How I aerate and top dress my lawn

How I aerate and top dress my lawn

Here is my grass before aerating, very sparse and the colour isn’t very good I’ve tried dethatching and top dressing with sand last year. I’ve also put fertiliser down but still the same. 0.5m2 of top dressing from the local nursery They call it “Lawn Blend” Hired a Bluebird Lawn Aerator from the local hire shop Costs about $140 for half a day which includes trailer Gave the lawn a quick mow before starting Using this beast for the first time took a little getting used to, but after a couple of minutes I got the hang of it It really wants to pull away from you as you can see. The controls are pretty much on or off with no control of speed in-between. It’s great going up-hill as you don’t have to do much It’s a pain to move it in tight spaces especially corners. I should have used gravity and have it come back down instead. Lifting the machine causes the tines to engage. It had rained the last couple of days and this was the first day of sunshine so it’s a good time to do this. I hired the machine for half a day to give me enough time to not only aerate, but to also use the trailer to pick up some top dressing which you’ll see later. This machine is much louder than my lawn mower I actually didn’t think I needed to do this because I was able to push a screw driver into the lawn quiet easily But after being frustrated with the colour of my lawn and it being so sparse, this was the last bit of maintenance that I haven’t done Whilst doing this, I did a 10cm overlap… not sure if this was enough or not, but I did it anyway It’s bloody hard work on a slope! I’d like to do a retaining wall at some stage to have a level lawn Some irrigation would be nice too! Best to do this in the morning to give yourself enough time to do a top dress, fertilise and water all in a day Done 🙂 Here is the “lawn blend” from the local nursery Doing this in small parts to give myself some room for error Using rake to spread “lawn blend” so that it’s around 2cm high To be honest, I wish I used sand instead because this “lawn blend” had crap in it like stones, twigs, and even plastic! Using leveller to even out I didn’t film the next bit, but I added a granular fertiliser, and watered in well. Also helps the grass come through the soil And here’s the result after week 1 I’m happy with the colour and it’s much thicker than before

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  1. No belly laughs from me.   Running one of these hogs is the most difficult machine to master.  The important thing is that you recognized that getting it done was very important.  I just scheduled with TruGreen to aerate my rental properties in mid March.  It will be expensive.  $177.00 to aerate and $30.00 more to fertilize.  I may use peat moss to top dress because it will be easier to carry in my BMW.  In the past, I have used sand.  Your results speak for themselves.

  2. I really like your video. Very helpful. I have a very important question for you that needs an immediate response. That tool that you use at the end of the video after you drop down the topsoil. It appears that it is a stick or a pole with 4 rollers on it that spreads everything to perfection. What is that called and where can I purchase one?

  3. Been there and done that. I own the same machine. A lot of work for minimal results. I don't use the machine any more. Water and fertilizer gets more results.

  4. Good thinking using the trailer hire to pick up the top dress, you in the western burbs? How does the rest of your neighbourhood look like? Lots of new suburbs people don’t give a f about their gardens or nature strips and turns what would be a nice area into a ghetto

  5. These are a pain especially when your on a small median aerating near cars going by lock your elbows and you’ll handle it better.

  6. A little bit longer viewing at the end of the reinvogorated lawn would've done the video some justice. After watching all of that hard work, hauling, raking and leveling, the final lawn video clips were too short. But very nice results. Way to go.

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