thank you for removing your laundry as soon as the machine finishes yeah you're welcome I think someone threw it on the floor guys hey guys welcome back to the channel today we happening escape the laundromat hmm so you probably say like oh that's like one of the most boring places to escape but you're oh so wrong because welcome you would make some good socks that's right it's an evil laundromat and he wants to turn us into socks yeah no no we just got to get out of here oh did you see this look Jim spinning lawn gee that's pretty cool wait we can't get out of here Oh through the vents oh oh okay okay let's get out of the vents and hopefully land somewhere nice hello I'm Matt the owner of this laundromat is insane let's escape ok Matt let's do this go find all Matt from the laundromat I don't think Matt appreciates you making a pun out of his name I'm pretty sure he won't help you though what is this red stuff on the floor in the laundromat though I think it is also red please or it's time no I don't think tide is a red colored Rock oh but whatever this could be tied we just need a what's wrong with me today we're going we are safe you guys I'm coming out I don't want to fall into any more tide alright let's go crazy going through here Oh what are you someone is very bad at doing laundry clearly because they overflowed the washing machines laundry machines look like they have a face or is it just me no it's probably just you wait I kind of see a face I know you know what let's just ignore that I hate laundry machines have faces don't touch the spilled bleach is bleach on the floor dirty I don't want to burn off my feet I burned off my feet silly bunny you don't roll bald fabric i I don't need no fabrics and a tracker wait there's no entry so it makes us we gotta escape through the vent once again and back to this typical thing in area booth we are very very bad wooperz let's try again whoop whoop nope Drago slow and steady boys look more like oh-oh making it through this Oh fans aren't my favorite but you we did it we made it past this horrifying bad level oh my god someone else just died okay let's get out of here this must be the place where they store the money Oh laundry money alright let's collect actually I wish I could take this home take this roebucks I mean you have to change that for real let's go through this and there is green stuff on the floor that I just stepped on come on guys let's see what he has to say what is this place clothing storage it's dry cleaning how interesting Jaco it's one of those laundry machines with the faces again oh no no no no no I almost Valek a runnin cook up someone dad let's move on up to the ladder maybe there is something interesting up here Oh up here someone threw all of their laundry on the floor like every single clothing item what happened to hey guys nothing I expected some more craziness Oh track with your favorite your favourites is fresh oh I didn't need a quick wash I did it up you know that's cheating I want to do this the hardcore way yeah I did it gold sadly did not do it go don't jump on the laundry don't be a cheater like track oh yes oh she did it all right meet my new invention Robo washer 5000 cool it washes humans oh well now we have been eaten by a giant washing machine let's find a way out we got eaten is this where all of our missing socks and yeah yeah because guys if you have this problem – don't you hate it when you wash your clothes and then BAM Sanko is missing but funny the most infuriating thing is that the hair doesn't go missing but just one sock goes missing so that you're left with one sock that you don't know what to do just one sock guys I always thought there was the washing machine monster clothes jump across these needles I keep dying I don't know why this laundry Abby is really getting to be these tiny needles I so tricky okay it's your missing sock I found it I found you sake I'm joking that's not my sock dracco how do you know what my sock looks like what happens with my stuff is like freeze on your socks on your they're black socks this is a long block letter why is this so long okay let's get out of here and oh it's a slide well you first Shaboom oh nothing that's kind of boring there's a teleport oh it teleports so let's open up this door and let's find a way to stop this crazy manager from turning all the robloxians into clothes wait a minute we were jumping on I think I would look nice as clothes why would you think that track oh that's pretty much so because I mean if we're gonna be turns of both anyways don't you want to be a nice not really I honestly don't want to get turned into clothes but if we were going to get turned into clothes I don't want to be a sock because people always lose socks they don't care for us socks ever have feelings guys come on get us out of here there's no entry this way someone is doing more laundry but clearly they have over flour do Ariel the soap for you oh that kills you know one by Ariel it's bad soap clearly it is killing us it is some purple soap uh has anyone ever tried purple soap gum before yeah it's disgusting I've tried a taco it tastes like space yeah you guys leave a comment down below well it is gross scum it's soap come I don't know what it tastes like leave a comment down below have you ever tried weird gum believers before I tried soap gum looks like we need to find a hammer to open the vent so there's a hammer somewhere down here time to dig in the files of the line is this clean laundry well we are trying to run you through this maybe it's in a corner you know what we're out of money wait wish you were here nice finding skills by oh wait what do you tell you through the pile of Anki Oh Dragons always cheating I see it I see a goddess yeah I am I am grabbing one hammer one hammer for me let's bring our hammers up to the vent so we can destroy it vent meat hammer Wham what is this place a giant human clothing factory oh I was i I don't have a good feeling about this and we kind of just lost a hammer to go okay good Oh Bonnie you can jump to stop yourself from moving as fast well it's still hard okay okay go go go go go poison go go go go go Coco go go go go ooh free BAM into oh no what happened to you because everyone's flat everyone turned to socks Oh Gold anyone turn to socks oh you made it cold but good thing you didn't get irony like these people didn't feel as terrifying we're stepping on this hey you perfect robloxian clothes this guy's mad guys he wants to make is pretty fabulous well he does look pretty fabulous but he be wearing roblox players as clothes which is pretty messed up that's one big ironing board avoid getting flattened does anyone want to turn it to socks no no go go go go go run run run eat oh nice oh my god is that Paxton that was epic but kinda slow so we got my laundry limbo where do you think you're going well we technically are bad at this so good job on installing lasers that I think the last level no wait cold you're just freaking out you just jumped once and will never touch you look at that okay you don't even find out the moving no look good moving lines don't even do anything to you we made it and God will get turned into laundry after waiting five minutes for goal to beat this level Drago just discovered you could cheat this game just gee thank you she talked forever okay come on we could actually need to escape we don't have time for you to admire the beautiful lasers drill event again and now the event is this another maze over crawling up this time it's a pretty short ladder are we done oh no are we done nope we're on the roof access we gotta escape out if jumping over the barbed wires gold stopped going on the roof I don't think you can jump father oh no oh oh do you see this road so clearly we got a help we got a help by teammates here sorry jack I don't think I can help you yeah I mean if you can if you get drunk oh I'm making a bridge I'm making a bridge I promise it's a safe bridge then we just get that magic carpet and let me ride on the magic carpet oh can I give you a magic carpet yes you know what he made it alright we escaped and the crazy manager will never rain again are we sure about that yep maybe here well we already did the robbed the bank and that's right he's getting thrown in jail but why does his face look so evil that's kind of concerning guys I think he's gonna be back with laundromat team but if you guys did enjoy this roblox avi make sure to smash the like button down below don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already thank you so much for watching oh and we will see you guys all in the next one bye guys


  1. why dont people just get there own washer not go to a laundry store and if you have your own you dont have to pay :I

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