How I Styled a Black Oxford Shirt | Casual Men's Outfit Inspiration | Getting Dressed #29

How I Styled a Black Oxford Shirt | Casual Men's Outfit Inspiration | Getting Dressed #29

what's going on guys my name is Marcel welcome to my youtube channel one dapper Street and welcome to another episode of the getting dressed series where I show you how I put my outfits together step by step and kind of explain the thought process that goes into every single one of those steps today I want to be talking about this black oxford shirt that I picked up recently at Uniqlo and just show you how I style it so let's jump right in here you see the shirt in its entirety the shorts are just what I wear around the house these are not part of an outfit suggestion you'll see that it's a fairly slim fit but it's not super fitted it's an ox pterence a little bit relaxed but it's still a button-up shirt so it still has a little bit of a classy bottom I also recently picked up these super ripped up jeans from Zara which I really really like it's an all black combo right now but I'll be showing a fair bit of skin with the buttons unbuttoned and the nice almost entirely showing but that's where I started and then decided to really add to that all-black vibe with these sneakers these sneakers are all black suede skater sneakers from Akari floors not all black actually we have some white accents in there white laces and the white sole which is actually something as soon as I introduced white into an outfit I kind of want to pick it back up if it's the only spot it is at that point so now I'm adding a someone oversized white t-shirt from AllSaints that I'm wearing underneath the Oxford and then decided to button it down entirely because it just has a little bit more of a chill vibe when you already are wearing sneakers and ripped jeans it just worked better for me and then sloppily rolled up the sleeves on purpose and that I was already really happy with so today was fairly easy so now let's talk about the accessories that I used to finish up the outfit it's a pair of black dior shades that are really nice I think and a bunch of rings I think this look calls for it few rings from my buddies surged denim red in London and a couple that I got in a vintage store then I'm wearing my mum law watch with a black leather strap and right so a bunch of you have been asking me about this bracelet that is the bracelet that my girlfriend Hilda got for me it's engraved it says H loves em on the back and I will put a link for all of you guys down below that have asked so many times about it but that is pretty much to look for today keeping it simple a chromatic black and white I hope you enjoyed watching this entire process sometimes there's a little bit more to be learned when you switch things out today everything kind of just fell into place but I still hope that you got a little something from it I think an Oxford shirt is something that usually you'd think of a little bit more in a preppy way but it ended up being really Street and really rugged so maybe let's do a video on Oxford's and a few different ways that you can style them because I kind of surprised myself today when I first put on the Oxford and then what the outfit ended up looking like I hope you guys enjoyed that thank you guys so much for tuning in today let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section if you liked the video make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you're not subscribed to my channel yet make sure to change that because we've got a bunch more coming including the Oxford short video I by now already have kind of like my my heart set on that but let me know if you want to see that dumb below in the comments as well thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you very soon with the next video until then as always stay tuned I guess

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  1. Didn't know black Oxford cloth shirts existed. I would buy one if I could. Gives ya the "Doomer Preppy" look. You have my permission to use that!

  2. I hope he reacts to BTS ( a boygroup ) to see and and review their outfits even if its a band that does music but i really do wanna see him react to them

  3. Hope you guys enjoyed the video!
    Don't forget to follow me on for more style inspiration 🙂

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