How I got a new wardrobe for $0

How I got a new wardrobe for $0

You wanna embark on a new style? Don’t go straight to the
shops and buy new things. Shop your own wardrobe first. (electronic music) It is well over 30 degrees, it is too hot to be wearing a woolen bag on my head. So I have to admit something. I have been having a real style slump for the past a long
time, half a year maybe. I just can’t pin down my
style, the way I dress. I just can’t figure out what
it is, what I like the most. I know I like vintage
style, but do I like 60s, do I like 80s, do I like
90s, do I like color, do I like monochrome
outfits, what do I like? I have no idea! As a consequence, I’ve found it really hard to get dressed in the
mornings and really hard to design and make clothes for myself. And I’ve been losing a lot of
confidence with how I look. Well, I recently decided –
to get a new haircut! Ooh, that bag makes the hair
real bad, hang on, ta da! That’s why I had that bag on my head, it was a big reveal, ha ha! I don’t know why, but something in me really wanted a big hair change. And for some reason, I wanted it to be, this is what I told my hairdresser,
French bob from the 20s. Here was some of the
inspiration pics I brought in. And he delivered, hairdressers
are magic, I swear. And I absolutely love this new hairstyle. To go with this hairstyle, I wanted to now do my makeup in a 20s way. So that’s eyeliner and mascara
on the top lids. (twinkling) Blush in kind of circle shapes here on my cheeks. (twinkling) And a dark red lip slightly over-lining the cupid’s bow. (twinkling) I was thinking that was a
bit dark, you get the gist. Anyway, I really like
this new look on my face. I think it really suits
me, but unfortunately, the outfits that I’ve
currently been wearing, do not suit it. So then yesterday, when
my hair was all done fresh and my makeup was all nice, I stood in front of my wardrobe here, and I realized that most
of the clothes in there just don’t suit this new style at all! I pulled out a couple of
plain tees, this stripey one, but that was pretty much about it. So, what to do about it? Here’s the thesis statement of this video. So firstly, I did what
probably many of you have done when trying to figure out
style either for yourself of maybe for your house,
I made a Pinterest board. I actually made the Pinterest
board in collaboration with my best friend Katie,
who is very good at fashion, so I wanted her to help. First I sent her a photo of this haircut and this very bad video,
I don’t speak french. – Salut, je m’appelle
Annika, je suis Francois. I am sorry to everyone in
my audience who is French. She said to me, “Well you
wanted a french style bob, “maybe your clothes
should also reflect that “and be more French inspired.” And so this Pinterest board is
called Annika is French now. Anyway, my first thought
was on creating this board, on gathering a few styles was, oh look at all of these outfits,
look at all these styles, this is how I want to dress. But, then I also thought, I don’t have anything like that in my wardrobe. I will need to go and shop
for a whole new style. But then, I took a moment
and I thought about it. And a lot of these images
that I pinned as inspiration include fairly basic
pieces like tee shirts, high waisted pants in
a really timeless fit. Accessories like berets. I like vintage fashion
and a lot of the things I have are fairly timeless vintage pieces. Some pieces that I’ve been
wearing in quite 80s outfits could be restyled to be more
of this new style that I want. I’ve been wearing berets and neckerchiefs as like a sixties sort of mod style, but they could be worn differently. The point is I probably
already have a lot of the stuff already in my wardrobe, somewhere. And these pieces just need to be restyled. Some of them might need
to be slightly up-cycled, but I think I can do this
first either instead of, or at least before running off and going shopping for
a whole new wardrobe. So today I’m gonna be
shopping in my own wardrobe. The style that I’m trying to create is currently called – “Annika is French now”. “Je suis Francois” (translated to I am Francis) – but I’m sure
this is going to be highly offensive to all of my
French viewers out there. So it needs a new name, please
come up with one, thank you. And to all the French
people in my audience, I apologize greatly! Anyway, let’s begin shopping
through my wardrobe. Hello, it is me, Annika. I have different lipstick
on now because it is some hours later and I
had lunch and it came off and then I decided I wanted red instead. So I’m gonna go through my
wardrobe and create from that a little capsule wardrobe
which I’m going to put here. And then after I do that, I will do a little Lookbook at the end of this video of some of the outfits I have chosen. I think I’m gonna start at the
messiest part of my wardrobe. This is where my tops live. Let’s just… (grunting) Well, I’m committed now. So unfortunately, I think
a lot of this stuff, I love it but it’s too
colorful for my current style. In the time that’s passed
between the intro and now, I also went out with my friend Katie and I dressed in this red dress and I didn’t like it, kinda
felt like I was trying to be 16 year old me who’s just
discovered the movie Amelie which isn’t a bad style per se, but I’m 26 and I don’t wanna dress like I did when I was 16. So super cutesy stuff I think I’m gonna have to part with, like this cute sailor top. I actually think this was
a kid’s top. (laughing) Now don’t get me wrong, it
would look dope on someone else with a different style, but
it’s not what I’m going for. So things that are high-necked
and stripey like this, this is the kinda thing I’m looking for. I’m not just gonna do like all
French stereotype clothing, it’s not all gonna be stripes. (laughing) My new style is gonna be
inspired by contemporary French fashion, not a
stereotype of French people. Hopefully, nice high-necked
tops, yes, including this. Lace I think is something that I am going to include a lot in this wardrobe. A lot of this process has
just involved me holding things up against myself in the mirror. So like, you can see something like this, it doesn’t really work with my haircut, ’cause my haircut’s very
like 20s and vintagey. And this tee shirt’s very 80s. Whereas, something like
this, this definitely works with my haircut, so
it’s going on the rack. This top is fantastic, but it does not suit me anymore, (sighing) sadly I think I’m gonna
have to part with it. A cute silk top, yes. Not only am I paying attention
to the color and the fit of the clothes, but also
the material it’s made from. I’m going for a slightly
more sophisticated, sort of elegant look,
so I’m going for things that look well constructed and are made from sort of more luxurious materials. This is goin’ on the rack. Okay, this is a tough one, is stripey red just too on the nose or hmm? I’m gonna make myself a maybe pile as well and reconsider when I’ve
got all the elements of my wardrobe together. Maybe pile. Okay, so I’ve organized
all the tops that I have into three different sections. (bell ringing) These are
the ones I am keeping, that I really like that suit my new style. (bell ringing) And then this
is what the maybe pile became. It includes handmade
clothing that I can’t bear to get rid of ’cause it
took me hours to make. Clothing that has really
high sentimentality value and finally, some items that I just, they’re quite similar to
the style I’m going for or just slightly adjacent to it. I’m keeping some of these so
that I can redo this process in a whole year and shop
my own wardrobe again, when and if I get a little bit
sick of some of these items. And then (bell ringing) finally,
this is all of the stuff that I am going to be parting with. Now I’ve laid it out like
this so that I can take pictures of it and send
them to my friends. I have a bunch of friends
coming over tomorrow to do some sewing and I’m
going to surprise them with a little clothing
swap, not really a swap. I’m gonna surprise them by being like, hey, wanna take some of my clothes? And then after that,
anything that’s left over, I’m going to take to a
clothing store called Swop which is a clothing store here in Sydney where they buy your old clothing. So it’s generally good vintage pieces or high quality new clothing,
which all of this is. And then they either pay you
25% of what they’re gonna sell it for or they give you 50%
of that as store credit. Which is what I’m gonna go for. It’s fantastic, it’s like a
clothing recycling system. I know that these also exist in the US and also in Japan, ’cause I’ve been there. It’s called New York Joe Exchange. So if you have anything
like that near you, it’s a really good option
to recycle out your clothing and get new ones for free (laughing) using the store credit they’ve given you. And if they don’t take those pieces, then the rest of the high quality clothing that I am getting rid
of, I am going to take to my local charity store so that they can be recycled back into the community. Now I don’t have anything
that’s low enough quality to show you an example of
this, but if you did have like tee shirts or tops
that were falling apart, maybe not so good, I’ve
done this in the past, I put them in my scrap
bin so that I can reuse the fabrics so nothing is going to waste. Also, I’ve arranged all of these tops according to their color
in kind of a rainbow. The colors in these tops
will inform the pants and the jackets and jumpers
and sweaters that I keep. Also, this keeping rack,
this stuff on trial. If there are items in
here that I don’t wear in the next couple of months,
then they are being banished to either the sentimental
pile or the goodbye pile. And now it is time to repeat the process with pants, dresses, sweaters, shoes, accessories, you get
the idea, so time lapse. (gentle music) Ahh, all right, it is beautiful. And I am done, I am so
done, I’m goin’ to bed. I’ll see you in a few days for my outfits, which for you will be in like a minute or so, ’cause editing. I’m basically a time traveler, bye. Good morning, I gotta
say, it was a lot easier to get dressed this morning
then it has been in months. I am so glad that I spent
all of yesterday doing this because I love my outfit
today and I forgot I even had these jeans
and they’re so good. So I’m about to head out to
Swop where I already have a fair amount of store credit. I decided that I wanted a couple
more things to add to this. Just a few, one is flared pants because that was something
that I pinned a lot to the Pinterest board and I really like and I really want if I can find some, that would be amazing. A wrap dress would also
be a fantastic find. And maybe like a top or two,
like a structured fitted top would be really nice, I
don’t have too many of those. Wish me luck! I have been blessed by the vintage gods. I found five fantastic
things and I didn’t go over the amount of credit I still had at Swop, so I got them for fricken free! I got this beautiful
button-up structured blouse with blue and white pinstripes
and the cutest damn pockets. And such a cute stripey crop top. I found this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous dusty pink wrap dress. This really versatile, and
I think it’s like suede or it’s very velvety,
it’s really nice feeling. A pinafore dress and
the piece de resistance, I’ll stop speaking French,
I’m so sorry, flared jeans! As promised, it’s now time
for me to play dress-ups in my new wardrobe and show
you some outfits, let’s go. (jazzy music) ♪ Now give me the beat ♪ (scat music) Thank you to all my wonderful supporters for making this video possible. If you’ve learned something
or you like these videos and you want to ensure
that they keep on coming, and a lot of Adsense
demonetization and algorithms, go to
for a one-off contribution or to to support me on a regular basis. Stay wonderful and stay crafty. (jazzy music)

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