How I Became A Textile Designer + Got My Designs in Anthropologie | MY STORY FOR DESIGN SUCCESS!

How I Became A Textile Designer + Got My Designs in Anthropologie | MY STORY FOR DESIGN SUCCESS!

Hey, what’s up fools, I’m Lauren of Lauren Lesley studio And today I want to tell you a little bit about my story and how I became I’m a portrait illustrator and a senior textile design her place out of Atlanta Georgia. But before we dive into the content Be sure to like this video leave a happy comment or question subscribe to my channel and Definitely stick around to the end because I have an awesome free download for you guys So I’m super excited that 4 of my rug designs are now selling at Anthropologie That’s like any designers dream The Ralia arrived on the left is a trendy updated Persian design. That is super cute and fresh colors The Stella rogue on the right is for someone with more of a glam style It’s in black and white and the pattern is made up of oversized Dalmatian dots the Rivera rug on this left is an abstract modern in neutral grays and golds and the Felicity rug on the right is a printed watercolor design in fun lavender pinks and blush shreds Here’s another modern design That’s on Wes Tom’s Instagram that has over 20,000 likes when I saw this, I could not believe my eyes. I mean You know in your mind as a designer, you’re still kind of nobody and then you see people liking your stuff and it’s just really rewarding as a designer and Adds a little bit of news some of my patio rug designs will be selling in Target stores next season So I’m super excited to see those in stores That’ll be another kind of WoW moment as a designer so you may be thinking How did she do it? Well, let’s start at the very beginning So here I am about four or five years old sometime in the late 80s Coloring like a maniac in my coloring book while my sister is patiently waiting on me to play with her. I’m Clearly in my own little world and I have to say not much has changed since then I still look a lot like this when I’m at my compute designing or painting some watercolor designs or patterns So not long after the Christmas that I just showed you My entire world shattered the day after my 6th birthday my dad passed away Later in life. I learned that he was terribly depressed and took his own life. So that was extremely difficult Growing up but my mom was my rock and she always made sure that my sister and I had an extremely happy childhood Here you can see how I grew throughout the year is kind of an alaria alaria Timeline thanks to soccer. You can see I’m in elementary school all the way up through high school My best friend’s, you know were always there for me and coming to grips with my dad’s death as a teenager was extremely difficult But my friends were there for me 1,000% through a lot of tears and confusion You know when you lose a parent that young I’ll say that you can’t totally process the finality of it So throughout your life you tend to grieve in waves, you know When you become a teenager you sort of understand a little bit more about what that means and that you’re not gonna get to see your dad again and that he’s not gonna be able to walk you down the aisle and your wedding and those kind of things and You know that you probably don’t think about as a six year old or even understand But I will say my mom did an amazing job raising us and the pool girls are still going strong This is a cute photo of our little trio Then when I went to college My heart was dead set on studying abroad and traveling to Italy. I had taken art history in high school and in college Got a 5 on the exam which I am no genius. So I think it was just the fact that I loved art So so so much and cut was kind of obsessed with it and learning about different Artists that had been masters and had been successful and had really shaped. The art scene of today was just fascinating to me And so looking back. I think I knew in my gut it was something that I desperately needed It was you know a play it was a such an inspiring country, I was meeting new people I was can with other artists and I had laser focus on creating art a hundred percent of the time which was huge for my growth So I’ll say if you have the urge to travel somewhere and you feel like it’s coming from a place deep within your soul You know not like petty comparison or that you want to have something cool to post on your Instagram But you feel deep in your soul that you are supposed to do this. Don’t ignore it Listen to it follow it with all of your might because this experience was life-altering for me And I know plenty of college students go to Europe and study abroad and it’s not that big of a deal but for me Coming from such a small town where you know with a family that never travelled outside of the US It was a really big deal for me So I came back to the US after this semester More confident and more determined than I had ever felt in my life. I Finished out my school graduating with a BFA in studio art with a concentration in oil painting so I had a lot of people in South Carolina a lot of adults, you know, quote-unquote adults that Loved to ask you know. Oh, like well, what are you gonna do with that? And so I Did have to make a decision when I graduated, you know, I could either go basically in two directions I could either go to graduate school and get my MFA but then it’s still okay Well, what are you gonna do as a job? Are you gonna be a professor? You know, that’s ten that tends to be what people do with an MFA or I could pursue something a little bit more commercial Which was not what I was had been doing in school and you know when I was painting I was doing more you know portraits and I don’t know self reflective work. Not obviously not anything commercial But I decided that not wanting to take out a gazillion dollars in student loans, and yes that impacted my decision I’m not afraid to say I Decided to take graphic design courses online and work as a nanny for a year, which I don’t regret at all and not long after I landed my first job as a t-shirt designer for a local spartanburg company in south carolina and During that four years that I worked out at the t-shirt company I opened an etsy shop I think I needed an outlet that was still a little bit more Drawing painting I at my t-shirt job. I ended up interviewing a lot of Other artists and designers and I just needed to be creating something myself so On my in my Etsy shop. I sold everything from like wedding invitations to tea towels to greeting cards then one day a Customer asked if I could design a character illustration, and I said yes, why not? So I posted the final design as an example in my shop in to this day I still sell tons of custom avatars for clients. It’s been a really big part of my business online so At my t-shirt design job, I kind of hit a ceiling and decided that I really needed to move on I really enjoyed drawing print and pattern designs and I had a little bit of that in my t-shirt design job And so that was something I really latched onto so I started applying for jobs as a textile designer I learned that that was something that you could do for a job, which I didn’t really know before I received an offer in Atlanta and it really felt like a huge fork in the road. It was a hard decision to move away from South Carolina my home but the longer I thought about it the more I realized it wasn’t that scary because if things didn’t work out I could always Move back home and I think the experience of studying abroad and going away from home Even if it was just for a semester really helped give me confidence in this decision as well So I made the decision to move away from my current boyfriend my friends and family and everything I knew to chase my dreams as a textile designer and in 2012 I started my second big girl job as a textile designer for Surya a prominent wholesaler of rugs pillows and home decor I Learned so much about rug constructions different types of yarn textile history and the entire home decor industry I went to high point lost New York, etc Germany for shows and just I was a total sponge soaking up all the knowledge I could So here are some photos of me hard at work styling the photo shoots for some of the products I had designed So a lot of people get confused and when I try to explain my job and they think that I am an interior Designer and that’s not the case at all Interior designers have more of a or their functionality is more of putting products together, you know And they design a room. Whereas I’m the design designing the products that go into the room however I did work with our photographers to style the products in such a way that it made it easy for interior designers to visualize and put together or for the in consumer who’s shopping online to visualize These products in a room and get an idea of you know, what they could put with these rugs or pillows or with their furniture So I I designed everything from easy transitional home decor and soft goods to like high trend tribal and boho collections I worked on everything from machine made rugs to flat weave rugs to woven rugs to natural fibers to hand-knotted to hand tufted all across the board I learned so much about all the different rug constructions and still love being innovative in that arena I do have some product development in My job description as well. So I help come up with rug constructions and new developments in rugs and pillows But in the meantime my side hustle has also grown tremendously I have started my own website Lauren Leslie comm and I sell tons of pre-made clipart. So remember back in 2011 when I started my Etsy shop and Someone asked can you design a custom avatar for me? And I said, yes And I posted it as an example in my shop and started selling those well because I was still working full time. I Didn’t always have as much time as I wish I had had to service customers one by one so I decided to create a ton of pre-made clipart and and Have that available for customers to just download As a super cheap option number one and a super fast option look you can literally have it immediately So I have three different poses in Each clipart listing and it’s just yeah and it’s an incredibly affordable way to create a logo or a professional brand for yourself If you are a solopreneur, or have a small business They also work as amazing graphics for websites blogs and different marketing materials I’ve also started a podcast called the design track which is available to listen to on iTunes and Spotify Super exciting and fun I love absolutely love doing this podcast and an exclusive Facebook group for a creative entrepreneurs and designers that you should totally join Now if you’ve stuck around this long you totally deserve a prize to get my ultimate 2019 trend guide for free Be sure to like this video again Leave a happy comment Please or question subscribe to my channel and look in the description below to download the link Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next video

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  3. I am sorry about your loss, I understand the fact of depression and mental health because I suffer as well. Thanks for the encouragement and understanding of the art world. I love art quilts and quilts and embroidery that I have done since I was 8 years old. I would like to design my own patterns for my quilts. this seems to be a strength. I have a background in design and what you do really intrigues me. Maybe I can take classes or hang out with other artists to create a flare for myself.Thanks for your information.

  4. I am sorry for your loss too. I just lost my dad last September due to health reasons. I enjoyed watching your video. Awhile back I had posted on Instagram a manipulation I had done to a photo on my cell. Then went on my merry way. I then get this comment: "Have you ever thought about taking your designs to a textile manufacturer? I can easily see some of your patterns and designs used for commercial and residential applications. I went everywhere I could think of locally to find out how to do this and hit a complete dead end. So I went and stuck this comment on the back-burner. Every so often it surfaces again in my mind.

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