24 Replies to “How Devices Connect to the Fabric: Understanding Cisco ACI Domains”

  1. can I have servers in the same EPG and part of them are in VMM domain and the rest are bare metal? Is thhat possible?

  2. Hi, about ARP request, when the destination MAC is unknown, the switch leave use COOP aka Council Of Oracle Protocol to send the request to any spine choose randomly in the fabric, The spine switch (oracle) that was chosen then relays this information to all the other spines (oracles) so that every spine (oracle) has a complete record of every end point in the system.

    The spines (oracles) record the information learned via the COOP in the Global Proxy Table, and this information is used to resolve unknown destination MAC/IP addresses when traffic is sent to the Proxy address.

  3. Going through classes to prepare for my CCNA right now and searched "Cisco" for the fun of it. This came up and I thought I'd be able to understand it. 2 minutes in and nope. This is a bit beyond that level. Hope to someday understand though

  4. The Eye candy didn't bring me here, but she certainly made me stay, following Carly on twitter now, omg, eye… good knowledge too which definitely goes without saying.

  5. Thanks for the great class. I'm watching this in concert with INE videos, it may take me a while to turn creating a VLAN via the CLI into this ACI flowchart in my head :-). This helps

  6. She is a genious! I was here for a simple understanding of ACI for my CCNA R&S, but damn this is very broadly explained. I respect this woman and hope to reach the knowledge she has one day at Cisco. Good video!

  7. The laughing moment about Netbios traffic reminded me of that "We are not communists scene" from The GodFather.

  8. إضغط زر 👍 للصفحة ليصلك كل جديد


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