– I get to take Kamri and Bella
homecoming dress shopping. – We’re not really finding
a whole bunch here. So maybe this is just a
homecoming dress shopping fail and we’re gonna have
to go online this year. (upbeat pop music) – Hello, guys! It is the end of the week now. But in the beginning of the
week I started the process for trying to find my homecoming dress because I got asked to
homecoming this year. So I’m so excited to go. I actually missed it last
year because I was on tour. So this is my first year
going to homecoming. And finding a dress this year was way more complicated
than I thought it would be. But stay to the end to
see my final three options that I’m going to pick through to figure out which one I
want to wear to homecoming. (upbeat pop music) So we made it to the store
that we’re looking at first. We actually found another dress store while we were walking here. – Yeah! – I didn’t even know that was here. So if we don’t find anything
here, we can go over there. So I think we’re planning
on having each of us pick out three different
dresses for me to try on. I’m kinda scared to see
what my dad picks out. He’s not the most fashionable person. So… For now we’re just kinda
like looking around and seeing what different
dresses they have to look at. – So Mindy’s outta town this weekend and I get to take Kamri and
Bella homecoming dress shopping. And look what I found here. Brooklyn, I found your dress. Over here, I found ones
very similar to Bailey’s. See how good I am? My only problem is,
when I look around here I see a lot of bareness
right through here. It’s kind of every dad’s nightmare. – Oh, Kamri. That just screams you. The butterflies and everything. – I think this is the one. How does your waist even fit in this? – I don’t know. – Hm. – Ooh. I can’t decide, I like them both. – I don’t know what section we’re in, but this is definitely not homecoming. – I think it’s grandma stuff. – We found dad. – Hey, it’s dress shopping half-time. – We’ve only been in here
for like five minute. – It’s half-time, you only
have five more minutes. (upbeat pop music) – You guys recognize this one? – Just the short version of it. – I think I’m just gonna wear this. – [Shaun] This whole thing is dad approved because it covers up, right? – It even has pockets. – Wait, mine doesn’t, aw. – Do you like our hats? – I predict horse 19 will win the race. – This hat is so cool. (upbeat pop music) – [Shaun] Ooh, number one? – I don’t think I like this one. – [Shaun] Why? – It just doesn’t look like me – [Shaun] You could wear a full-on T-Shirt and that would be just fine. – A full-on sweatshirt? – [Shaun] A sweatshirt. (laughs) – Yeah, I don’t think I like this one. – I veto. – [Shaun] She vetoes. – Alright, let’s try on the next one. – [Shaun] Yeah, come on you used to model. Come on, show us the
moves, show us the walk. – Okay, okay. You want
me to actually do it? – [Shaun] Yeah, we wanna see you do it. (dramatic pop music) That’s good though, pretty good. – I still remember it. I still feel like this just doesn’t… It’s just not me. So I have one more option. If not we’re just gonna go
online, I’m not really sure yet. – [Shaun] Ooh, I like that one better. – Yeah, I like this one the best. This is actually, I tried
on the longer version for prom last year. – [Camerawoman] We’re
back to this one again. – I can’t decide! – I like the shorter version better. – Yeah, I kinda do too. – I guess I just like this one. – So yeah, prom and homecoming. – [Shaun] Walk down and turn around. – My model walk again? – [Shaun] Yeah, do the model walk. – I feel so stupid doing this. Gotta do the back. Oh, but they make us do
this. They make us go. – [Shaun] (laughs) When you were little. – Yeah, no, when I was little. I did modeling when I was like five maybe. I have a picture actually, of me doing it. – [Shaun] We have video, we have video. – And we did it to the Barbie song. All these memories are just
coming back all of the sudden. We literally had to
practice our model walks. That was crazy. I think this is my favorite one here. – [Shaun] Here? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Okay, and
then mom’s got a couple she wants you to try. – Yeah, from online. – [Shaun] I think I might
try and get one too. – Oh. (record scratches) Oh, no! – Alright, haha! Kamri! Okay. – Here we go, I’m liking
what I’m seeing here. You know what I think I
might just get in trouble if I go this route. I don’t know about this. You know that didn’t
quite work but I think, lemme try this, alright? Sweatshirt dresses. Let’s see… Ah, I like this one right here. Let’s buy this one. – Okay, so we had no luck in the stores when we were looking
for my homecoming dress. So we decided to shop online this time. And I found a lot more options. Look I have them all laid out right here. So I’m gonna try them on right now. I think I have like, 10 or something. Like, a lot. But with online, it’s not just
the design you’re looking at. It’s also the size, so
we got a lot of options. So that we could find one. I honestly really like all of these. So I think I’m gonna find one in here. But I don’t know which
one I like the best. Dax, tell me which one you like. – I think this one. – That one? Okay. Should I try that one on first? – Yes. – Okay, guess that’s the
one I’m trying on first. Okay this is the one that Daxton likes. This was his favorite. Where’d he go? – [Shaun] Dax come look at
the dresses you picked out. What do you think, buddy? – I like it! – [Shaun] You like that one? – [Mindy] I actually
like that one, it’s okay. I mean the tulle needs to be like, steamed so it lays flat, but… – I think it’s different and I like that. – [Mindy] Yeah, it’s cute. – Alright, here’s the next one. – [Shaun] Ooh. – I’m actually like,
surprised by this one. I kinda thought it looked kinda too much England tea party or something. But I actually like it. It is a size too small, and I
think it’s a little bit short. Like the little slip that it has. – [Shaun] Paisley what do you think? – It’s kinda small. But what I like about
it, it’s cute on you. – Alright. This one, I don’t know about. I feel like it’s too prom-y. Like it’s too, it’s like a
weird length for homecoming. – [Mindy] Like a little too long? – That’s kinda what I think. – [Shaun] What is that, embroidered? – It’s like a little rose thing. – [Mindy] It’s cute, but I’m
with you it feels a little– – It’s feels too prom-y, yeah. Okay. I don’t like this one. It’s like velvet, which makes me think I’m going
to one of my choir concerts or something. What do you think? – Like, it’s kind of cute
so a one out of two, maybe. – [Shaun] A one out of two. I like that it covers
here, and it covers here. – [Mindy] I like the flowers on it. I just feel like it’s a cute church dress. It’s not a cute homecoming dress. – That’s kinda what I think. (dog biting squeaky toy) Yeah, this one is cute. Can I tell you, this one is a no. – [Shaun] Why is it a no? – It’s too ‘dad dress’. – [Shaun] ‘dad dress’?
– A dad would pick this out. It goes all the way down to my wrists. All the way down to my shins. – I give that one a nine out of nine. – [Shaun] A nine out of nine! – That’s a perfect score, Pais. – I like the designs on it. But you could see the body, through. – [Shaun] I know, I say the same thing. You can see her body. That’s not good, huh? – She’s talking about my arms. You can’t even see anything
else, just my arms. Okay, next dress is this one. I like it, but I still feel
like pink is not my color. – [Shaun] But I like the dress. – [Mindy] I like the flowers. – I like the dress,
and I like the flowers. – [Mindy] Turn around. I like it, it’s cute. – I think this is a good option. For the finals. Finals. Finale, that’s what I almost said. For the finals. – [Shaun] What is this? (laughs) Was that a dress that you ordered? – That’s the sad thing is
that it actually fits her. You wanna go to homecoming with me? – Yes! – [Shaun] Who you gonna go with? – Kamri! – [Shaun] Who’s your date? – Yeah, you have to get a date. – No, I want Kamri. – Nope, okay. – [Shaun] Aw. I don’t know if I like that
it’s black, but I like it. – [Mindy] It’s not even black,
it’s kinda like charcoal. – Yeah it actually is a bit gray. – [Shaun] It is kind of a
gray, dark gray, charcoal. – I give it a seven out of an eight. I like the designs and then the color. – We need some math conversions over here. – [Shaun] You like the
designs and then the color? – Yeah. – [Mindy] Well it fits you a
little better than Paisley. Maybe. I still don’t think this one
is quite my style, though. – [Shaun] Why? It’s kinda like a cocktail
dress I feel like. It’s different. – [Mindy] It is different. – It’s good to try on different dresses. But I don’t think I’d pick
this one for homecoming. – I’d give it a 10 out of seven. – [Shaun] A 10 out of seven. – [Mindy] That’s like 135%. – [Shaun] On the Paisley scale,
this is a 10 out of seven. – I really like it but the color. – You don’t like the color? – The color is fine, but
it looks like the sky. – [Shaun] But it looks like the sky. – And this the roses are
very pretty and cute. – [Shaun] I think it’s cute. – Okay, we’re almost to the end here. – [Shaun] That’s interesting
with the offset square pattern. – Yeah, it’s interesting. And like the knee. I didn’t even notice this, I
don’t know what to call it. – [Shaun] A knee window. – It’s like a slip but like not. – [Shaun] It’s just offset squares. I kinda like it. It’s unique. – Interesting. – [Shaun] Paisley. What’s the Paisley scale? – I like the designs on the dress. Like on the shoulder, that’s cute. And then the color is like really dark. If she was going out at
nighttime to do that, she’ll blend in if she was in this dress. 10 out of 10. – Oh, a perfect score. – [Shaun] 10 out of 10! – There ya go. – [Shaun] I actually like that one. Okay, I saved my favorite one for last. – [Shaun] This is the favorite of the one’s mom picked, right? – Yes. I really like this one. It is the most expensive one though. So that’s what I’m trying to figure out. – [Mindy] It’s the most
expensive, by like double. – [Shaun] I don’t like this one. – [Mindy] You have to
love it more than double. – I give it a 29 out of a 20. It’s like really pretty. It’s like really cute. I like the design and then the color. It’s kind of like a pale blue. – This is one of my best colors. – Yeah, like I like this color– – It’s just so different,
that’s what I like about it. It’s not like a traditional
homecoming dress. Where, I don’t know. It’s more my style. – [Mindy] It’s expensive
because it’s made by a designer that’s why. – Yeah. – [Shaun] Did you know purple
was your color as a baby? That was the color of
all your baby blankets and your sleepers. – Yup. – [Shaun] Purple’s your color. – [Shaun] You guys ready? Kamri, you ready? – [Shaun] Here we go! Ready? Here you go. – No, dad. – [Shaun] There’s my pick right there. 100% polyester. – It smells like grandma. – I give that a zero out zero. – [Shaun] A zero out of zero? You gotta go try it on at least. I like it because it has
these great long sleeves. And a ruffled neckline. And it goes to the ankles. It’s awesome. There she is, Miss America. – You actually picked a good size. – [Shaun] I like it! – No. – And look at us. We match, father daughter. Up here, we’re gonna put a poll– – Click no. – Where you can vote yes,
Kamri will wear dad’s dress. Or no, Kamri will not
wear dad’s dress, okay? – No, even Paisley, she says no. – You can help me make my day. Paisley says what? – She says no. – Alright everybody, click up there, okay? – Okay, so I know which
ones are my three favorites. I have these three options right here. This is number one. Number two. And number three. So you guys comment down below, which one you think I should pick. Or click this poll right here. Number one, two, or three. And if you guys wanna know
which one I actually choose, you’re gonna have to stay
tuned till’ my homecoming vlog where you say which dress I actually pick. And you see my whole
entire homecoming week. So stay tuned and if you
haven’t subscribed to my channel click this button right down here, and you guys can check
out all my other videos by clicking over here, and
I’ll see you guys soon. Bye! (upbeat pop music)


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