Haunted Places in New Jersey

Haunted Places in New Jersey

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  1. Been to Lakehurst, ther is nothing left of where the Hindenburgh caught fire and definitely no Ghostly apparitions. Same thing with Allaire state park(village). There is one place I would like to mention, Green light cemetery in Middletown. I am sure there are viewers that know about that.

  2. I stayed at the Flanders hotel. Believe me, its spooked! I think I talked to Emily in any case.

  3. 3:18 my grandfather works at rowan university.
    7:40 ive once went into that lighthouse a couple of years ago.

  4. i have been hunting for some good haunts all around jersey. i must say that theres some places you forgot , some of which are demolished now. greystone park pyschiatric hospital, morris plains….. marlboro insane asylum….watchung preserve…. clinton road….brisbane child treatment center (by allaire)…. mount misery road pemberton…… 539 woods around whiting area….. i have loved hunting for ghosts but the most often i see them is when im out offroading throughout jersey… especially mount misery road, known for satanic rituals and crazy locals… i have on numerous occasions had unexplained things happen out there…. the feeling of being watched is an understatement, i feel like im being hunted and it actually makes me shake uncontrollably. lastly, i know no one will know of this place, as it is a secret spot of my own, but the woods off rt 70 in lakewood seems to have its own secrets… not well known except by a couple local offroad idiots such as myself…ive had my jeep rocked back and forth, creepy voices, and most of all….. a warning from a random pyschic to stay out of those woods…

  5. I didn’t know about Allaire being haunted, I usually go there and work there during the Halloween season at the haunted trail, knowing this now freaks me out as I was in the woods in the dark when working.

  6. My dad lives in this state, I use to go there every summer as a kid, I would always hear about the lady in blue and the new Jersey devil. My favorite place there was always cape may and Wildwood.

  7. You forgot Mary Ethel Costello, an old middle school in Gloucester City, NJ. Just recently the school got closed down due to it not having air conditioning and not meeting state standards. A legend went by that Mary Ethel herself haunted the school, because allegedly she died there. Along with several janitors and teachers. Students would often report hearing footsteps in the hallways, and seeing shadow-like figures around the school, especially in the third floor girls bathroom. It was said that there was twins who went there at one point, who often were seen talking to what seems to be nothing. Instead of talking to the teachers who were there at the time, they would refuse and insist to be talking to a teacher that had long since passed. Some of the most skeptical people who went to the school even believe that its haunted. Some students who still hang by the old site, with the school not being replaced with another building quite yet, report sightings of odd people with missing limbs walk from Mary Ethel to the new school.

  8. The eyes of St.Joseph is definately real.I grew up across the street from there and went to the grammer school.We saw the eyes there regularly.Very creepy.Its on my list to visit and investigate.

  9. I went to the devil's tree,it's right by some beautiful mansion ☺️ used to go there on L rides with my boys.
    There's an upside down cross deep in the woods not too far from there and you can see it If you hit the your backlights.Its supposed to be a KKK Meetup spot.

  10. Do Monmouth Battlefield in Englishtown New Jersey , That's where George Washington Duked the British out

  11. My uncle was in the old Mt. Holly prison before it was closed. We're not sure why he was there and no one remembers it happening, but his name was found in the register. We're guessing he was drunk or got in a fight or maybe both. The police use to put people in jail back then until they sobered up.

  12. You forgot Ft. Dix! That places has tons of paranormal activity! From ghostly drill sargeants to the images of doughboys in the woods to that of woman who was murdered by her own son…

    The drill sargeant can be seen as a ghostly shadow late at night on Texas avenue watching as cars go by

    Doughboy inn is one of the most haunted places. It's currently closed down but some people who drive by there report seeing ghostly lights and images of doughboys roaming the forest some even coming up to the cars and asking "Are you an enemy?"

    The all American inn/air forces inn is the second most haunted hotel…the visitors who frequent this place report the sound of children running down the halls, laughing, bouncing balls and objects going missing only to be in another spot..the most disturbing ghost is that of a woman who was murdered by her own on the third floor..he gouged her eyes out with a pocket knife and it's said that she's looking for her eyes

    Range road
    This road starts off as a normal road at night then about a mile in the terror levels set to 100 as you get surrounded by buildings on the left and dense woods on the right…the lights provide no relief or comfort…dozens of murders happened on this road from a little boy being hit by a car to a little girl being hung, a man being beaten to death and a woman being hung as well..

    My mom told me one night her and her friend Ray were traveling down this road when all of a sudden she spots a man walking along side the road like he just been in a bad fight..ray drives past the man and my mom asks " did you see that man?" He replied "what man?" My mom got him to turn back around she saw the guy walk into the woods a disappear 1 foot in

    The other storys surrounding this road are that of a hanging woman and disembodied voices of soldiers…

    One day my mom and I were driving back home we took the back way on range road…we get close to a road that runs parallel to it and I look in the woods and right next to a caution do not enter sign I spot a woman in a black shirt with blue jeans and a hanging mask hanging from the tree..I try to dispel it but I couldn't so I made my mom turn back around and the woman was gone..

    A few months before that in the wee hours of the morning we took a friend to work all of us had the windows down as we stopped at an intersection we all were talking about somethings we like when out of no where we all hear "hup 2..3..4 hup 2..3..4 hup 2..3..4 hup 2..3..4" and dozens of other soldiers talking amongst themselves…there were no actual soldiers out at that time..which was 3:00 am the time our friend had to go to work on range road

    Yes sir there are plenty of stories surrounding this place…range road being the most haunted and more sinister of all the places…if you drive down this road DO NOT DO THE SPEED LIMIT GET OFF OF IT AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE

    One other story is that if you take the left turn off north lake shore in browns mills by the church you'll get followed by a vintage 1980s Toyota with no driver..it will sit off the road with its lights on..You go past it and you're it's victim.. no matter what way you go left or right it will follow you..that happened to me 4 days ago with my friend and trust me it was terrifying..he picked up the speed to try and get away from it but we couldn't it disappeared by carpenter street in the middle of the road

    Take a look into this place if ya don't believe me.. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  13. I might go to shades of death 💀☠️ rd. It is only an hour away from my house by driving.

  14. How about Lambertville High School in Lambertville, Fort Mott in Pennsville… I could go on and on lol

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