How Dress Pants, Slacks & Wool Trousers Should Fit – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide

How Dress Pants, Slacks & Wool Trousers Should Fit – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide

(classical music) Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity mentor stylist. This video is part of my
Men’s Clothing Fit Guide. To see the other articles
and videos in this series, visit this link, or click here. So, let’s talk about how your dress pants or wool trousers should fit. So unlike what I did with
my blazer fit guide video, I’m not going to lie
to you guys this time. I am going to repurpose
some of the footage I did in the video about how
your suit pants should fit. Because honestly, your dress
pants and wool trousers should fit exactly like your suit pants. However, this time I am
adding some additional footage because there are a couple
things you need to know that are very important about
wool trousers and dress pants in relation to how they fit. So without further adieu, here’s how your dress pants
and wool trousers should fit. Let’s take a look at
the waist and the seat. So the waist of your pants
should always fit comfortably, I mean you guessed it, around your waist. You don’t need a belt to hold it up and it should actually sit
at about the upper hip bone. Always suit pants will sit
higher up than your jeans would. Now taking a look at
the seat of your pants, which is the butt area, you want it to lightly hug your butt. It shouldn’t be saggy or too tight where where it’s going to literally seem like it’s going to rip if you bend or sit down. For the legs, you want to be able to pinch about half an inch of fabric on either side of your thigh. But no more than an inch. If you’re able to pinch more than an inch of fabric on either side, then have your tailor slim the legs. From your knee to your ankle, if you’re a thicker or wider build, you want to make sure your pants are cut straight down
from your knee to ankle. If you have a thinner or regular build, you want your pants to have a slight taper from your knee to ankle, where it’s more narrow towards your ankle. You want this for your
specific body type because it will help keep your body
proportions nice and balanced. So if you’re a wider built gentleman, you won’t look top heavy with
these tiny, little stick legs. And if you’re a thin or regular build, it will cut out all that extra fabric which will make you look extra skinny. Not something you want. And lastly, for the hem of your pants, you want a slight break. That’s the perfect amount where it’s nice and sharp and polished. What I do with all my clients
is that I have my tailor hem the pant so that it’s
slightly longer in the back. That way when you’re walking, it doesn’t show too much of your sock and then when you’re standing, it actually lays nicely along your shoe. So that’s how your dress pants
and wool trousers should fit. To see the dress pants and wool trousers that I recommend you own,
visit this link or click here. This video is part of my
Men’s Clothing Fit Guide. Check out my website for
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45 Replies to “How Dress Pants, Slacks & Wool Trousers Should Fit – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide”

  1. you didn't lie just learned something new :D.

    very helpful even in the legs part. I sometime feel that my legs are fine but when I see videos like your it just looks like they have a more healthier build then me. would these tips also help when buying jeans and chinos?

  2. Just stumbled across your channel. Great information and charming presentation!
    I was wondering if you could make a video about fit for guys who lift.
    I have this problem where anything that fits me around the chest ist way too big around my waist and there's a lot of excess fabric hanging from my back covering up the natural curve of my back.
    Which (literally)leads me to the second problem: I can't fit my butt and thighs in any pants without them being at least 2 sizes too big around the waist and even then they are rather tight. I'm not freakishly big or anything, it's just that I have this big drop between my shoulders and waist and this cumbersome squatter's ass.
    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  3. Just another tip regarding proportions: if you are shorter and of around average build, taper the pants slightly to keep proportions in check. Fully straight leg pants on shorter guys don't remove the shortness of height visually as well as a slight taper.
    Great video! Loved the part about the break and having the back slightly longer.

  4. Hi Ashley! I am more on the skinnier side, and was wondering if you have any suggestions on brands that tend to be more tapered from the knee down as you mentioned, or would I most likely have to get any trousers tailored for the more tapered look? Thanks, Jerome.

  5. Lol I never knew that trousers were supposed to be worn at your waist. I've been egging waist sizes that match my hips.

  6. I'm on the older side….as in 65. Do these principles apply to the seasoned man? I'm accustomed to pants fitting more loosely and the length being longer. Generally, I'm use to the back of the pant coming down to the top my shoe heal. Current men's fashion definitely has created a tighter fitting, slim hugging look. Just not sure how these rules apply to us grandpas. I do enjoy your videos and appreciate your fashion taste.

  7. Hello Ashley, Thank you for the videos. I want to ask something, how wide should the leg opening be? Thank you.

  8. is it better to get it a little tighter around the waist and bum in case
    they stretch, mine always start to get loose when wearing it.

  9. could you make a video on fashion with men who are short or more specifically men who are short and have shorter legs? I'm 5'6 but my legs are shorter/not proportional and my quads and calves are thick which makes me even shorter. thanks. 🙂

  10. Hey Ashley, thank you for the awesome video! I purchased two pairs of wools trousers for the fall/winter months. However, which type of dress pant would you recommend for the spring/summer months when its hot outside? I tend to sweat quite a bit and its very humid where I'm from… I've read your summer essentials e-book and I don't believe it's mentioned in there. I do have some chinos but I'm not sure if I should have something a little more formal for the summer.

  11. Okay, so I am done with fashion trends! I observed on ASOS men's pants style range from super skinny (think of Robin Hood: Men in Tights) to wide legs pants. I am sticking with what I comfortable with "classic fit." I got to work for a living and too trendy is questionable in my office setting.

  12. I'm 15 really skinny pretty short around 5 feet 3 inches and I just don't feel good in anything my pants are too loose its just a struggle and advice?

  13. I love the addition to this video, since at the begining I felt like it just meant for the well figure body type. But now, your review address more for multiple figure. I hope you can provide this kind of review in your video in the future. Great work!

  14. god the tailoring shops here at my place are like robots , they dont understand shits liek this and keep saying Slacks/Trousers shouldnt be skinny or fit cuz THEY ARE SLACKS jesus god

  15. "should always fit comfortably…around your waist."
    That's the hip you are putting your hands on, that's not the waist.

  16. Not all men all slimmer. At 1:45 she talked about pinching the pants in such a way that if we find more than 1 inch of extra fabric then we need to ask the tailor to slim it down. Before we slim our clothes first we must remove our bellies and if a belly man wear such slim pants it look terrible but instead the tailor will make his pant wider at the thighs with straight leg length. I had a woollen pant in grey colour but I observed that the woollen pants 4 times its length. The woollen pants gives a real warm effect on our legs during winter time. But after couple of washing cycles it will loose it shiny texture and becomes dry and old within 6 months.

  17. Ashly i usually wear 32 waist trousers but i bought the same size online but its too fit and its written on the pant :sharp fit.. Should i buy 34 size in sharp fit?
    Will the waist size of 34 in sharp fit perfectly fit in me?
    Please do reply..Thanks

  18. If you're a twenty something with a model figure maybe, but I prefer them sligtly longer and wider at the hem. If your middle aged you'll more often than not be larger. Narrow hem will look like your trying to be trendy, not good.

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