Help Me Pick My Prom Dress! | Barbie Vlogs

Help Me Pick My Prom Dress! | Barbie Vlogs

Hey guys! So it’s prom time,
which means prom dresses. And I want you guys to help
me pick out the dress that I’m gonna wear.
Wait right there! Okay, dress number 1… What I love about this dress
is it’s a rainbow, so it’s got my favorite color no, matter
what it happens to be that day. Check it out! So I was thinking about going with
Nikki, Teresa, Harper, and Renee. You know, girl group. Or I could ask Ken? Dress number 2 coming up! Ken doesn’t have the nerve to
ask out his secret crush… Whoever that is… It’s not a big deal to ask
people out to prom here. We’re pretty mellow about it
but, he’s still nervous… Which I think is kind
of adorable. So what I love about this
dress is the cut of it and the bold colors. Option 3 coming up. (Laughs)
Whoo That made me dizzy. Sigh… I love prom dresses. And this one is particularly
perfect for dancing. Final option coming up! Tada! Isn’t this so cool? Would asking Ken be weird? I mean, he’s my best friend. And we grew up next to each
other so that’s… What do you guys think? I mean the girl group would be
awesome, but Ken… Why don’t I just ask him to join
us! I could do that, right? Anyway, back to business. Which of these beautiful
dresses should I wear? I am so excited to see what
you guys pick! And we promise to take photos, so we can share it with you. P.A.C.E.!

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  1. I love you Barbie I think any one would work anything you would like would be perfect um I think you could ask Ken if you would like you could ask your friends to buy Barbie love you tell Chelsea, Skipper, and Stacy they are the best I love you Barbie by

  2. my favorite dress is the last one its my favorie clor i love glowing glitter and i know your favorite clor is pink

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