hey guys it's Eugenia it's getting its to purpose right now to the holidays and Christmas and all that stuff though I thought today in the spirit of the holidays I would do kind of like a holiday themed video that was kind of some outfits that I think would be cool to wear around like the holidays so I'm going to show you guys um the couple of outfits that I selected to we're in this video and cook you guys like them so okay actually what I'm wearing right now I kind of wanted to include is one of the outfits probably let me warn you guys these efforts are not going to be like super Christmas a for the most part with like Christmas trees and Santa calls all over them I guess that's just not my style but this is red and red is a Christmas color I guess so yeah I don't really know what anime school girls have to do at Christmas but just pretend that you're an anime schoolgirl who is celebrating the Christmas season and this one is just kind of like a plaid skirt with like a black top and then that's the plaid collar yeah yeah you guys tie it up and I use kind of tie it and it has this like tie plaid thing so yeah I really don't know what to call it celebration of the new Star Wars movie coming out what better way to celebrate Christmas and Star Wars coming out then weary and ugly Christmas sweater so right here I have on my Yoda sweater you may see Yoda like right over there and right over there and just over everywhere and it's green a color of Christmas I can't think of a better Christmas outfit than that you guys can actually get your very own ugly Christmas sweater by going to a wonderful website called ugly Christmas sweater calm identical with this fabulous amazing Yoda sweater I have on these Christmas pants here which are also from ugly Christmas sweater calm they have snowflakes on them and reindeers and just tons of Christmas color what better way to get in the spirit of Christmas of that and to make this even more of a seasonal look I've got this Jack Skellington Christmas hat has a beard I'm not really sure if I'm girl who's down so just go around I'm hearing a beard you can tuck the beard in and stuff let's see just what we were beard – um hat is like felt gonna fall off like what so happy just just pretend guys I'm really reconsidering putting this hat on SWAT has this cute little kitty on it with all this Christmas themed stuff and it says meowy christmas because instead of up saying Merry Christmas if you're a cat you obviously say Yahweh Christmas yes so yes by seasonal friends you get into the spirit of Christmas this is a website for you so this is what it addresses that I have sorry it's kind of going off me right now because it came with straps and stuff and they're kind of like detachable and I don't know we're the little strap things right now it's just kind of like this dark silvery gray kind of color and then on the skirt part of it it has all these sequins on it so it's really sparkly and stuff it has zipper here and just kind of cool wine fabric material there I don't know how to describe clothes for like the life of myself I'm sorry like a really really sparkly dress and it's kind of a silverish I think sequins kind of work during holiday season kind of things so that's this next dress probably actually one of my favorite dresses that I have um Fez is just basically a black dress with some cool like line fabric material I have no idea how to describe clothes but yeah this is this this dresser here this is a dress that I got a while ago at just a store in my town called LF it's like really sparkly and it kind of has like a I guess like me tech opening kind of thing there and yeah that's this dress hmm oh and I also almost forgot to mention I also picked up a two pairs of shoes that I think are cool to put in this video that you can wear around the holidays or just whatever cuz you can really wear this stuff whenever you want my tea I only wear stuff on a certain day so I thought the issues but really good because they're red which is totally holiday color these are just a red super sparkly pair of shoes I really like these shoes and I clearly bring in stuff and for some reason I just realized I haven't worn them and like literally forever but yeah so and I'm needed a second pair that I think would be really really cool to wear with the holiday outfits or any outfit really they are a pair of 980 shoes which I don't know I probably showed these shoes in like two or three videos by now but these are just literally uh-huh one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever and they have a really cool design and stuff and sometimes people try to like dress up for the holidays so and of course I can't forget the most important part of any holiday outfit just obviously the Christmas hat here is a lovely Christmas hat that I have on right now like a super super crazy Christmas app it kind of reminds me of that mountain the Jack and Sally are on at the end of Nightmare Before Christmas wow they're so price tag on this yeah there is I guess I never took the price tag off but I didn't steal it I promise don't steal gotta have a Christmas at this is going to be for kind of more of like I guess a casual look I know this is basically just a t-shirt that has baymax on it hello I am baymax and baymax is like one of my favorite characters I think he's so cute and big hero 6 was such a good movie so I love this shirt I think it's like super super cute I'm just wearing this with a pair of red pants I think these are my trip thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you guys like the outfits that I showed you sorry again if like you're just like wow these videos have nothing to do with the holidays like what are you talking about that's like outfits that I think could work for the holidays or just for like whatever and wear whatever you want whatever you feel like it you know unless you want over nothing because then you get like arrested and stuff so you might not want to do that sorry if I here is like a total mess right now I feel like you're probably with me like changing outfits and stuff if you guys enjoyed this video or you liked any idiots that I showed you make sure you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe and yeah alright I'll talk to you guys very soon all right love you all bye


  1. Do u have an eating disorder??? Sorry u just look a little skinny and ur hair looks like a wig….I’m not trying to be rude…sorry

  2. You're so amazing and fun to watch but I'm worried for you. I hope you can recover from anorexia because I know that you can't just change being anorexic. Just know that I'm always supporting u and I want the best for you

  3. 👸🏻🌹👸🏻🔥👸🏻❤️👸🏻⭐️👸🏻💝👸🏻🎁👸🏻💣👸🏻💥👸🏻

  4. It’s crazy how compared to now she looks healthy in this video… I hope you get better love, but I don’t know if that time will come 💔

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