Hashtags: #WeddingFail

Hashtags: #WeddingFail

-Now I thought I’d share some of my favorite
wedding fails from you guys. This first one
is from @jwiederspan. -Yeah.
-She says, “Went to a wedding reception
a couple years ago, and the DJ played only
karaoke versions of songs. He sang the vocals
for every song.” [ Audience groans ]
-Oh. Oh-ho! -Wow!
That is awful. -Oh, my God.
-That is a nightmare. “This song’s a little bit
out of my range, but I’m gonna try it anyway.” [ Off-key ]
♪ All by myself ♪ -Father and daughter dance. [ Laughter ] I remember one time
at a wedding, my friend Rob and Denise —
family friends. We went to this wedding. My mom always would
get in trouble at these wherever we went.
She was just a magnet for making trouble.
And she kind of had, like, bad knees or something,
so she kind of, like, walked like a little —
kind of like Ozzy Osbourne. [ Laughter ]
And so we went to this wedding, and what they’re about to —
we’re at the reception. They’re about to announce
the wedding party. You know,
and then the bride and groom — and Mom goes,
“I got to go to the bathroom.” I go, “Don’t do it now.
Why would you do it now? Wait till
they introduce everybody. Just hold it for 10 minutes,
and then go.” She goes, “I got to go now.”
I go, “All right. Just do it quick before —
‘Cause they haven’t — She goes, “Okay.”
She’s walking to the bathroom. [ Laughter ]
Yeah, and I’m like, “Oh, man. There’s no way
she’s gonna make it,” you know? So, she’s in there,
and me and my dad are waiting for her
to come out and like — And all of the sudden, they
start putting a smoke machine. [ Laughter ] So, this is a nightmare
for my mother. This is like —
She’s gonna come out of the bathroom like,
“What happened?” [ Laughter ] So, smoke machine, laser beams,
like, “All right, everybody. Put your hands together. We’re gonna
get this party started! Give it up for the bridesmaid! Give it up for the best man! And then they go,
“Here they are, husband and wife,
Robert and Denise Daniel.” And my mom
comes walking through the fog. [ Laughter ] “What is –”
I’m like, “Gloria! Mom! Get over here!
What are –” [ Laughter ] Unbelievable person.
-“The toilet broke.” [ Laughter ] -She had no idea where she was
and what is happening. Laser beams. All right, this one
is from @yourbizsucks. -Ooh, wow.
-Wow. He says, “I was best man
at my friend’s second wedding. I started my speech with,
‘Welcome back, everyone.'” -Oh, snap.
[ Laughter and applause ] -He was not happy.
-Oh. Oh.
-I think that’s funny. -“Round two.”
-[ Laughs ] -“Three’s the charm.” -This one is from
@Patrickneville. He says, “I thought I was making
a calm, composed face as my wife came down the aisle. I found out
this was the face I made.” Look at this photo. [ Laughter and applause ] -Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God. -Is she a ghost?
-Wow. -This one’s from @sdsmith987. She says, “My mother-in-law
brought platters of food to my catered wedding reception
so their side of the family would have something to eat
that they liked.” -Oh!
[ Audience “Oohs” ] -Wow. Strong move
on the mother-in-law. -Wow.
“That they like.” Yeah.
“This is something we like.” -“We like to eat food we like. I mean,
you can eat your garbage food.” -This one’s from @lifealertme. He says, “I danced so hard,
I ripped my pants.” Look at the photo.
-Wow! -Oh!
[ Applause ] Wow! I hope that —
I hope that’s — [ Laughter ] That was underwear we saw.
-Oh, yeah. [ Laughter ] This one’s from @beerstat. He says,
“I went to a wedding at a farm. The ceremony was completely
drowned out by the sounds of a cow giving birth
in a nearby shed.” [ Laughter ] Well, the beauty of nature. [ Both imitating
cow mooing loudly ] -“Do you take –”
-[ Mooing loudly ] -“Oh, God!”
“Push, Bessie, push!” [ Laughter ] -“Push, Bessie.”
Oh, my God. [ Laughter ] -[ Mooing ]
[ Laughter ] -“Thanks goodness we took her —
we did those lamaze classes.” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -This one’s from @acampisi. She says,
“All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up
to the wedding in the exact same dress.”
Look at this. -Oh!
[ Audience “Oohs” ] [ Laughter and applause ] -I love the claps in there.
-Yeah. [ Clapping ]
-In the exact same dress. [ Laughter ] That’s pretty classic. This one’s called
@Iamishishone. She says, “I went
to a beach wedding in Florida. A seagull flew by,
and dropped a fish head on the mother of the bride.”
[ Audience groans ] -Ugh.
-Nothing like a fish head. -A fish head.
-Oh, my God. This one is classic. This one’s from @Amypennza. She says, “My mother-in-law wore
a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah.
Top that one, Twitter.” Look at this.
She wore a wedding dress! -Oh!
[ Laughter and applause ] -Come on!
-Come on! -Come on!
-You can’t do that! -That is unbelievable!
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100 Replies to “Hashtags: #WeddingFail”

  1. There is actually a really sweet story behind the last one, the MIL is a bargain hunter and couldn't resist the cheap nice dress.
    By now she is very embarrassed by how she "stole the show" from her son's wife.
    She is a very nice woman who cares a lot about her family, especially about the kids of said bride. She always has something for them ("it was such a steal, I couldn't resist and I thought your kids might like it").

    It's always good to know the whole story, not just a bit.

  2. A former acquaintance of ours was hired as our DJ. He told us the day of our wedding that he got into a car accident the night before and "damaged his equipment." Turns out he was actually a drug addict and, more than likely, never actually planned on coming. Took us almost 6 months to get our money back from the P.O.S.

  3. That picture at the end is pretty funny. The bride looks pretty pissed, and the mom is acting like the victim

  4. When I think about #weddingfail

    Peter Parker: “I was invited to a wedding… but it turned out to be a funeral for Mr. Stark…“ cried

  5. Jimmy please do a suprise guest DJ at a wedding and sing all the songs!!!! Please! You can do it at my wedding (if I ever get married) lol

  6. Thought of something about the cow giving birth the preacher should said congrats in two years that will be you guys

  7. At my uncles wedding when I was 3, I was the person who got to bring up the rings. They were on a pillow and I remember in the car my mum kept telling me just to hold it straight in front of me. As soon as I got out of the car, I put the pillow underneath my arm. The rings got lost. My mum and my Auntie were looking all over for the rings and missed most of the wedding. Then I brang up the pillow with no rings and everyone spent the rest of the afternoon looking for the rings. Oops 😬

  8. My moms mother wore a wedding dress and so did her 3 sisters, my grandma then went up to my dad and asked if he was sure he wanted to marry my mom and not one her sisters instead…🤔

  9. My sister's wedding was absolutely beautiful — but I got Lyme disease from a tick bite in the forest where the ceremony took place 😐

  10. At my uncles wedding I picked up a champagne glass with orange juice and bit the glass and cut my mouth. Went to A and E during the reception

  11. The world has gone to hell in a hand basket. Men marrying men
    Women marrying women. Men wanting to be women
    All I see on Instagram this whole month is pride this pride that. Even precious seasame street posted rainbows and about pride. DISGUSTING. What are we teaching children? Makeup companies showing men with makeup and men painting their nails. There is something Seriously wrong with this world. Today Hersey's posted two lesbians givings each other's kisses on the cheek but play on words with chocolate kisses. So gross

  12. I swear to god, if someone shows up to my wedding in a wedding dress, no matter who it is, I will throw them out immediately. To me it is the most disrespect you can show, EVER. Don’t take my light away from my big day, showing up in a fucking wedding dress

  13. Oh man. I feel bad for the bride who had the mother wear a wedding dress to..that's just messed up. So is the fish head on the head. Lol

  14. Although the bride of the last one actually explained that one and there was way more to it than that tweet.

  15. I laughed so hard at the wedding at the barn and a momma cow was giving birth in the shed near by! Oh my goodness that was a belly laugh

  16. Knowing that Jimmy Fallon’s mother has a penchant for getting into trouble brings me unspeakable joy for some reason 😂

  17. remember reading in our local paper that bride and groom asked for the robin hood theme .. bryan adams – everything i do i do it for you……….. but the vicar , had playing as the bride walked down the aisle robin hood robin hood riding through the glen – instead….ooops

  18. Went to a wedding once where they played dust in the wind before the wedding started.

    The vows included they loved each other more then Batman.


  19. I put my husbands wedding ring on the wrong hand and didn’t even know it until we were at the reception and his aunt came up to us and was like oh by the way she put your ring on the wrong hand 😳🤦‍♀️😂

  20. The day I got married I went in to get my makeup done at The Bay, but the lady who did my makeup for my sister's wedding wasn't there. I got the one who had absolutely NO experience and she literally made me look like Malibu Barbie!! #weddingfail

  21. For the farm wedding, all I can say is that I hope someone, one of the fathers at least, was helping to deliver the calf or ease the cow.

  22. The M-I-L wearing a wedding dress to the wedding —- that's just the prelude of what's to come down the line. Best of luck…you're going to need it….

  23. The 3 grandmothers was the absolute best. I’d cry if I had the nannas turn up like that. Tears of happiness

  24. Oh my gosh… my fiancee and I are marrying in May of 2021.. I hope we don't have some of these #weddingfails some of them were kinda funny

  25. Thank god a mother in law's outfit would never look like the bride's in our weddings, unless she gets a full jewelry set with an encrusted crown lol. We actually wear custom made dresses, my mom went for the same fabric of one of my dresses but in a different color and my MIL went for a similar color to one of my dresses but in a totally different fabric, I actually picked up the fabric 😀

  26. I can picture the farm one going like this:

    "Will you have this woman to be your- MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, to live together in- MOOOOOOOOOOO".

    "In the name of God, I [person], take you, [person], to be my- MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,"

  27. I read the "rationale" for the MIL wearing a wedding dress and it sucked. I, too, was raised very poor. Never got new clothes, just hand me-downs from others. However, it didn't affect my sense of appropriateness. MIL had the money to have her hair done up like a bride, and I think she wanted to make this "her moment" too. Not cool.

  28. My mom wore a white prom dress to my sister's wedding (not her daughter). Turns out she was having a midlife crisis. Ended up having an affair and leaving my dad/her kids a year later.

  29. “This is a little out of my range but I’m gonna try and sing it anyway” most of today’s artists

  30. Not necessarily a wedding fail for me, but the parents. This was back when I was 8. The only wedding I've ever been to was my aunt Amanda's. My uncle David owned a store called Bell Music and it sold arcade games. He brought a claw machine that he fixed so it wasn't rigged, and filled it with 400 Smurf stuffed animals in the kids room at the reception. There was 18 cousins on that side of the family. We all had spent the entire reception there. Let's just say we came home each with about 15 smurf stuffed animals each claiming "We saved them from "the claw" " #Weddingfail

  31. I read a book where the mother-in-law comes to the wedding in a wedding dress and the maid-of-honor poured red wine on it before the wedding started so she had to change

  32. My sister in law wore her wedding dress to my wedding and sat in the front row. She topped that off by leaving her seat several times through the ceremony.

  33. the fish head literally describes florida like i'm from there and it's the most florida sounding thing to hear like it's normal😂

  34. If It was my 2nd wedding and he started the speech with "welcome back everyone" I would have lost my shit laughing so hard. Probably the best line of the entire occasion. That's epic win.

  35. At my cousins wedding their was this midget that kept peeing behind curtains so we had to carry him out🤣🤣🤣

  36. I love the pic of the Grandmas wearing the same dress. My mom decided last minute that she wanted to wear a new dress to my daughter's wedding. She showed up in a different shade of my dress. I can't figure out how to upload a pic here.

  37. At my sister-in-law's brother's wedding, the pianist couldn't see the church aisle. The bride was up the aisle and standing with the groom for FIVE MINUTES before the pianist stopped playing "Here Comes the Bride." She'd get to the end of the song and keep starting over again!

  38. If I saw the last one at any of my friend's weddings, I would make it a mission to point (with a specific finger) and laugh at the monster-in-law everytime I walked past 🤬🤬🤬

  39. that mother in law is a jerk to wear a wedding dress to attend her son's wedding, trying to steal the important day of the bride.

  40. The one with the Mother-in law wears a wedding to her daughter-in law’s wedding is hilarious. Cause not only is it questionable, it’s also not cool. Lol

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