Hempshopper Amsterdam – Hemp Wear & Accessories

Hempshopper Amsterdam – Hemp Wear & Accessories

[Music] hemp is a material of magnificent potential because of all its many benefits today the hemp industry is going through somewhat of a Renaissance because of the multiple uses and of course it’s one of the most environmentally friendly and strong materials in the whole world in similar to cotton but it’s three times stronger it’s very resistant to water and there’s also resistant to mold and it doesn’t wrinkle it also warms you up in the winter and it cools you down in the summer similar to silk mp’s also made into beautiful bags and here at the hemp shopper we have a large selection available there are free some smaller shoulder bags we have smaller rack six different varieties different colors we also have bigger XX perfect for maybe weekend trip in addition we got different types of hemp socks we’ve got different types of hemp wallets we got shirts we got jackets pants it’s we got shoes we got this socks we got scarves even hats eco-fashion is all here at hem chambre [Music]

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  1. The Hemp Out gals loved this video!!! It's endless what we can do with this incredible plant!! THANK YOU Hempshopper … we just subscribed!!

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