How Much is Your Outfit? ft. ROLEX CHAIN!!! Tokyo PART 2

How Much is Your Outfit? ft. ROLEX CHAIN!!! Tokyo PART 2

wait wait wait there is also a part one to the series so make sure you do check it out there will be a link down below also check the right hand corner of the screen now enjoy this is part 2 by the D doesn't stem economy collaboration and this is a d dozen Olivia blank I'm wearing for dinner this also does a blank and then this is everyone knows basic boolean see ya one hundred you guys do the math I don't know crazy my heart is like ninety eight ninety does my neck gaiter like thirty per $30 my jacket $270 with my background cookies right my it's like $200 this is my teens is right all or like fifty fifty dollars with my pants it's divisive atop like $50 also my all mind if my skates hi it's like $90 is 150 so hakuna pants with $330 its authoring sushi $200 thank you for much this heart is Korean brand mystery huh 3/3 socks other 15 so much I want the shoes with the to do and today hey this is Adela it's kalyan blood it is $2,250 this is the unique hello this is Philippe it's my friend give me like present pasta please Tokyo game sick what are you wearing how much you spend today like I like this game this is Tokyo game look at ultimate child the crazy Oh shoes out here flexing in Tokyo you know 100 150 the bee lawn jockey 500 number 9 my teachers is come from gilded Just Peachy friend the the pass with the gap Jews is campus from telling us the has is confirmed in it I don't know I don't know shop yeah perfect plan thank you thank you beanie Wow chapter 4 co 50 yeah here's the part to like yeah whoa no no now before I leave make sure to leave a comment down below as to where I should fly and film how much outfit next I will be featuring your comments in the next video so make sure you all go crazy and comments get all your friends to comment down below because I might come to your city and film a video there hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to follow my Instagram and leave a comment on my latest post so I know you guys enjoyed the video you already know how it is I'm gonna go bye also made a damn snapchat I'm late guys if you want to follow my snapchat I'll leave a link down below or I'll just leave it here see you guys on my snapchat all my Instagram and peace so we have not reached the moment where I just you know break down the video because there was a lot happening there but those are some crazy people like Eli and Rolla like their pieces we just have to talk about because it's actually mad but yeah you already know what's going to happen I'm gonna go to the beginning of the video and check it out ok so she was really cool like everything she's wearing I don't know what it is with like the Japanese culture or something or like a Japanese team but like y'all be wearing like a D – well I guess the collab pieces and it's so like crazy like Loki or something I don't even know what its Olivia Lee this Phineas or track pants were but y'all like yeah you guys don't wear the basic stuff see it I was another thing loads of people had like neck warmers keeping them warm and stuff right that's not really a thing in like London there is too many people where stuff like that on this is supreme but like that's like once in a blue moon he got the pins I've been it all from Supreme as well I recognized two of them another photo but his pants yo those Levi's was so crazy I'm like super jealous I really want charles's that'll fit like that those denims were fired like I'm a big fan of those big big fan see that step ambush alive to chain I bought the orange one I just spent a really really cool and these fans were freaking fire what the hell acne fans man that's another thing whoa these I don't know what it is for like that era like dust at Brennan's really like come out of nowhere I didn't know become like such a big thing I've just seen everyone wear it like he has to salt another person the video has to jump up dude whether it is Brad come from I don't know anything about it we got Yoshi the homie everything was free this guy was flexing bro shout out to you Chi I love you bro we got rolling here just everything was free you know when you're like a celebrity of course you know big flex how alpha was really really cool the heroin dress was fire and this is got the camera on deck you know but a full hair on fit because we were had two hair and Preston you been in Tokyo waited the cone of a comma if you haven't seen our blogger then check it out on my channel highly recommend Nix it was fine it was really good day got the neon flex you already know dealer look this is the other at an error of a sweater and I've seen you all over my Instagram and I don't know anything about it all I know is Korean bass I'm not gonna like follow the trends jump on it I'm gonna try and find research on it and talk about it in our next video in the future but definitely if you're from if you know anyone who works to add an arrow please hit me up because I wish when you fly out to Korea and make a craziest video of you guys see these guys you're crazy bro his shades on man but to begin with his shades of might go to go yard like pouch yo these guys got went all-in brother's pants afire those sneakers they're just mad his outfit was crazy okay and any homey yo Eli you can't do that to us man you just killed it bro you killed it let me the chamber look at the chain the Rolex chain are you mad yet there I stood enough ice for days fanless he's just mad he's a madman he's a madman you're shot Eli Matt flex a jacket is five bro oh this guy has so much be done Butler again Annette Cuomo another one you know it's crazy it's a big thing in Japan man and the number nine jeans for $8.00 the first shop seen in Tokyo isn't mad it's just out of this world yo shelter gates and this is an example like this guy is just wearing like basic living those loads of like Gildan stores everywhere we just buy the basic clothes and it looks good you know you started it well like that's promised our post our oversampling how this beep this dude tony is mad and I actually just saw a star rookie wearing it double day as well so I don't know anything about this brand but it's freaking fire I really wanted a hoodie I look him onto the buy off him but his guys only 15 and he's flexing so hard he's actually mad yeah that was crazy Tokyo was like the best experience of my entire life I gave my resolution for 2018 was to go to Tokyo and I went to freakin Tokyo and I fucking loved it yo I was crazy in love of Japan but yeah you're on I started funny dislike off-topic right I bought a frickin like you know the hand a Chinatown guns where you cannot print on clothing like instantly I paid like $100 for it nine hundred hundred pounds man back in London paid a hundred pounds in this do I go on Japan's for this I got scammed and it was an Instagram ad that's the thing and I got scammed off Instagram yeah I'm not happy about that so we must avail for days anyway I'm gonna go I I guess that's the end of the video I'm going to be back in Japan next year and I'm going to be flying to all sorts of crazy places but yeah if you do make sure to subscribe I appreciate each and every one of you you know make sure you follow my Instagram and show enough love there because I do want to start featuring you guys on my videos but you know screenshot in your comments I'm putting it in my videos so I'm gonna go see you guys next time you made it this far don't leave a comment down below roots woods because you already know that wheat wheat movement is mad it's just a word I made up on my Instagram but yeah I'm gonna go so peace

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  1. gonna be honest, people only think Japanese people/people in Tokyo dress well because they haven't been to Seoul. every time a Westerner comes to Seoul, they're shocked at how well Korean people dress and the street style culture here. Japan is hella fuckin overrated in every way. i've been five times and i couldn't believe how much they DON'T care about the way they dress.

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