24 Replies to “Help Ladylike Pick Outfits For The Streamy Awards!”

  1. The white dress reminds me when lady like dressed like their moms from the 80s you can see Kristin’s moms style then hers and this dress is similar to that video

  2. Ladylike take the pottermore official hogwarts house quiz. i wanna know what ur official houses are!

  3. I think chanty should do a slick middlr part pony and then curl the little pieces of hair by her ears

  4. Lol, the love of animals has nothing to do with being a Hufflepuff. Newt is one, but Hagrid is a Gryffindor! I definitely enjoy the "mix" concept, but the whole point is finding the house that best fits. The Sorting Hat only screams out one name, after all! Other than that, you all are adorable and I love it!

  5. I don't know if this would work. But you guys could have youtube muas on the wheel. and then whoever you get, they have to describe a look and you have to do it on them.

  6. I’m honestly so disappointed I liked ur videos but Safiyas explanation disaponted me yous wont even see this cus ur not even allowed to look at comments :/

  7. I've watched a non healthy amount of ladylike videos today and now I'm just over here sitting and thinking these ladies need to teach me how to dress. I am a mess when it comes to styling.

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