How BIG Should My Fabric Stash Be? | LIVE SHOW | SEWING REPORT

How BIG Should My Fabric Stash Be? | LIVE SHOW | SEWING REPORT

hey everybody welcome to another live
edition of the sewing report I’m your host Jennifer Moore and welcome hope
everyone’s doing well this Sunday afternoon I just woke up a little bit
while ago a little bit late but we’re here anyways if you’re watching let me
know where you’re watching from and again welcome so we’re gonna talk fabric
today fabric stash I’ve seen this a bit around some Facebook groups this week so
I thought it would be a good topic to touch on and people seem to have some
very strong opinions about it so whether your stash is big small in the middle
let’s talk about it so let’s get started with the show and also yeah so here we
all are and you may notice there’s been some changes in my bedroom yes we’re in
my bedroom and my husband’s just going out shopping so we’re we’ve got the
house to ourselves for a little bit and you’re we are so welcome everybody and
we’ll be popping up that chat window shortly but I wanted to talk today about
fabric stashes because it is a very it’s something that we all have but at the
same time everyone’s stash is different we all have different taste preferences
budgets so I just wanted to kind of get a gauge on where you guys are what kind
of fabric stash you’d like to have and also is it kind of hard on social media
like on Instagram to see all these like perfect spaces and like huge stashes
does that kind of make you feel like you’re comparing yourself to someone
else so let’s let’s talk about that and yeah so let’s get into the show today
and we’re gonna pop up the chat window momentarily give me just a second here
alright we’ve got a couple people joining us right now we’ve got oh he got
Vic Laura and Jason’s back alright Jason gotta give him a shout out Jason works
for he he and his wife Brenda own pink castle fabrics in Ann Arbor Michigan and
Jason in the comments here let us know I saw you posted a picture on facebook of
a shirt you made for a Renaissance festival is that correct let us know and
I want the details on the shirt we’ve got Barbara from Texas so yeah we’re
this is a kind of weekly conversation we have where every week I pick a topic to
talk about and we we chat about it so this week I thought it would be great to
talk about our fabric stashes and so I’ve got a couple questions as well
we’ve got jb from el paso jb i used to live in el paso
stephanie and we’ve got Xena from from Arkansas and Sara from Missouri hello
everybody and yes so this is a this is a topic that okay and Jason’s gonna tell
us about an awesome shirt he made for the Renaissance Festival and yeah it was
it was it was pretty epic so we’ve got Eva and crystal shows and stuff hello
yeah you like sewing and your name is your name crystal or do you like
crystals either way that’s awesome we got Victoria from sperm Sweden Wow
Wow so anyways um I thought this would be a
good thing to talk about this week is our fabric stashes so I’ll tell you a
little bit about my own stash and where I’m at and also kind of some you know we
all have buyers or Morison we all have things we wish we could do things
differently differently so I’ll kind of give you the rundown of my own fabric
stash history and where I’d like to be and also some lessons I’ve learned from
building up a stash so yeah I started sewing about four years ago and we’ve
got Colette Colette and okay your name is crystal okay we got crystal and she
likes sewing that’s that’s really awesome
hey Zoey and we got a TV Brown hey girl if you can afford it buy it up and so so
so good advice alright and Jason is giving us an update
on his shirt I sewed some Essex linen and sand together it came out all right
it was my first try at apparel I can see why people hate necklines now Dan Jason
did Brenda help you at all over you just totally on your own because Jason and
actually Jason I might try to find your shirt actually I’m gonna chase on if
it’s okay with you I I might I might actually I think I can pull up this
picture of Jason Shirley made because it was pretty awesome
so he made it he was going to a Renaissance Festival and he decided he’s
like hey I work at a fabric shop why don’t I just make a shirt instead of you
know instead of buying one so that’s what he did and I thought he did an
excellent job and I’m actually going to I think I can bring up a picture of this
shirt just give me a second here and who else do we have in here today we’ve got
snow bunny from Delaware and Vic I’ve never bought fabric online I much prefer
by a local my local fabric store it’s fabric and three ninety nine and four
ninety nine bins that I picked through that’s very cool
and TD’s from michigan we’ve got Golda from New York all right Jason says not
at all okay so Brenda did not help you she was at a guild retreat my
sister-in-law gave me some advice she did great shirt show it up okay so we’re
gonna I think I can grab a photo here give me one second all right sorry you
can hear some typing here but it’ll be okay it’ll be okay let me just find this
shirt sorry you can hear all this keyboard typing and stuff but in just a
second oh yes here we go all right Jason we’re about to all right so this is
Jason from pink Castle fabrics and Jason let’s give it up for Jason everybody
because he made his own shirt out of Essex linen and sand and Jason I want to
know what was the what was your construction did you use a pattern was
it like self drafted I thought Jason did an amazing I thought I thought this
shirt actually looked really good and you know what um if you’re going by the
time period you know I’m sure probably the construction methods back then were
maybe a little more like primitive so that actually would probably go more
with the time period I’m thinking I don’t know anyways Jason I thought you
did an amazing job and yes so Jason and his wife Brenda are friends of mine and
they own pink castle fabrics in Ann Arbor Michigan there are awesome people
and yes yes all right we’ve got we got a couple of applauses for Jason and his
shirt all right we got Murray here yes this is Jason
from pink castle fabrics and yes he is awesome and we’re actually gonna pop up
hold on a second I know he’s gonna look a little jacked up yes the the Jason
Jason and white Brenda on pink council fabrics check them out they sell fabric
if you’re trying to build your stash and they are also at licensed Janome dealer
and I’ve been um I’ve known them for I’ve known Brenda for a couple years and
we’ve been working together and they are to thank for all the cover stitch the
Janome 1000 CPX cover stitch machine videos that I’ve been doing so it’s been
awesome working with them and they’re great it’s you know it’s a small
family-owned and operated business so if you want to support a small business
definitely check out their website pink castle fabrics comm for fabric and
Janome sewing machine needs but yes so we are going to get back into it all
right well let’s pop out the chat window okay yes so Jason okay and Jason says I
did a very low-tech approach I folded a t-shirt in half folded my fabric in half
and cut it out with scissors hey you know what you got to start somewhere so
maybe next you could do like a suit or like a blazer or something like that you
know you you can you could be the next you know Project Runway start or
something got champagne twist from London and an adhesive from Las Vegas
very cool very awesome yes and so we’re gonna give it up to Jason for the
excellent Renaissance Fair shirt but let’s talk fabric stashes so I’ll start
off with my own fabric stash history I started sewing about probably four years
ago and at the time you kind of start off you know you go to the fabric store
you don’t really know about designer fabrics yet so you go to Joanne’s
and you go to like the remnants section and get a couple things bring it home
and give it a shot so that’s how I started out was we just got some random
and again I don’t even think like I didn’t know anything about fabric I
didn’t know about the types of fabric or what fabrics you should use for quilting
and what fabrics you should use for governments anything so I think the
fabrics we ended up getting more like home deck fabrics they were like for
upholstery or throw pillows so I practiced my husband and I James we
practiced on some you know some of those remnants at home I think he made a bag
we made some pillows I think I also went to IKEA IKEA has a fabric section and
they’re pretty reasonably priced so we had gotten some fabric from Ikea and
that’s kind of how my stash began and then I’ve discovered fabric calm which
is probably one of the fad online fabric outlets that I’ve shopped at most often
and when my first projects was like a baby blanket so I ordered minky I
ordered some minke which is a little bit tricky to work with but again when you
don’t when you’re just starting out and you don’t know anything you just are
like oh that’s cool and you don’t realize what you don’t realize what
you’re getting into I had those minke so I think I actually still have scraps
from that project too which is kind of insane and I shouldn’t but I ended up
doing that and then from there it kind of snowballed and then I just kept
accumulating more and more fabric mostly from online purchases I purchased stuff
at like Joanne’s or Hobby Lobby a few times but for the most part my shopping
habits are largely online fabric comm craft C’s some random Etsy sellers some
of the smaller like I’ve shopped it oh fat quarter shops so I’ve shopped pretty
much all of the fabric all of I’ve done pretty much all of the online fabric
shopping you can do and when I was first sewing I was mostly doing quilting so I
have out of my whole stash probably about I would say like 80% is
quilting cotton say about 80% quilting cotton the other 20% like garment
fabrics like you know I’ve got some linen I’ve got some silk now I’ve got
some knits and some like stretch cotton some other stuff I’ve got so I’ve got a
fairly good a certain now I’ve got some flannels cotton sateen x’ poplin cotton
ball I really like that fabric it’s great although it can be a little bit
see-through so my stash is probably honestly if I had to and I don’t have
this I have an exact figure but if I had to
guess I would think I have at least at least 3000 I probably have about 3000
dollars tied up in fabric in my crafters which when you’re buying it like one
order at a time it doesn’t feel like a lot but when you look at it all at once
and if I were to add up how much I paid for everything I think my I think my
eyes would bug out like I think it I think that’s kind of crazy and the sad
thing is like I don’t I have more fabric than I can sew in probably five years so
there’s no need for me there clearly is no need for me to buy any new fabric but
yet we keep doing it because there’s always new fabrics coming out there’s
always something we don’t have that we want so like I feel like in your mind
it’s really easy to justify buying new fabric because you’re buying it like
just you know it’s like you’re just and I imagine this is probably how someone
becomes a hoarder it’s like little by little they’re like oh I can keep
another newspaper in here you know it’ll be fine
but at the same time I don’t know like my collection has really gotten to the
point where it’s a bit overwhelming and I wish it I actually wish I had a much
smaller stash at this point because of I think one thing about buying fabrics
that is that over the time I’ve been sowing my taste in fabrics have really
changed especially for what types of fabric I’m buying I’m not doing as much
quilting anymore and more government sewing and oh and I also have like a
bunch of like glitter vinyl I’ve got tons of interfacing cotton batting more
notions than I will ever need so at this point I kind of feel a bit of remorse
about having such a large stash and now we’re actually trying to declutter a lot
of things out of the house and I find myself really kicking myself for buying
just I feel like it’s a bit of an excess and I just feel like it’s a little out
of control at this point so I’m just being honest here I do feel like I wish
I didn’t have as much I’ve obviously just started the D stash account still
in report shop um to try to you know just kind of just
downsize what I have a little bit but even even the the fabric I for sale is
just a small percentage of what I actually own and I am feeling a little
bit like why could I buy all this stuff and I also have a lot of quilting cotton
that I don’t even think I’ll ever use so I’m gonna try to make some gifts with it
and try to you know I don’t I don’t even know what I’m gonna do at this point so
it’s a little bit I find myself in this situation that I I wish I wasn’t in and
I don’t know how do you guys feel so let me know um if you’re watching right now
if you’re watching live or the replay and how did you tell kind of share your
own story about how you ended up building a fabric stash what types of
fabric you mostly have and also do you wish you had a smaller stash or do you
wish you had a larger stash I know there are some people that they just buy
enough fabric for the projects they have in the immediate future and that’s it
and I think that takes an enormous amount of self of like just
self-restraint discipline because obviously clearly I have not done that
alright we’ve got uh sterling and you I go I go with my friends to wholesalers
who have ends of Italians and polish productions lines from mass production I
go nuts there I know it that must be a little hard not to do it got joy from
New Jersey Vic I have what is probably considered a tiny tiny stash I keep it
in my wooden toy box that I have at the end of my bed when I was a little girl
Vic that actually sounds like a great idea and it sounds like you have a very
manageable amount of fabric but it sounds like it’s very organized you know
it’s all in one place so I think that’s pretty awesome we’ve
got okay Barbara I checked out pink castle fabrics online the cover stitch
prices seemed really reasonable Barbara they are and also the customer serves
with a pink castle is gonna be top-notch they really care about their customers
and please check them out if you’re in the market for fabric particularly
quilting fabric they also have a bunch of Liberty of London bundles not that
I’m trying to enable you but they are really cool and Janome Janome sewing
machines we have got champagne to us I know what you mean I have so much fabric
it’s ridiculous I’m gonna try to sell as much as I can
make Christmas gifts and give some away to charity I think that sounds like a
great idea if you are trying to get rid of you and also here’s another question
do you have any tips to other people here for D stashing if you’ve downsized
your stash how did you do it did you give things away did you make gifts did
you sell make items to sell did you just donate some of your fabric
so let us know what you did and you know to maybe share with other people how we
can also downsize our own stashes in a manageable way because it’s just very
overwhelming and you also feel like inside you’re like I spent so much money
on this fabric and now I’m just like giving it away so that’s kind of I think
another struggle we have is that we don’t want to part with the fabric
especially not the more expensive fabric that you didn’t get and I will say most
of the fabrics I have I’ve got I got really great sales on which it was why I
bought the fabric in the first place was because it was a really good deal but at
the same time you know sometimes it’s better just not to buy the thing than to
get it at a great price I think we’ve got a rough rustle a leak I have a big
stash mostly garment sewing fabric quality is hit-and-miss here in Jamaica
so I stock up when I can got you I checked my stash every three months and
I decide what to do with it then take one day to cut and match what I need and
then pack on a box to sew all in one day wow that’s a that sounds very productive
golda a buy what I need but I don’t know what to do with the leftover is yeah and
that’s I find that too especially um like it’s easier to use I think scraps
quilting cotton scraps because you can make scrap quilts and there’s a lot of
projects for quilting cotton but for some of your like more random knit
fabrics like sometimes that can be a little bit hard like for the scraps when
I’ve been making like women’s clothing I will take some of the knit scraps and
make baby items for friends like I’ll make baby hats or I’ll make baby like
pants or outfits so that’s one way you can at least help use up some of your
knit scraps for is for baby clothes I do think I do think the quilting cotton
scraps tend to be the easiest to work but they’re all about because they’re
all the same substrate you can easily make some scrap quilts or scrap quilting
cotton projects like placemats or you know uh bags or anything that has
patchwork in it but yes and look like the weirder fabrics you have like it’s
hard to put them together so but and you don’t have enough for like a whole item
so once I get through like the baby items you know they’re still even
smaller scraps and a lot of times I just end up like throwing them out I know you
can I know a lot of people will use them for like dog beds and stuff so maybe I
could try that but if you have any tips let’s share
them here the comments are right here as well but
yeah sometimes it can be a little bit just a little bit overwhelming just to
have all this stuff in your house and now that we’re trying to get rid of a
lot of stuff and really kind of minimalize our life a bit because it I
think I don’t want it I don’t want my things to be out of control and I don’t
want my lifestyle to be out of control and I think that’s hard to deal with
it’s just one of those things where now I’m having to like really face the
consequences of all the fabric I purchased got snow bunny I use a ton I
have a ton of fabric a large stash at times it feels unmanageable but I don’t
regret it I have mostly quilting Cotton’s but it’s good I have friends
who are learning to quilts like I can give to them and that’s great I think if
you have a friend who’s learning to sew you can give them some of your scraps to
practice on and I know there are some groups you know like if you’re part of
like your local quilt guild Facebook group you could maybe offer your scraps
there Laura my stash was overwhelmingly huge so I donated quite a bit to a
hospital that makes quilts for babies and kept my favorite stuff that’s a good
a good tip jb i have a small space – but i keep kicking myself lately for falling
for coupons or sales from jo-ann’s they gave me a 60% coupon for regular price
items but all of their fabric was already that is that’s it’s like the
Joanne’s trap that coupon oh it’s just and and they know what they’re doing
like that coupon is to get you in the store to get you to place in order
that’s it it’s for I’ve got a Jason back up your scraps
donate leftovers to a school church or Art Center they always need material
even unusable material that’s a good tip – maybe you can try to contact a place
like that and see what kind of stuff they need and give it to them all right
we’ve got a crystal shows and stuff you can make us a tank tops of scrap knit
fabrics and that’s great one and I don’t know if you guys saw this I shared it on
Facebook a couple weeks ago there’s a guy that started a company I think it’s
called zero waste Daniel where he takes cutting room scraps and makes them into
basically he shows all the scraps together to make new pieces of fabric
and then he makes clothes out of them and they’re very cool-looking so if you
haven’t checked that I think that’s a great business model because I’m sure
the scraps are either free or like next to free and now he’s got a profitable
business which i think is really cool I’ve got a net from Hawaii hello a net
we’ve got he says I make pet clothing with the scraps all alright what kind of
pet clothing do you make that sounds pretty cool
and I know there’s like upcycling in that sort of thing but this is more like
you know fabric scraps but I have seen a lot of really cool people that will
upcycle you know men’s shirts and kids clothing or women’s clothing and that
sort of thing so I think just trying to even just reuse things we have or find
another use for them is a great idea all right Sara don’t eat it helps with the
stress you feel like you’re contributing into something instead of focusing on
the mistake binds too much snow bunny I give them fabric and donate fabric to a
local shop that does the lightest project Oh a group of ladies so is the
fabric into blankets for children in need even I make purses for kids of my
friends of a or pillowcases for birthdays oh well that’s a neat idea and
Barbara my city has a recycling site for fabric and old clothes I bag up the
really small pieces and drop them off that’s a good idea too I don’t know if
my city has one but I will have to check and you’l I cut up all my baby t-shirts
that have funny texts like three reasons I love my mom and make me laugh and make
a quilt for big bet okay so like you make it like kind of a t-shirt quilt I
think that’s cool and I know there’s that company called Project reap at that
makes t-shirt quilts as well for people like cuz I get requests all the time to
make t-shirt quilts and I don’t really do them so if you don’t quilt and you’re
trying to get them project Repat actually has a really reasonable prices
and they make every they do everything in the United States everything’s you
know more ethical that way champagne twists maybe start a swap meet
with sewing friends you just need tea coffee and a couple bottles of wine and
some nibbles and you have selling party just don’t drink it so I’m guilty guilty
the gifts could be for your nearest and dearest or two complete strangers who
are in need I think that’s a cool idea maybe um like maybe have like some sort
of sewing social gathering for your friends who don’t sew or who don’t you
know and teach them and also use your scrap fabric that’s a good idea and
don’t think about it is giving away fabric when you spend a look at you
spent a lot of money on think of it as early birthday Christmas gifts so many
problems in the world someone will need the fabric got joy I think the stores
know how to get us with the sales and coupons you can really drown into buying
fabrics knowing how to tell you knowing how to tell yourself know when there is
a sale is key yeah that’s that’s so true and Jason someone mentioned 60% coupons
sometimes it helps to find out what the end price will end up being
that’s very true I’ve seen stores mark a product up that offer 50% off coupon a
$10 item gets marked up to $13 then at 50% off it’s 650 that’s still 35% off
the regular price but you might not ordinarily buy that a lot of stores do
this to trick people it’s really frustrating I find it frustrating as
well especially like if something’s on sale all the time is it really on sale
like I’ve noticed at Hobby Lobby their furniture is always 30% off but if it’s
always 30% off then the route that it’s really not on sale it’s just that’s just
the regular price and I think that can be a little bit misleading I guess I
don’t know but at this point yeah I’m really trying to downsize my stash and I
haven’t really bought fabric I did buy some fabric it was actually for a video
for you guys that I still haven’t edited but they were again they were having a
sale and I just you know was like oh I have never ordered from this company
before so I’m gonna give it a try but I’m really trying to cut down and use
what I have and also trying to destacia I an action I should post more stuff to
the D stash account on Instagram I’ve been kind of bad about that and I also
have a bunch of patterns that I need to unload as well so if you don’t follow me
there it’s at sewing report shop and I am D stashing help me D stash my fabric
and patterns there and hopefully hopefully I can I can downsize but yeah
and on a few weeks ago I did decide to sort of raffle off some of the things I
made to help some hurricane Harvey victims and that went well so I actually
have to mail all those items out if you if you’d like to see the winners they
are on Facebook and pretty much it was pretty easy I didn’t even have to really
do any randomizers because only one person claimed each item so that I ended
up actually working out well and people donated money to to charitable
organizations which was the whole point of it all right we’ve got a net I go to
a local fabric shop I always keep scraps from each one that I cut out when my
scrap bins get full I cut blocks out I keep them for future use for my scrap so
items and if you guys have any good scrap projects also share them as well
one day I hope to get some more time so and then maybe I’ll actually be able to
dive into some scrap projects it’s just a hard right it’s just difficult right
now I don’t even know we’ve got uh II would instead paper all right we’ve got
Russell ich part of why I didn’t use my fabric in the beginning was because of
my inexperience and fear of messing up good fabric yes that’s that’s a real
struggle now that my skill is improving I’m using more than I buy that’s great
all right but yeah and also you as says you could do some hand embroidery that
would be cool and I have actually I did a little car vlog where I did a little
bit of some some hand embroidery and it was it was a lot of fun and you can use
smaller pieces too ok the d stashing site
in the description box as well but it’s at sewing report shop
I believe let me just double check that it’s been a while since I’ve been over
there and posted anything but let me just make sure that’s uh I believe that
is that is it though yes at sewing report shop I have some things posted
when I get time I need to post more things and all the items that are posted
are still available and whenever they’re not available I’m just gonna take down
the item just so that people aren’t like oh I want this and then it’s not it’s
not available anymore but so everything on that account is
actually available I’ve got a bunch of patterns that I bought them and I don’t
think I’ll ever use so there’s some patterns in fabric and eventually I’m
gonna put up some of my notions to that like there are some things like
especially like on Etsy it’s easy for you to buy like huge quantity quantities
of things like I was buying like some 1 inch like webbing and I bought like 24
pieces of different colors which is insane I don’t need that much so there
are certain notions that it’s just easy to just amass a huge quantity like I
have like you know like 30 d-rings or you know like 80 zippers you know and
you don’t really need like I think the likelihood that I’m gonna use all of
that is pretty slim I also had bought some fabrics like for certain projects
like I have some faux leather that it was gonna make a jacket out of still
haven’t even remotely used it I bought some wool fabric years ago still have
not used it so some of this is a little bit it’s a little bit sad and I mean
that stuff and the wool fabric I think was kind of expensive I think it was
like I want to say it was like $15 or $20 a yard or something it was something
kind of crazy also I think I’ve having problems in my closet with moths I had a
wool dress that I bought that I was gonna try to just like you know post it
online I paid a lot of money for it was like a few years ago from j.crew I think
I paid $100 for it and I found some random holes in the wall I think I think
some moths got into it so that that was a little bit sad
I’ve got penguin and pear I recently boxed my fabric up and had much more
than I thought I have even more now that I’ve opened my own online fabric shop
yeah that’s a real struggle penguin and pear maybe you could sell some of the
fabric you have on that online shop Jason Brenda did that scrappy trip
around the world quilt along a few years back those quilts are super easy and she
was getting them done in a few hours Wow I have one on my bed right now
that’s a you know what that’s the good thing about having a wife that quilts
Jason is that you always have really awesome quilts and you have tons of
fabric that you could make your own clothes with so that’s a win maybe
that’s a win-win situation for you so yeah also check out I think I’ve seen
the scrappy trip around the world although Brenda sounds really fast I
don’t know it would probably take me like a few weeks to make that same top
or something all right Andy was says you could make some personalized items for
kids at shelters like a storage organizer for crayons paper and their
own name windows that’d be cool oh let’s see her penguin a pair I’m saving I’m
starting to save my scraps to donate at work as I work for a children’s charity
can’t believe I didn’t think of this until a few weeks ago that’s a great
idea J’s if are easy to buy too they are
especially from those places like Zipit or whatever on etsy where they sell you
know like 80 you know you get 50s 59 inch zippers and those sort of colors
and then all of a sudden you’re like wow I sure have a lot of zippers and it’s a
1-point and here’s another question do you like to have an excess amount of
supplies around so that if inspiration strikes you you don’t have to go to the
store you have that stuff there or are you the type of person that you plan out
each project meticulously you buy only what you need and then you just you know
you just want that and then there’s also the thing we can get into is where you
know you you want to make a project and you have a certain vision in your head
and you need something that you don’t have so you justify buying that instead
of trying to make trying to make it work with what you do have I’ve done that as
well like for instance when I made that jerk Aris pillow cover and the you tube
quilt a while back I actually did not have any red fabric I have a
million pieces of fabric but just no red so I actually did have to go out and buy
red fabric which felt insane I’m like I do not need any more fabric but I
legitimately need it read because the YouTube logo is red and I didn’t want to
make it with another color because you know then it wouldn’t be the YouTube
logo and then it but I did end up using it again for that Takara’s pillow so
maybe it wasn’t a total total waste so I mean so that’s the other thing is that
you want to make something and then like the thing you need is like the one thing
you you have like ninety nine of everything but you don’t have that one
thing so that can be a struggle too is when you you know you want to make
something you already have tons of fabric but you need this one other thing
and then you go to the store or you order something online and then it just
kind of keeps spiraling and then you never end up making that project I’ve
done that too like I was gonna make a swimsuit and I luckily I have I have the
pattern I have not bought swimsuit fabric yet and I’m actually not inclined
to because I’m like you know what am I actually gonna make this swimsuit you
know it’s it’s September now so I’m not gonna be doing any swimming for sure so
I’m gonna wait on it so I think that’s I think the lesson I’ve learned is when
you think you need something to wait a little bit and if you and also I think
the other thing that makes it hard is that there’s always new lungs fabric
coming out especially for quilting cotton everyone has like like I feel
like there’s too much fabric like I feel like the market is saturated with all
these new amazing lines and I think I’m trying to hold back on buying all of it
just because I’m like you know what I this is really cute fabric but I don’t
need it so I’m trying to say no to myself more so that I’m you know so that
I don’t have like a real problem on hand got a couple more comments we’ve got a
pit Vic I tend to buy a little extra than what I need that way I can build my
collection we’ve got Kate I like to have supplies available for whatever
inspiration comes up sometimes though I like to complete a project by
improvising it stretches my creativity and has me working outside the box Kate
I think I need to do more of that so yeah I think we can all learn from Kate
here and sometimes yeah I need to do that
it’s like if I don’t have a certain item I think I need to figure out how to make
it work anyways or do a project where I do have all the materials for just to
avoid buying stuff a few months ago my husband and I started budging our money
a lot better and it’s made a really vast improvement in our lives like we cut our
food budget down to $300 a month and I’m more cut like before that we’d kind of
just been buying whatever we want whenever without really keeping track of
it and now that we’re budgeting more is we’re safe we’re saving a lot more money
which is great but I think it’s just easy to fall into that trap of just
continually buying things and now that we’re trying to get rid of a lot of
stuff in her house for like wow why did we buy all this stuff we don’t need it
and I think it’s it’s just it gets hard and then you know and I think for us as
people who so we tend to get also sucked into what other people are making you
know like you see on Instagram and you’re like well so-and-so is using this
new tulip ink line I don’t have it you know or like you know like like this new
cotton steel line but at the same time you know maybe they were set the fabric
for free like and also like maybe they have a very small stash and only I don’t
know but like I feel like us looking at each other also kind of feeds into the
problem because we see everyone else using the new fabric and the new thing
or whatever else it is and it’s really easy to get sucked into that and then
buy things we shouldn’t be buying all right yet Sarah store it at the store
don’t be so impatient that you can’t wait a day or two to make something that
is very very true god I did a con Mari clear clear out of my fabric stitch oh
I’ve heard that is that the jab the method reduces the shame of feeling like
you’re wasting money discarding stuff even the stuff we discard taught us
something about ourselves and Rosalie can you tell us more about that process
like what did you do and also like for people who are not familiar with that
with this concept explain more about what it is Jason if you love it and are
going to use it buy it if you’re not 100% sure skip it more as always coming
Jason that’s so true there’s always going to be another
fabric line coming out so if you don’t get this one you can get the next one
you know so like if you love like like I bought a bunch of the tulip ink tabby
Road prints still not even touch them and I had to have that at the time I was
like I have to have this fabric and I have not even even remotely used it
which is kind of sad I got Empress Noel yes
you I used the vinyl bags for wallet inserts zipper pouches and adding
special touches the handbags yeah and you know I’ve actually used a shout I
bought a this is another thing that I bought that I didn’t need that I still
have I bought a shower curtain a cheap shower curtain from Walmart and I was
gonna make some like clear vinyl stuff never did it still have the shower
curtain so I mean I just have so many things where I like needed it right then
and then I still haven’t used it years later that it’s kind of it’s kind of
depressing actually I’ve got I used my bags of purse snaps
for packing weights that’s a good idea jb i dream up projects and never get
around to them but then I go and buy more fabric and patterns out of instant
gratification but why why do I do this to myself I need to buckle down and work
on what I have got snow bunny the worst fabric trap for buying for me was the
Hancock going-out-of-business sale oh yeah that one uh I think that I think
that really got a lot of people so don’t feel don’t feel too bad
Murray whenever I see a fabric I like I usually wait a week before I purchased
just so I don’t buy an impulse and we’ve got B I’ve only bought solids in linen
cotton until I get the basics oh and keeps me from buying all those cute
prints for now I think that’s a good suggestion and also like solids are such
a versatile thing to work with you can use them for anything and you don’t have
to worry about them going out of style or being trendy
I also another thing I did was I bought all of these like kid print fabrics like
prints for babies and kids and I was like I’m gonna make so many baby gifts I
still have all of that fabric like a few years ago another site that got me was
master op master op is this like co-op buying site where you can wear like they
have good deals and they used to be better deals now the shipping costs are
getting a little too control so I’m not sure if I recommend mass drop but they
would have all these sales so I got like all this fabric
notions and other I also bought one of this so steady tables for like a hundred
and fifty bucks and I don’t even like it like it doesn’t even know like fit my
sewing machine well and like I don’t know like I just I’m like why did I even
get this it doesn’t make any sense so I’ve definitely spent probably thousands
of dollars myself on things where I’m like really and now you’re like wow this
is this is kind of crazy and out of control
s-sarah I did con Marie as well it was a good thing a good way to go through
everything and deal with the emotions that drove you to buy and why you’re
keeping it really helps let it go okay and apparently it’s as soon as it
pronounced con Marie like con Marie is that and I think I’ve seen it in late
isn’t there a book out it or something to like about about clearing things out
maybe I need to maybe I need to get the e-book I definitely don’t need the
physical copy because I don’t need any and I do think that’s one good thing
about ebooks is that okay con Marie okay so it’s like a kon ma RI
okay oh and here’s it okay oh this is an illustrated guide to the art of con
Marie Marie but it is oh this is actually okay don’t hate me guys it’s on
the Gwyneth Paltrow goop website which is not a site I really frequent but it’s
anyways I’m gonna link to it and so if you don’t know it what Con Mari is
apparently this is how you do it so I just in the comments I just linked to it
okay and Raza leak also explains it it’s outlined in the magic of tidying up book
she has some videos on YouTube it is about selecting what you want to keep in
your home based off whether or not they give you joy okay so whether okay yeah
and that’s what I’ve heard like if it gives you joy you keep it and if it
really doesn’t give you any joy you you toss what I guess alright and Jason
that’s very true about solids not going out of style I joke about bread to stash
but it’s about 75% solids and stash builder and Jason as the husband of a
quilter what is your impression of the fabric stash like do you think it’s
crazy do you think it makes sense like I don’t know as as someone that has to
live with someone who stashes fair what’s what’s your thought
met all right Zoey does anyone have any good site recommendations for places to
sell fabrics from your stash Zoey there is there are a couple
Facebook D stashing groups I’ve seen but I don’t know some of like some of the
web sites I don’t know like they like the prices they’re selling for like
super cheap so if you’re just trying to unload the fabric they may be good for
you but if you’re trying to get like more of what you paid for it they might
not be a good fit so I don’t know but I haven’t really personally done a lot of
interactions with the D stashing Facebook groups but I’m a I’m a member
of a couple of them I just wanted to see what was going on all right okay so
Sarah T says the life changing book of magic of tidying up is the book I’ve
read check it out from the library that’s good or also like get the e-book
or get like the audiobook I think that would be or you can just check out that
goop thing I just linked cuz that looks kind of interesting I think okay so and
also she has some methods of folding stuff okay that’s kind of interesting
but yeah so anyways this seems to be a good topic of people talking about the
fabric stashes okay Sarah you were mentioning you have a lot of negative
feelings of things you purchased and how you were feeling bad about having that
stuff giving it away gets all of those negative feelings out of your life I
think that’s probably a good thing I do and I do plan to get rid of a lot of my
stuff there’s also like stuff that I have from like college ten years ago
that I that I don’t need like I have a lot of stuff from 10 20 years ago that I
just I kind of just want to get rid of and start fresh donating it feel bring
his positive feelings back into your life I think that and we actually have
gotten rid of a lot of stuff in the past week so hopefully we can continue that
mojo going and I can get rid of more stuff cuz I just die just don’t need it
we’ve got a Jason I thought stache and was totally crazy until I saw what she
was doing with it it’s like having a good spice rack you really do need
everything that said I don’t buy garlic just because it’s on sale
good point Jason alright um and Empress Noel I want to know where to find a
Jason obviously understanding of the deets
in Jason I don’t know do you have any brothers already the any single brothers
or cousins that may be Empress Noel can can connect with already friends like
you let us know Jason Jason but if you eat a ton of say pasta sauce stocking up
on canned tomatoes isn’t a bad idea and actually I wanted to share with you guys
a book that I got a while ago that I actually really liked so this is this is
called Rachel it’s by Rachel Cruz who if you’re not familiar she’s actually Dave
Ramsey’s daughter and Dave Ramsey is a financial like talk show host and expert
and author and speaker I’m a fan myself I listened to the show
a lot and I get a lot of great advice from Dave but rachel is his daughter and
she wrote this book about comparing yourselves to other people and I’ve
linked it below from Amazon you can you can either get the hard copy they have
an audio book on audible or you can get the Kindle version so you don’t have to
have like a physical book if you’re trying to like declutter which i think
is really cool about having a Kindle app is just the ability to have all these
books on your phone or your iPad without having like 50,000 books
I think books are wonderful but I really like this whole I really like the
ability to get an e-book so that you have it all in one place it’s more
organized and so you don’t have although yes I do have a physical copy of this so
this book is called love your life not there’s seven money habits for living
the life you want I thought this book was and I think this book would be a
great read for um people who so because especially when you look on Instagram
it’s really easy to look at some another sewing Instagrammer and being like and
just you just kind of inadvertently find yourselves comparing yourselves to them
while they have more fabric than me they’re sewing spaces better you know
they’re prettier than me and they look they take better photographs so I think
it’s really easy to fall into that trap of just finding yourself feel the just
feeling those feelings and I thought this book was a really great refresher
and and just it was just good to read for anyone for us and
social media age of just seen other people and I thought it was good
excellent read so I’ve linked it below in the description box if you’re
interested in checking it out Rachel Cruz so if you’re not if you if
Dave Ramsey is not quite your thing Rachel Cruz is more like a more modern
version of Dave Ramsey obviously she’s his daughter so they have the same a lot
of the same financial principles but I feel like Rachel and Rachel also as a
youtube channel that’s great and she also has like a you know does she has
like a Facebook group in a website and she blogs um but I actually really like
following her I think she’s very approachable and very down-to-earth
and she also shares a lot of tips about budgeting and you know buying only what
you need and things like that and I think it’s so really I think it’s just
something especially in 2017 I feel like this is something we need to hear
I’ve got Barbara I love ebooks don’t buy books anymore the only ones I have are
my sewing books and I think that’s true like sometimes if you need to
specifically reference something something physically it is good to have
a physical book but I think having the ability to read ebooks is such a
game-changer for I don’t know especially for people who live in small spaces you
can’t have like a gazillion books I think this is great but I would
definitely highly recommend love your life not theirs
it was very eye-opening and I think very very refreshing for me to read and also
feel like it makes you feel you’re like wow I’m really not alone
and that’s why I really tried it especially on this channel and showing
things on social media I really tried to be more realistic about it and not not
portray myself in a way that makes me look better than I am like today I
didn’t do my hair I will actually do my makeup for this show but maybe I’ll do a
makeup free show I don’t know so you can see the real me but I really try to keep
things kind of low-key and and Maura you know just more like this is who I really
am just so that you don’t get an impression of me and what I’m doing in
my sewing spaces in my sewing projects that’s not
actually happening and I actually appreciate other like I actually had to
stop looking at several more like there are a lot of high-profile sewing
bloggers and sewing bloggers that I actually kind of choose not to really
consume just because they make me have those feelings and I don’t want to get
those feelings of being like wow their life is so much better than mine because
the reality is you’re just seeing like the best of you’re basically seeing the
highlight reel and not the real bad and I don’t really I don’t really want
anyone to feel that way about the sewing report so that’s why I like to make do
shows like this and make videos you know like what really goes on in my sewing
room just so that you can see like this is like the real sewing room this is not
like sewing room I cleaned up and styled this is like what the sewing room
actually looks like on a real daily basis I’ve got you weigh the frugal
crafter channel check out she makes a marie con Marie Kondo systems clearing
up her art studio when she teaches I think that’s cool I agree that
comparisons in the sewing community is a big thing and kind of dangerous
financially I bought patterns I probably shouldn’t have because of this and I
think that’s that’s the thing like I don’t want to read blogs or look at
Instagram accounts that make me feel like really crappy about myself in my
own situation and I know that’s my issue and not theirs but at the same time I’m
choosy not – I’m really choosing not to consume some of those things and also I
don’t like to compare myself to other YouTube channels like so I don’t I don’t
look at their subscriber counts or their view counts really just because I just
want to focus what I know on what I’m doing and try to make content that I can
be proud of in content that I come up with myself and Barbara I appreciate
that this is why I watch every doctor we try so and yeah I mean and I’ll be
honest you know my life is definitely definitely not perfect I am not perfect
by any means and I have like I’m human I have a lot of flaws I have
I make a lot of mistakes I’m not always a nice person and yeah it’s a
I’m just year I just like sewing and I want to share sewing with everybody but
under the pretenses that these you know I I think there’s I think there’s a lot
of pressure in the sewing space to project that perfect image and I wanted
to go in two different directions so that’s why I’ve my videos tend to not be
like that and and I want it like if I’m doing a product review I do want to not
be just all like oh this is the best thing ever be like hey this is this is
an okay product but you know I don’t like this about it and I because I would
want people to be honest with you know what I’m looking at reviews I want them
to be honest – I don’t want them to just highlight the best of everything and
skip over things that they don’t like about it or things that consumers need
to know I’ve got Jason judging a famous designer author so Nkrumah’s like
judging a famous chef’s kitchen I don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay to cook a meal
that makes me happy and that’s true and Jason my husband actually is a chef and
I can tell you um real chefs don’t use like fancy stuff they do have commercial
grade equipment like they have commercial grade dishwashers arranges
that sort of thing but they’re not like but they’re not using like $2,000
cookware my husband gets most of his kitchen equipment from Sam’s Club
actually and for the first seven years we were together our pots and pans are
from Walmart so and that’s the thing like I think that’s what you’d find in a
professional seamstress environment they’re they probably don’t want to use
the fanciest most expensive stuff they use stuff that’s good quality and it
gets the job done that’s what I think we’ve got you I don’t you yeah don’t
compare yourself that is a strong spirit I am the same I have my own style and in
time you will see people start to admire your strength hopefully um I don’t know
wolf does we’ll have to see hope to see I don’t know people you know people like
this channel people don’t like this channel I don’t know but you know I like
to make content that I’m proud of and content that I think is helpful to other
people this show where we can talk and just
have real conversations got Vic I’m in the process of switching rooms for
sewing mind is beyond imperfect it’s actually a complete a complete stage
actually all it’ll get it’ll get better Vic it’ll get better yeah in my song
rooms I’ve been in them for three to four years and they’re still like
there’s no decoration there’s no fancy there’s really like it’s really like
very utilitarian and I have like next to no decorations
in there so like it doesn’t look like it does not look like a magazine photo at
all but the space is like I can work in them I can use them they’re very
versatile I do move my filming equipment around a lot so the one room just really
doesn’t have anything in it because I like the versatility of being able to
move things around the tables actually the tables I work on in all the videos
are like the $30 folding tables from like I got one from all these and I got
one from Walmart so I’m not using anything super fancy um you know that’s
that’s just the truth you know but yeah they all use the same like presentation
Kells yeah but anyways if you guys have anything else that you want to say about
your fabric stashes and I was actually kind of thinking this is kind of silly
but I wanted to make up like it’s not like I wanted to title this episode like
I like big stashes and I cannot lie no I don’t know but I was trying to think of
song the lyrics to change baby got back to fabrics – but I couldn’t think of
anything real like good is so I decided to forego that we admire you for your
consistency you’re all thank you Eva and yeah oh after my baby all all right
Marie my current sewing space is the corner my bedroom but hey Marie at least
you can just get up get out of bed and directly go to sewing so that’s a plus
so seriously you can just like get get out of bed turn to the Sony table and
just start going so at least proximity wise you are very close to your sewing
supplies there’s no way I bought some risers to make a folding table taller
and it works great that’s a good idea I’d like to make my bed taller actually
that’d be pretty cool maybe tall enough so that my
can’t couldn’t get out up on to it that’d be fine too but yeah so anyways
thank you guys I’ve enjoyed talking about sewing uh fabric stashes and
supplies and yeah so I don’t know I don’t know what we’re gonna do now I’m
gonna and I’m gonna be completely honest with you I was like I was having a hard
time yesterday trying to get things together for today’s show and I spent
like way too much time making that thumbnail um because I’ve been using
this new program called the GIMP that’s sort of like a free version of
Photoshop and I’ve been trying to make like better thumbnails I was so
frustrated because like I had to like do the outline and myself twice and then I
was getting I don’t know I was like well screw this so I’m a little bit tired and
yes I’m amazed the show even came together this week but next week I’m not
sure what we’re gonna talk about so if you have any suggestions for next week’s
topic I am taking suggestions for sure and yeah so yeah today’s a little bit I
feel a little bit today’s a little bit yeah not this is not one of my better
days I can already tell all right we’ve got a Xena my sewing table is my kitchen
table hey you know we got a sower we gotta so you know alright and Barbara
has her cutting taper table in the living room you know Barbara for a while
I was cutting all my fabric on a coffee table so we all need to do what we got
to do but uh thank you guys so much for joining me again for another wonderful
chiffon show this converse the conversations in here are always
fantastic and I really appreciate everybody joining us especially Jason
our soul our soul dude in here and the owner of pink casa fabrics all right and
okay Vic has an idea for next week maybe a chat about her favorite projects and
current projects I like that okay current projects Nick I need to get a
current project in order to be able to talk about it though
because I haven’t things been so like hectic I haven’t really been sewing in a
few weeks and I feel kind of out of it like we’ve been moving a lot of stuff
around in here and again getting rid of a lot of stuff so I feel and you know I
feel like I need to get my sewing mojo back and oh and by the way I’m wearing a
t-shirt but on the bottom I’m actually wearing really old sweat pants so don’t
feel like don’t feel I’ve got it all together here because I
clearly clearly I don’t all right but uh thank you guys and yeah I think next
week Vic that sounds like a good idea talking or maybe favorites sewing maybe
are like favorite types of sewing projects we can share like some some of
our favorite patterns or some of our favorite tutorials and chat about that
that sounds like a good plan let’s let’s go with that all right well guys I will
see you later and I hope everybody has a great week and I’m gonna go I’m actually
kind of feeling I’ve been feeling a little under the weather this week so
I’m probably gonna try to get something to eat and then maybe do a little bit of
rest or talk about projects we plan to do that sounds like a plan
all right let’s I think we should do it I think that sounds pretty cool all
right I’ll see you guys next week

33 Replies to “How BIG Should My Fabric Stash Be? | LIVE SHOW | SEWING REPORT”

  1. My stash is too big and some of it is really bad quality that I inherited from a family member. I have a few pieces of knit fabric, but mostly cotton blend or quilting cotton. I recently used some older cotton fabric to make table runners. I'm cutting up the bad quality fabric and stuffing pet beds with it. I have given some random fabric ( faux fur, etc ) to the local thriftstore recently. I'm trying to limit my trips to the quilt stores or JoAnn fabrics until I have a special need.

  2. You can make panties with knit leftovers which is something I just discovered! I had about 1/2 meter left over and decided to make a couple of pairs of panties. Like free panties! 🙂 Another is spaghetti strap tanks which don't take a lot of knit fabric to make. There are clothing stores that will take your fabric scraps for recycling as well. Something that's very popular is in the UK is fabric swaps – sewing friends get together and bring fabric out of their stash they no longer like and swap it for one they do.

  3. I tend to build my stash by project – buying way more than I need or ever will use for the project. It kind of feels like there's safety in numbers, so I buy big. Then I complain that there's nowhere to keep it and destash. Just recently I gave a lot of fabric to someone in the neighborhood who's going to use it for charity quilts. That felt really good. But I have random scraps that I think I'm just going to toss. They were leftovers from specific projects and not big enough to do anybody else a whole lot of good, so out they will go. I tend to keep all my greens and pinks though for applique, no matter how small. But I'm going to start a bin for just those tiny scraps. Good topic. Can't wait to hear everyone's ideas.

  4. I'm so sorry I missed this conversation, I teach most Sundays.. Boy oh boy do I have fabric. I hesitate to share photos. It might seem like hoarding but it's very organized and controlled. Some I've had since the 70s but now I'm kind of loving the older pieces now. Everything comes back around.

  5. I had a problem with buying fabric years ago. I would put it in boxes and would not know what I had and found myself buying the same or similar fabric or colors. So I decided to organize everything. It took me about one week and it was the most productive time that I have ever spent. First I washed everything, then I cut out cardboard strips and roll the fabric as you would see in the fabric store, then I put tags on each bundle noting the yardage and the width(ex. 5yds, 60"), then I cut a small swatch and place it in a notebook and label what shelf it was on (ex 3S,BR, meaning 3rd shelf, back row), and lastly I created a remnants shelf for everything under one yard. This keep my fabric very organized and my buying of fabric tapered, I asked myself do I really want this and am I willing to do what I have committed to do once I get home. Because I decided that if I purchased any new fabric I would have to come home wash it, fold and label it, cut my swatch, place it in the book, and then file the fabric. Whew its sounds like a lot of work even talking about it! But you get the point. How committed am I to that particular fabric and is it worth it. Sometimes yes most of the time its no.
    Extra Fabric: You can sew together all of your extra pieces, does not matter the colors or textures and then you can use it to make things for you home. You can make bathrobes, mats for you kids to put on the floor while watching tv, pillows, shoe bags, garment bags, shopping bags, trim towels and make matching table runners, car organizers, make a sample of a kid friendly craft put that in a box with the necessary fabric and take to your local daycare centers, kindergarten, or children's church group, same thing for senior daycare I have been sewing for years and have never had the occasion to randomly give away fabric. There is always a way to use it for your pleasure or someone else immediate pleasure. If you give someone else a lot of fabric they may be taking it out of kindness but it might become a problem for them. They may fill guilty or overwhelm because they may feel that they have to report to you what they are doing with it. Also I rearrange my fabric by seasons. I keep it on the same shelf but I pull all the fabric for that season to the front row this encourages new ideas per season.

  6. I have tons of sewing stuff. 12 computer paper boxes full of fabric under my bed and about 20 boxes and/or plastic containers full of fabric. Last year I got a lot of free fabric at a church that has a free sale once a year. I've gotten some fabric, trims, etc. at yard sales, estate sales, church sales and sometimes for free when someone is giving it away. Yes I know I have too much. I have donated some to Salvation Army and sold a box of fabric scraps at a flea market for $5.00. I belong to an online sewing group, so that has helped to push me into sewing more. Right now I'm making some Halloween costumes for my dolls.
    As far as books go, I prefer to have a hard copy. I love to read in bed, or if we're going on a long drive it's nice to have something to look at. Hubby likes to listen to the sports channels, so I can't really read, but I can plan more projects. My daughter's the same way. Really enjoy listening to you.

  7. I missed your live show again:(. Watched and loved it very much.
    I regret my huge stash of fabric too. It occupies all the space I used to have. I still impulse buy fabric lol

  8. I seemed to create my stash mostly from sewing challenges on fb. So I quit doing those and focusing on using the blinders and saying no to more fabric. I have 1 regular bin and one flat under the bed type bin of fabric. Once full I said no more til I have more space. Use what I have first. I am bagging up my scraps for now and will use later for a project.

  9. I am a zero waste person. I only buy what I need for the project and I only do projects that are needed. I have a scrap stash, but thats it.

  10. First of all excellent video So here it is Monday morning I get up at 8 am head straight to my fabric stash. I have a ton so I had already made up my mind to get this ton of fabric organized. I had ordered from Amazon some Ultra Pro regular size boards size 6 7/8" by 10 1/2" Sorry this is so long. Here I sit go to you on YouTube and your topic I laughed I was folding and putting my stash all stack nice and neat on these boards

  11. Wanna use up some of your stash?  Missouri Star Quilt Co is having a quilt and PILLOWCASE drive for hurricane peeps .. there are DOZENS of videos how to make pillowcases .. You need 27 inches for the body and 11 inches for the cuff.  Very easy to put together!   Make pillowcases and donate them!  Give them as gifts!

  12. Hi, It's Maren from Los Angeles, CA. I have been sewing for over 40 years. When I was 16 my dad didn't buy me a car, he bought me a Singer Futura Sewing machine, it was in Wayzata, MN. When I shop for fabric I go to the fashion district here in Los Angeles. I have about 4 file boxes of fabrics. Along with everyone else, my biggest problem is scraps. Often, I will go back to the fabric district and find zippers for like 10 cents or 25 cents and then I make little bags or change purses. Also, I add pockets to anything I can. So many dresses or skirts don't have pockets and I really want them. I also make a lot of clothes for a couple of girl friends who are so big that regular stores don't sell really cute clothes. So we go on line and pick their pattern or outfit and I will make them for them.

    Any big city has a fashion district, go there and get really inexpensive fabric. Now the second really fun suggestion is buying second hand clothing and then re-building it. My husband loves epaulettes and I make shirts and dishikis for him.

  13. As far as my stash is concerned. I just don't buy unless I have a project in mind. Another thought with the stash is that if I find a good fabric for another season I don't hesitate. For example, I currently have a really nice brown sweater material for a fall sweater. A good scrap project is always holiday decorating.

  14. Thanks for yet again keeping it real!! As in, super honest, no bs, really real. Sometimes i dont really like acknowledging thenegative feelings that i have, like jealousy or laziness or lack of self control. But it is sometimes difficult when watching glamourous youtubers who somehow manage to sew up so many garments each month while also having jobs and some have kids too. So i do end up feeling a bit inadequate for many reasons. Im new to sewing , started about a year ago but so far ive only made pjs and a tshirt. but ive collected a ridiculous amount of fabric for future projects. I massively overestimated how much time i would actually spend sewing. I would like to do more but its always at a time cost of something else. And sometimes i just wanna watch tv and zone out. The problem was when i was looking for jersey fabrics last winter, they were very hard to find here in uk, so when i found some i just bought everything. And i saw some liberty cottons and liberty jerseys on sale so went a bit crazy. But then i had to buy cheap fabric too so practice with as i dont want to waste my liberty fabric. Remnant sales, clearance bundles.etc.etc. all lured me in. Have spent about £800 on fabric in the last year, most of which is just sitting in bags as no room for storage or more storage units! I thoought i would be sewing for myself and friends and family and that i would get through it but that was just unrealistic. I think also watching youtubers have a monthly stash and sewing plans and then a few completed plans each month made me think i would do the same and not buy any more clothes. But of course i did when it got to summer and i needed clothes stat. And the jerseys werent thr right drape/ stretch/print/ colour. I think my learning points are :1 definitely allow yourself a budget and stick to it. 2 Fabric is best stored in the shop not in the home. Like you said – theres always the next must have print or the next sale. Going back to konmari – she talks about keeping items that spark joy and getting rid of everyrhing else unless its a necessity ( eg textbooks, work stuff). Same applies to buying -.I should only buy what i absolutely love , not whats a good bargain. 3. For me its being realistic about how much time im actually going to spend on my hobby in total, including the countless hours browsing fabric online or watching youtube. 4. Being a bit more sensible about choosing skill appropriate patterns. Im in the uk and a few of the vloggers.i watch have mebtioned they used ' tillynand the buttons love at first stitch ' book to learn to sew. I love the style on them but those clothes wont hence im kinda choosing my own projects. I chose a t shirt pattern with too many pieces and that was but ive got some Cashmerettte patterns so.will give that a go. Phew that was a.long post !

  15. Thanks for presenting such an interesting topic. I've always purchased fabric, patterns, and notions for specific projects. My stash primarily consists of quilting cottons that I use to make gifts and a few pieces of fabric I bought long ago and never used so I'm trying to use it before buying new fabric.

  16. The biggest problem with a large fabric stash is that you either forget what you have, and end up buying the same fabric again, or you spend valuable sewing time hunting for fabric you no longer have in stock 🙂 I've ended up sorting my fabric by colour, as am always looking for a colour to use, not necessarily a type of fabric. This reduces my looking time to just a few minutes. I store my fabric in large plastic crates (with lids) to that the fabric stays clean, and the crates stack well, but are small enough to easily move. 14 crates and counting so far 🙂

  17. Hey Jennifer, I've been watching your videos since last spring.  Love your info, your personality, & your conversation.. I live about 100 miles north of Atlanta, so we're in the same neck of the woods.  I also like & can really get some deals on the buy more & save deals…  ,

    And yes! I want to have all my supplies for all my projects I have in mind when the inspiration hits me..  That is very handy, but it can get me into problems.. 😉

  18. When i started quilting in 04 i went to Joanne's and bought lots of fat quarters. I don't seem to use them so using them for backing of quilts until gone. I like on line fabric shopping most of the ones u use. I have shelves with 2 plus more yardage and anything smaller in rolling carts and then a big bucket for scraps which i use for donated quilts. I only shop about twice a year once at my quilt show in my area and when i go one vacations my husband and i stop at all quilt shops. I think that is enough. But i do love beautiful quilt material. I just bought the accuquilt kit so I'm going to start getting ride of some of the stash. But i love to sit in my quilting room with a glass of wine and just look at the material. I'm hooked. I love your show. Thanks for being silly

  19. Great topic and great discussion about it! I personally don't mind having a huge stash unless it's functional. But what I hate is feeling surrounded by a million fabrics and really having too much – but when I want to sew a certain thing, let's say trousers, not having a single fabric that is suitable for that project! I always thought of my stash to be great for spontaneous projects but when I can't find a single fabric suitable for trousers… So I decided to downsize my stash, get rid of all the junk in there and be more careful with fabric purchasing over the course of the next years – especially after having seen this video. I really feel like I should downsize my stash now.

  20. My daughter has started sewing and I send her some of mine every so often. Once a year I go through my fabric and gift some to a friend.

  21. We have a quilt museum in my town, and during one exhibit there was a scrap quilt made from one piece of fabric from each quilt the quilter had made over 20 years. Really tiny pieces (she was a professional quilt pattern maker). It was a really cool idea.

  22. I think it depends on how often you sew and the type of projects. After sewing for 5 decades, I have plastic storage bins and bins.I have both stash and yards of fabric. I have stoped buying fabric now for over 10 years. If I really need fabric then I buy it.

  23. I don't have that big of a stash. I have one bin with flannels, one bin for holiday fabrics, and one bin for my favorite designer. The rest of my fabric is on comic board cards, all neatly standing on a shelf! (I know, I can't believe it either!) By dividing it up this way, I am able to find what I need quickly. For example, if I want to make something for Halloween, I know just where to look. Also, my bins are actually LABELED! lol I like being able to find what I want quickly, and if I have to buy something for a special project, I will go because I love to shop for fabric anyway.

  24. My fabric stash is 2 fat quarters and a few yards of second hand old drapery designs. A friend of mine gave me about 4 yards of denim. And some plaid pieces . That's all.

  25. I am not new to sewing , I have been sewing about 60 years . I do not buy material ahead , never have. I give my scraps away to a friend who uses them to make small lap quilts for seniors in nursing homes.

  26. Really enjoyed listen back at this! Such a shame I wasn't subscribed until recently I have so much to say on this topic. Will you do more live streams again in 2019? I think I saw you wrote it somewhere but I am not sure. .?

    Also been interested in reading Rachel Cruz's book Love your life not theirs and think now it's time. I have been dealing with a lot of sewing related comparison lately. It seems like people are 'spitting out projects' whilst I am not even finishing one and buying fabrics for 1000s of dollars (clearly need to stop watching fabric hauls!). It doesn't really make me buy things, but it makes me feel shitty instead of inspired to make things. I am pretty good at not buying things that are not for specific projects but I need just to carve some time and make those projects instead of looking at what others do.

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