it? – [Mom] A Skull Trooper! You look so creepy! It looks like he’s gonna recruit you to scare some people now. (giggles) – I know right? – [Mom] Oh my gosh. You look even creepier with it on. – I know, it’s so creepy. – Alright Ollie, it’s
time for your next mask. Do you know what you’re gonna choose? – Yeah! – Okay, go get changed. Get in. [Mom] Alright Ollie’s next mask is ready. Come on out! (clucking and squawking) – [Mom] Ohhh my God, you look crazy. You look like an actual rooster. Look at those eyeballs right there? You look so creepy. Okay, I think Kyle is outside right now. Let’s go scare him, okay? (upbeat happy music) – (loud squawking) – (screams) – [Mom] Oh my God! – [Kyle] You got me! You got him so good! – You got me so good Ollie,
that I fell into the pool! – [Mom] That is hilarious. Highfive dude, you got him so good. – Oh I’m gonna get you back! – Cock-a-doodle-doo, I got you so good! Cock-a-doodle-doo!!! – Yeah, you did get me so good! – That was awesome. Thumbs up this video for that epic prank. – That was so wet. – Okay, I’ve got a good
idea for the next one. I think we should scare ginger. She’s getting ready to
go work in her office so, I’m gonna set up a hidden
camera, so we can scare her and get the best reaction. That sound good? Alright, let’s go. – Okay. – Alright, time for the next one. Come on out. – Moooo – Oh my gosh, that is so creepy. Your eyeballs are so scary looking. Alright, I’m gonna go set up the camera in Ginger’s office, okay? – Okay. – Okay. Shhhh. (upbeat music) – Moooo!!! – (screams) what? That’s Ollie! Yeah! You got me so good! Highfive! Whoa, that’s a scary mask. I like it. – Did you get her Ollie? – Yeah! – Nice one! Good job! – Alright you guys, I think
our Halloween store box fort has one more mask. And this time, it’s Finn’s turn so smash that thumbs up button if you guys are excited to see what he’s wearing. (gasp) Ohhh, it’s the Cuddle Bear leader from Fortnite. You guys, look at this. Cuddle Bear leader Fortnite
in real life right now. Finn, you look so scary. Are you gonna scare Ollie? – Yeah. – Yeah, we gotta get Ollie back because he’s been scaring everyone
in the house today. And you can’t get away with, huh? – Um hmm – Uh huh! So how are you gonna scare him? What are you gonna say? Raaah! – Yeah! – Okay, put your mask on, and
let’s see what he’s doing. (upbeat music) – Raaah! (screams) – Wowwww, we got Cuddle Bear Team Leader. Finn, you gotta keep the mask
on if you wanna scare people. – That is so cute. – I want mine blue. – I’m just so dead now. – [Dad] What? – I’m dead now. – No you’re not silly,
but he got you good, huh? – Okay, I think that it
is time to scare mama. So, I am gonna put on the chicken mask. You used this one right? – [Ollie] Yep – Who did you scare in this mask? – Kylie – You did? Was he super scared? – [Ollie] Yeah. – Yeah, okay I’m totally
gonna get mama because I think if there’s a life sized
chicken that’s gonna scare her it would be really cool right? – [Ollie] Yeah. – So will you film me scaring mama? – [Ollie] Yeah. Okay, I think she’s down in the basement, so all you gotta do is go down there and try to get her reaction okay? Let’s go. Okay. – Oh it’s so spooky down here. I think she might pee on the couch. – I need you to go first and just start talking to her. – [Ollie] Hey mama. – Yeah? – [Ollie] What are you doing? – I’m just looking at Instagram. What’s up? (screams) You scared me so bad, that was so scary. – [Dad] Its just me (chuckles) – Oh my gosh. That was really scary. I just was not even
expecting this all day. I’ve been doing this all
day, but I did not think that that was gonna happen to me. – [Dad] Yes, you had to get scared babe. And by a real, live, chicken. How creepy is this mask? That’s a giant rooster. – [Dad] Oh I know right? This is the creepiest mask ever, I think. – I think the eyeballs is what
makes it look really scary. – We’ve had a lot of really
fun masks for you guys, but I think the two scariest, are probably that chrome skeleton mask and the giant rooster. So, vote in the pole above right now which one do you think is scariest. Or, which one would you be scared by? – Alright Ollie, did you
have so much fun today? That was such a blast. We built an awesome box fort and then we changed into tons of masks and scared all of our friends. That was so much fun. Highfive. – Which one was your favorite, Ollie? – Those two skeleton’s masks. – [Dad] Oh yeah. – We had the Skull Trooper – That was my favorite – Yeah, that one was a good one. He looks really scary. – And the golden one was my favorite. – [Dad] That was really cool. Hey Ollie, who do you
think got the most scared? – Luke – [Dad] Luke? – Luke got pretty scared. I don’t know. Lizzy falling over was pretty scary. Oh, Kyle falling into the pool. That was awesome! – [Dad] You scared Kyle into the pool? That’s amazing dude! What a fun day. – Yeah, it was so much fun. – Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, be sure to
smash that thumbs up button. And we will see you later. Hey Ollie, you wanna say bye Boop? – Bye Boops! – [Dad] Wait, it’s gonna
go with the creepy chicken. – [Ollie] By Boops! (upbeat pop music)

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