How long without changing Ostomy bag? (Coloplast Sensura Mio 1 piece)

How long without changing Ostomy bag? (Coloplast Sensura Mio 1 piece)

How long can a colostomy bag actually
last before needing to be changed? Here are my tests coming up… Stomanner As you can see here a very bloated bag
which I’ve actually had for seven days now and looked after it by making sure
it’s not got this fall, emptying when it’s about half full. It seems to lasted fine through washing as well, the adhesive has been fine and some foods obviously
help the stoma as well and making sure you drink plenty. As you can see this is
a Sensura Mio 1 piece covex bag, I’ve chosen for several reasons and as I say it’s been
seven days, so my test is now to beat that and I’ll now remove this because it’s
starting to release a little bit under the adhesive away from skin, so i don’t
any leaks before we’re going to bed. I’ll change this and go on to the next test. Unfortunately my stoma has got the
better of me! We’re actually only one day into
wearing the bag, so i have to change it the output is very watery and quite a
lot, so I’m going to change and wait for another test. Also, I was wearing some
tighter trousers and my belt sits quite close onto the bag itself, that’s just
something to be cautious of there, to wear looser garments. So I will change
and take tests two. As you see, the brand new change bag. I’ll see how long
this lasts and if it goes past seven days. I change at night and actually find the
output is very little for almost 12 hours, so if you experience the same sort
of thing, let me know in comments and when you find is the best time to
change is? Fly on over to socialise on Twitter and Facebook channels. Here I
am at Legoland Windsor. I’ve now had eight days without changing stoma bag
and I’m going to go on some rides to give a further test. One of the perks of having the radar key. Here I’ve reached day 11. Just on a short holiday and just finish the shower, so the bags still slightly wet but you can see still
fairly well intact, no real problem’s, the only thing so far is a bit more smell
from the bag itself but all good, so I’ll carry on. Here I am at the eleventh day still and my bag is actually okay. There’s no leak, it’s got a bit of wear
and tear where it’s been on for quite a few days now but I’m going to change it! The
skin is slightly itchy, so I don’t want to cause any irritation there but I’ve
got today eleven! Fairly happy with that, well I beat my last seven day wear.
Obviously this isn’t recommended, this is just a test. The bag’s lasted a long
time. As you can tell from that I think it’s
only recommended changing ostomy bag once or twice a day or even every other
day. Continue with that but there we go, I shall change and see you in another video.
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