How Much is Your Outfit? – Milan Fashion Week

How Much is Your Outfit? – Milan Fashion Week

your there's so many vans come he turned out first pair of vans some H&M trousers Gosha crewnecks 160 tote bag was for free from my art school Brandon beanie box and Tommy Hilfiger this Marcel Birla for free 50 this kept Cointreau from the last fall winter collection box in collaboration we serve pasta in Italian traveler got this for 20 bucks where's the heart comme des Garcons with the little heart got this for $80 my watch 350 and my necklace for 500 yeah maybe for fun we know the maybe around like truck pants the IT specialist with the black soul yoga this may be one under that couch eveything look at this time machine or jackets maybe 50 um this one around 200 Koshiba 120 euros H&M like the understand telling us all night Hermes vintage about some is our parents fight 500 watch hmm tea about 25 adidas pants I think 50 the f1 low 100 and suddenly you were 160 Nike Shox 1910 and Rolly too much 250 why free t-shirt 150 just some jeans 100k shirt is like 60 bucks from Italian brand the pants are 60 bucks 20 telling friend bazzara is the jacket is from Zara by the customizing person this jacket was I don't know I got out of my mom's deposit this shirt was like 50 you us shoes were like and in the pants were 60 this is a sup guys I got a father like 80 or 90 I got this supreme back 40 these pants from the first drop for like 120 I scream for HP of why jacket go like 450-500 supreme shoulder bag hundred supreme MCA share key 17 awkward bells maybe 115 so I know pants like 200 and the winner for a hundred euros okay if you go shopping in Slam Jam the winner is ready to go shopping yes let's go he's now deciding between a cappuccino or Bianca tea the congratulations came through but picked up to Bianca tees that way

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  1. Bruh some of those kids just put on some expensive stuff and expect some real magic to make them look good, less money more style please

  2. I don't get it… they think they are so cool when their mom buys them all this.
    They look feminine and weird with handbags too its such a weird culture.

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