Helping Veterans Transition to a New Uniform

Helping Veterans Transition to a New Uniform

– [Commander] Is that
dude just standing there between the trees good or bad? – Hey, I’m right by the mule. – Where are you in relation
to the burning car? – [Christian] What we
do here is unorthodox. We teach the art and the
science of leadership. – [Commander] Incoming, incoming. – Both eyes are open. Now we’re gonna go. – My name is Christian. I’m a former Marine, and I am on an undisclosed military base. We conduct multi-day,
pseudo-military operations, with corporate executives and veterans, so that when we conclude these missions, the executives say, “Hey,
we need to hire a lot more of these men and women.” We’re gonna help organizations move better by doing something that’s
also considered a social good. – Right now, there’s over
250,000 service members that transition out of
the service every year. My goal is to make sure that no veteran goes
through the same situations that I had to go through. – Casey went from the
pinnacle of athleticism to someone who was carted
out of a dusty battlefield in Afghanistan, paralyzed. When he was recovering, he was told he was never gonna walk again. And he said, Well, no. And he persisted. After two years, he actually
walked out of the hospital. He was discharged just a
number of months later, and Casey, this war hero,
finds himself living out of his car for a while. – I had just gotten out. I was one of those typical veterans, I was like, you know what, I got this. I’m gonna go out there; I have
all of these marketable skills, everybody’s gonna wanna hire me. I was wrong. – [Christian] When our
veterans transition, out of the military, they
have to find the uniform that they’re gonna wear
in their future career. – [Casey] My closet used to
be all camouflage uniforms. Now, I’m talking about pocket squares, and ties, and cuff links, but the thing is, is I love when I put on a suit. It makes me feel empowered, and gives me a sense of
belonging with my peers now. I knew that I can get from
where I was in the military, I just needed the opportunity. Christian saw that within me. – You know, this is the, our last night together, and you’ve learned a lot. – Really more than anything,
you learn about people, and you learn about relationships, and how important that is. – What always comes to
my mind is how I live a, charmed life. Meeting you, dude, and your story, just, it just cuts to the bone. – What you guys are
doing for these veterans on a daily basis, you guys are my heroes. We are gonna change the
way that America looks at hiring veterans, hiring a veteran as good business. – Life is simply bettered
if we’re in service to something bigger than ourselves. What we do here is our
attempt to dent the universe. We’re unsure whether
we’ll dent the universe, but we’re gonna swing like hell at it. (ambient tone)

24 Replies to “Helping Veterans Transition to a New Uniform”

  1. Putting on a suit shouldn't make you empowered. Look at those wall street people, looking down on everyone else.

  2. you guys have cool contents about cool topics but why only a few minutes? ? ? you visit all these cool places with all these cool people and only share like what, 5 minutes of it? do you guys just cut up other documentaries already lying around and compress them or something? i cant understand

  3. I usually hate seeing commercials before a video but this was great. veterans don't need a hand out, but they need a chance to use all of their skills. No veteran should be without a job when they get done putting their life on the line for us

  4. I've always thought people from the military would be perfect for jobs in business. They are disciplined, trained leaders with a great work ethic.

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