24 Replies to “He Saw Me In My Wedding Dress!”

  1. Omg I remember I almost cried at Jackson crying because he was so sad in the flashback at the end of today's video😭💖

  2. When Keren said: “Blaaack, whiiite” what Tik Tokers went “green or blue, show of your natural hueeee!” LOL

  3. Keren please get a professional videographer for the wedding!!! You guys won’t have to worry about not getting everything! It’ll be awesome for all of us who aren’t there!

  4. I legitimately thought Landon was Jackson in one of these clips! I had to pause it and re-evaluate my thoughts 🤣

  5. Keren, if you’re anything like me you will buy at least four pairs of shoes before deciding on the right pair 😂 cute white shoes are nearly impossible to find!!

  6. Jackson crying at the end…holding himself back…then crying..then holding back….it wrenched my heart…he needed a warm cuddle…close to his Mom

  7. 11:40 😭😭 I remember watching this and literally cried. And when he said "couch" 😭 poor guy was so pitiful.

  8. I remember that vlog from exactly a year ago that day and was so nostalgic! I remembered feeling so bad for sweet little Jackson. And I was like wow Pregnant Keren!!!

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