HARLEY QUINN Suicide Squad homemade costume for Halloween. Part 1

HARLEY QUINN Suicide Squad homemade costume for Halloween. Part 1

Hello everybody today we will make the
Harley Quinn Suicide Squad costume For that we will
use crepe paper to dye the clothes you can also use clothes dye let’s make the dye in red, blue and black colors We put hot water into a glass and we add the crepe paper The paper is colorfast and so got our dye shirts Careful because there are roles that stain less. If that happens, switch brands I also black dye Eye stained hands, put you gloves Let’s use some white seamless legings for pants We cut the length you want. Harley Quinn sometimes shorts out more than others Before painting pants Harley, we wash them so that the dye is fixed Equal to or cutting As I is still wet I have to be careful to paint because the dye runs I’ll paint the other half blue
position under a plastic so that no staining the table Let dry before painting the center because the paint if not extended Topped with a smaller brush I would decorate with red and blue sequins or glitter lacquer fixing if you want to wear pants other
I give you option is to take two tutus one red and one blue and attach them using the same rubber waist Now for the shirt. In the video we saw Friday as we printed I leave the video card and description We did a napkin printing and pasting with Mod Podge Now carefully paint we paint everything that is the part above and then takes some stripes on the sleeves As before, I paint with a fine brush to top Once dry, paint the back part To top it we make some cuts and paint it black To use a wig long wig and blonde We separate into two halves and protect each plastic half then I start dying one side and then the other Blue is not too well but the red looks great We can also dye directly with crepe paper moist but the problem is that much dirty hands Well, I have the basics for disguise. In another video I will bat If you like the video, share it and give LIKE. Thank you

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  1. Thank you so much for making this tutorial I needed to make a Harley Quinn costume that was quick and easy and this is defiantly what I will do thankyou xx

  2. My crush is the Joker for holloween!! ^o^ and I am Harley Quinn!! Thank you for making this easy DIY Harley Quinn costume!! Love it!!😍😘

  3. I like her so much and I wanna be her for Halloween but she wears almost like underpants and I don't wanna wear that 4 school it will be embarrassing thank u u saved me 😖

  4. For the T-shirt I just coloured it in with regular markers i had lying around… XD

    If I get over 30 like on this comment i will make a video showing you my Harley Quinn costume i made, for halloween… XD

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