How Muslim Teens Hack Their Prom Dresses

How Muslim Teens Hack Their Prom Dresses

– A lot of the dresses we tried on, they’re like, yeah, not this one, mom won’t say yes. (jazzy music) – It takes a long time
to find clothes that will be acceptable for my parents. – I can’t imagine Noshin
in like a glittery, like, like… (laughter) (jazzy music) – So, I’m looking for something
more flowy at the bottom rather than a body fit dress. For the neck part, I would
like it to be high enough so nothing really is revealing. Sleeves would be more appropriate for me. – Every store I went
to everything was like, yeah, I can’t wear this one
’cause this one is strapless. I can’t wear that one
because that one has like a gigantic slit. I can’t wear that one because
that one neckline goes all the way down. I can’t wear that one
’cause there’s like mesh that, and like, it was just very hard. – It’s like on the rack,
you like the view of it and then when you take it out, you… – Yeah. (jazzy music) – A lot of Muslim girls
had to modify the dresses that they buy just to
make it more appropriate. – You can try it like that… – Over the other one. – The good colors that work
with like our skin tone are like navy blue, maroon and like, emerald green. Everything else is like,
it could be a hit or miss but those colors like always are good. – A lot of the time like if they have like a little cap sleeve, it’ll look too much like a kid’s dress. It’ll seem like they like
just took like a dress that little kids would
wear, with short sleeves and they like added a gown to it. And like as you got more modest, it seemed like something
that little kid would wear or something like an old… – Yeah. – Older woman would wear. So, it’s hard to find like
– The in between… – nice, modest clothing for like, teens. (jazzy music) – I wanted to find the
red one that was nice. And this was like… I didn’t see this on the floor… But I’m digging this dress. – This is the dress, like the
first dress I ever tried on and I’m gonna get this one too. – I think it’s a sign. – It is a sign. – Yeah, I’m really liking this dress. It’s very unique. I never thought I would
be wearing a floral skirt. Its not an actual dress, it’s a skirt, and we made it work with the undershirt. – I know we were worried at first that it would be too revealing, but the under looks so good. – Yeah, I think we did
a good job fixing it. Halalifying it. – [Male Voice] You guys can keep them. You can keep all your dresses. – Really? – [Noshin] As long as you know who you are and you know your beliefs you’ll be okay.

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  1. And this is what I call ignorance. Listening to CNN blah blah blah blah. From other ppl, u think what they say is always the truth and so u think that all Muslim girls wear hijabs. Wooooooow dipshitssss

  2. Reminds me of my old days when I had to wear leggings with dresses or wear a t-shirt underneath low cut tops. Wouldn't go back to those days! lol

  3. I actually know why Muslim women wear hijabs, it's really messed up(religious stuff). If someone you know is Muslim and doesn't wear a hijab it means they are not religious, not that that is bad.

  4. what's the big deal about how Muslim women dress….what is the point of even making these video……😞😕😕

  5. I’m muslim and most of the time at our parties and weddings women and men are separated so we don’t face those problems hehe

  6. I relate- Im a Christian- so I get the modesty thing and it is impossible to find a dress that is flattering AND modest

  7. "As long as you know who you are and you know your beliefs, you'll be okay" – words to slay by.

  8. So when Muslim parents dictate how much skin their daughters show, it's religious expression, but when Catholics or Mormons do it it's oppression? Sexism is sexism. Stop justifying shaming girls on the grounds of religion.

  9. The struggle is real sometimes you find a dress that you love at first sight but then boom it's reavealing or too short or sleeveless

  10. Omg yes what I needed even though it’s not prom season and I don’t get to go to prom until 2020. I have problems with slits, mesh, neckline, arm length etc

  11. Ok to all the chicks in the comments here (Ik there’s bound to be a good bunch of y’all) talking about why they should be wearing the hijabs if there Muslims and all that go do your research. For the love of everyone please do before you start stating facts and attacking people with slightly differently beliefs from yours. There have been many arguments throughout the years on where the Quran says that women must cover their heads. There is one thing in certain though that it says to protect your modesty. (I am a Muslim teen from the UK so don’t you lot say I don’t know anything.) (this is a good one to watch) (a Muslim woman wanting the headscarf to be banned) (why men should observe hijab first and why they can’t force women to)

    I gave lots of articles that I’ve looked through so I have a bit of knowledge. I do not know how to interpret the Quran and so on.

    I’d also appreciate it if I wasn’t attacked for saying in what I believe. Would welcome other intelligent and factual arguments though.

  12. This is haram they can’t go to prom because that is for boyfriend and girlfriend AND DANCING, and the dresses they were wearing are not follow the dress code of Islam

  13. Honestly, I don’t like wearing shorts or tank tops anyways, it’s a personal preference of mine so it’s not really a problem. And my parents fortunately are quite open about the things I wear so yeah. And I don’t wear a hijab, I just dress modest, that’s all, I’m quite happy and really glad my parents aren’t as close minded as some other Muslim parents

  14. why there is a acceptance like muslims shouldnt show skin or hair!! nah ıts change from one muslim to one ı could wear all the dresses in this video they were not even that revealing skin

  15. Ok y’all it all depends on how each Muslim girl views herself in the presence of God. Some of us don’t wear sleeve less dresses but do wear half sleeves. Please educate yourself before commenting because I know for a fact that most of u don’t know anything. If we can appreciate and love your cultures then u should be able to do so for us. Thanks

  16. Cultural differences I am a Muslim and Turkish so for me this is weird like what their doing is so extra why would you wear something underneath the dress tf

  17. Ngl as a Muslim female they didn’t do much hacking
    When hacking a dress as a Muslim you have to find a dress that will look good with your hijaab and won’t class and is covered in all areas but still look beautiful and elegant with it
    I sometimes buy a dress with a slit and sew it up and the more details on the dress the better but as long as it’s hijaab friendly you’re good to go !!

  18. I'm not Muslim but I thought this was really clever and turned out really nice looking. I like how they mixed and matched the shirts and dresses

  19. This should probably be called “how to find appropriate prom dresses” because I’m not Muslim but I don’t want to wear a dress with a slit, low neckline, or bodycon material.

  20. I love a dress I have. It's orange with big flower patterns on the skirt. Long skirt and long sleeve ofc. I match it with a beige hijab.

  21. Muslim girls aren't the only ones looking for modest formal dresses, there's really a huge gap in the market for them. Not everyone wants to show off their "assets", I'm glad these 3 were able to get beautiful dresses, without compromising their beliefs and standards.

  22. If you interest in modern muslim's fashion… maybe you should check this keyword on Instagram or pinterest "hijab fashion Indonesia"

  23. To all my muslim girlfriends out there. I will recommend u guys to check out on Neelofa / Vivy Yusof (Malaysian muslim celebrities whom still keep updating their fashion style in modern and fabulous ways) plus they are successful businesswomen too! Check them on their youtube channel or instagram @neelofa / @vivyyusof

  24. I don’t know why they bother. They can’t make something haram into halal. This is completely wrong in Islam. May Allah guide them. Ameen.

  25. I am 11 year old muslim girl and I have more faith then them because muslims MUST cover themselves and PROM!?!? You are not allowed to be with men

  26. I'm a Muslim and all I need for a dress is it to be short sleeves because I can just wear tights underneath. Any ideas or stores where I should buy it from?

  27. On the final day the girl in the floral dress posed so terribly in the picture she did look pretty tho 😐😋

  28. Basically if I ever wore a dress that is too short , shoes ANY cleavage, has a slit , has shoulder straps or off the shoulder which don’t cover my shoulders MY PARENTS WONT LET ME GET PUT THE HOUSE

  29. It's not that difficult finding modest dresses… I buy in normal stores and don't ever have to "hack" because if you look around you can easily find something suitable to you.

  30. Thats not good to be a Muslim, islam is a evil stupid bad religion, I feel sorry for people who are Muslims, please leave that religion

  31. Honeys yours or your parents believes? I am VERY tolerant woman however at some point these believes that modesty makes you a better person, just get on my nerves. And we all have to somehow sign under these believes we actually, thank God, thought off decades ago.

  32. I like how they say muslims around the world dress in many different ways depending on religion 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Im muslim, and my parents are too. We are considered as religious but We are not very very strict and modest. So i do not have problem with buying dresses.

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