Herring under the fur coat/ Beet salad/ Simple cooking with Julia Ride

Herring under the fur coat/ Beet salad/ Simple cooking with Julia Ride

Hello guys. My name is Julia Ride and I’m so happy to see you on my channel. In this video we will be cooking the most favorite dish of Mila Kunis that is called Herring under the coat. What? I know that’s a weird name for the salad but that’s a very popular dish in Ukraine and Russia. So let’s check it out. We need one salted herring, Mayonnaise, Boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs and beets. The most difficult part is to clean and get rid of all small and big bones of herring. Using cannel herring will simplify your life A LOT. Just cut it. Next stage is to pill and shred potatoes Then get rid of the onion skin If you like the taste of onions – cut them into big pieces. If not – just chop it. Prepare the plates where your salad is gonna be and make a layer of herring and place pieces of onion. And shredded potatoes. Now we need to cover it up with the mayo Pill eggs and shred them too. Place them on top of mayo The same preparation we repeat with carrots. Cover eggs up with mayo again and place carrots on top. A little bit of mayo again and the last fur coat layer is gonna be made of beets. You can stop here or cover it up with mayo like we did before. Or decorate it up to your taste and your ideas. That is it. Now you know how to cook a favorite meal of Mila Kunis. Don’t forget to thumb this video up and subscribe to my channel.

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  1. @Julia Ride I had to look up 'salted herring' on google to find out what it is. Here in the USA that is not a common item. By not common, I mean it almost doesn't exist. I made my comment by the color of the fish, it was not cooked, and I didn't notice the salted part in the question. My apologies.

    As a side note, you might want to be a bit more clear to those of us in other parts of the world where the common food items you have are not common to us.

    Interesting channel tho, I wandered by here by way of Reddit, and subscribed on the 2nd video.

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