How Much is Your Outfit? CHINA ft. Jeff Staples & Crazy Outfits

How Much is Your Outfit? CHINA ft. Jeff Staples & Crazy Outfits

46 Replies to “How Much is Your Outfit? CHINA ft. Jeff Staples & Crazy Outfits”

  1. My outfit

    Off white hoodie 450
    Zara t shirt 15
    Glasses 400
    Earrings 2 (from wish lol)
    Supreme x champion pants 169
    Pharrell x human race (shoes) yellow 4000

    Around 5k

  2. Those two stupid pieces of shit CANNOT represent the majority of China. And all the racists in the comment are extremely gross btw.

  3. First I am ur fan from China I began to watch ur videos years ago,however I think this video kinda disappointed me.1,most Chinese can speak English.2,indeed “fake”is a big problem in China,but I think your video exaggerated it and misled people who don’t know China very well.
    3, the editing of this video is little weird and not as good as ur previous videos.
    Looking forward to ur new work ❤️

  4. 7:53
    if you needed someone to tell you those were fake, you're either pretending to be surprised for views or a certified dumbass. Your entire career is caring about things only because they're expensive and you can't spot immediately recognizable flaws on one of the most unique and popular sneakers

  5. i believe there were some language barriers among these people cuz no way for a disney t shirt worth at 200 dollars…. 200 rmb is more reasonable…

  6. Yo BRUH in the outro is that a Japanese restaurant called Murasaki???? like Xuhui District????

  7. Please come to Korea, a lot of my friends and i are comfortable that we have the best (and even most expensive) outfits. All love. <3

  8. never knew fake items were this expensive in china even when it's "MADE IN CHINA" and they sayin it 10k, 5k like it's nothin tf man…

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