How NOT to Wear Makeup – PROM!

How NOT to Wear Makeup – PROM!

(upbeat music) – Ugh.
– Eh. – Ugh.
– Eh. – Eaugh
– Eeh. – Hi guys!
– Hey guys! Awesome!
– It’s our favorite time of the year!
– I’m so excited! – It’s prom!
– Bob asked me to prom! – Bob?
– Yeah. – Oh, I’m sorry you’re going
with somebody named Bob. – Today, we, as you can tell, are like super knowledgeable about prom. My dress is riding up on me. – We already have our hair done, already have our outfits picked out. Now we’re gonna show you… – We left the most
important thing for last. – Well we had to show them
how we get ready for prom. – Do you guys want to get ready with us? Yeah? Let’s do it!
– I’m starting off with foundation.
– All right, my brush smells real good, I’m going to use Nyx Invincible, just like…
– Full Coverage. – Yep, mine’s in medium beige, and I can’t find my beauty blender and… – Hey, back in the day,
people used brushes. ♫ Squirt it on the brush
like a pancake batter ♫ All right, one thing, oh. – Here’s mine’s a little pale. – That’s a lot, but you know what? it’s a long night so,
– Oh, my gosh. – Back up.
– What if I gave myself print like my dress.
– Ooh, you could go leopard. – Is that too much?
– Too much. – And I know all of you guys are like, “Oh my gosh, don’t mess up your dress!” We’re professional, so. We put make up on in
fancy gowns, all the time. – Because this is the most important night of your life, second most important, next to your birth, which may
or may not have been at night. I’m, we’re using concealer
to conceal all the bad areas! All of your under eye. Who invented the under eye area? – Some jerk that needs to be fired! – Nobody wants to have an under eye, we want to erase it.
– If you’ve seen any of our tutorials, you would know that we’re not afraid of concealer. – Just kinda like where needed. – I’ll probably need more, we’re just gonna see what this looks like. And it’s lookin’ bright.
– There’s my chin! I completely recommend a beauty blender for all of this, but I do
not know where mine is so. Improvise, get that nose. – In case you wanted
to get this exact look, I used the Maybelline Master Conceal. – Anything will do.
– Nailed it. – Time for some bronzer
and we’re going deep with this, we’ll load it on. – All of the bronzeness ♫ Is going on my face ♫ Now we all know the three E method, so just work with that.
– It’s a great option if you were unable to get your hair done, I mean it’s a great
option if you’re unable to get your make up done professionally. – Also if you don’t have a spray tan, and or, a tan you did yourself, this’ll make you look nice, and glowy and warm and tan.
– Dallas never fails me. Don’t be afraid to tag team. I’m just not feeling the level of tan that I’m looking for here. – Feeling like I need to
add a little more highlight, cause I’m gettin’ a little
out of control here. Use a little bit of this highlight here, nice and shimmery, shiny, shimmery. – Blend it.
– Mm hmm. – Also, if you didn’t know,
prom is all about the glitz. So the shinier and more
sparkly your face, the better. Gotta find my chin again, there it is! – I’m really carving out my nose. Somethin’s happenin’ – I really love a good nose. – All right, I think we need something to lock down the eyeshadow on our eyes. – I was thinking the same thing. I wanted to move to the eyes. Let’s get our eyes nice and – Primed.
– Ready. This is double whammy, cause you’re getting a little bit of shine, and it’s gonna make your shadow stick. Tag team. Back again, party on, people, let’s begin. – Whoomp there it is! Thought you knew.
– Awww! – Faaabulous. We’re gettin’ there. Now I really want some color, for my look. – I was feeling a little 80’s inspired. – Really?
– Yeah. And I thought, what better way to represent with my dress, than to do blue eyeshadow? – I think that’s the perfect, and I think the predominant color going on here would be lika a…
– Like a lime a lime green, yeah. – So maybe lime green
with an accent of purple? – Maybe. – You’ve got a nice array of colors here. – I’m feeling so excited about this. And, begin
– Apply. – You really just want to pack it on there it’s gonna be a long night
and you really want… – You’ve got dinner, dessert and a dance. – your eyeshadow to hold
up for the three D’s. – Elsa’s popular. – Don’t worry if you drop some green down onto your cheek that’s just gonna add to the overall effect of what you’re doing on your face. Oh it’s so Mardi Gras! – Watch the fall out, boy. – All right, so we’ve taken some beautiful purple liner under our lashes. – Love it.
– Beautiful! Now you can’t do the same look because you don’t have my dress. – But you can get inspiration from it. – Inspiration, don’t copy me. – Think I need to go even darker. So we’re going for the darkest blue. Not quite navy, a nice cobalt. Now you can’t see this, but I can. You can see it a little bit. But my dress is very peacock inspired. – I want to see your peacock, cock, cock. – They might want to. And so, I’m going to try to accentuate with a little thing that
I like to call gold. I think we’re kinda gonna
line the rim with some gold. – I’m taking this purple
and flicking it up. Just flick, and it’s gonna give you shaded ombre affect going over your eye. I took art once.
– I took it twice. – In like sixth grade. It was mandatory. – I was really good at calligraphy. – Oh I’m so feeling this Mardi Gras look. – Gold really makes my
eyes pop, really pop. – Oh my God. Almost feels slightly like a superhero. – Like superhero prom. – That’s exactly what I was going to say. – Yeah.
– But I wanted… – You’re gonna rescue all the boys – I wanted an official title. Like an official…
– Leopard Girl. – Oh my God.
– And I’m Peacock Girl. And we’re gonna rescue all of the boys. – Just need a blender
to make some cocktails! But not really, cause this is prom and we’re not old enough to drink so. – Nobody spikes the punch. – They’re mocktails! – Let’s give ourselves some eyebrow bones. You also want to make
the inner corner pop. Pachoo! Pachoo!
– There it is. – I don’t feel like I have enough eyeshadow on, so what
I think I want to do, is extend it a little
bit beyond my natural eye because I am a free bird. – She could do, she does what she wants! All right, more on the lower lash line because more is more.
– I love it. – I also love it. Now, one thing you might not know, is my dress also has blue in it. – Uh oh, you know what that means? – Gotta work it in.
– Where’s it gonna go? – I don’t know.
– So beautiful! – If you’re not able to
complete your look I understand. This is a lot to go up against. It can be very intimidating. – I’m gonna put some
of this shimmery stuff on my eyelid and then see if
the glitter sticks to that. – I’m nailin’ it. A beautiful, spring, yellow, purple ombre gorgeousness on my face. – I don’t think you’re
ready for this jelly. – I really think that I need some subtle spots. So I’m just gonna see what happens. – My eyes are so glitterful.
– They’re beautiful. We’re just gonna put some
green spots on our face. I think that sounds like a good idea. – All right, I’m really
thinking that our looks could be better defined by
a little bit of an eyebrow. – I definitely think we need an eyebrow. We always love a good strong brow. – This is your time to create
whatever eyebrow you want. Also want a nice arch, ’cause you know what a nice arch says? – What does it say? – I’m intrigued, yes
I will dance with you. – I’m interested. You just give ’em, and then they know. I mean, who wouldn’t
want to dance with that? Also very trendy to kind
of brush your brows up. It gives them more of a furry appearance. – And who doesn’t love
a cute furry animal? – I love them. You’re the peacock,
I’ve got all of the cat things going on over here. – I’ll be the bird to your cat. – I might eat you, but don’t worry. I’m not a real, I’m a person. Furry brows on lock! Somethin’ ferocious. – I am so intrigued! – I’m using the Nyx Two Timer pen eyeliner pen because this is the only two timer that’s gonna
be happening today, oh! – I’m using multiple eye because I have multiple eyes, duh. I know that I like a good wang covered in hot sauce and dipped in ranch. – Oh my God ranch is the best!
– Yeah. – And then you get to lashes and mascara and it’s clearly not enough. – I’m going for the, going for the multiple wing eye thing that looks kinda like I
have lashes on the edge slash a little bit Black Swan.
– Oh! – Do you love it?
– I love it. – It just came to me.
– Uh, after I do it on one side, I get so
tired for the other side. – Take a break. (sighs) Practice your dance moves. (upbeat music) – Oh no, oh no look what happened. – Oh no!
– Oh. I love it, it looks like leopard print! – Time for blush
– Done! Statement Red, I do believe
we’ve used this before. – I do believe we have too. All right, cheek time. Boom. – What better mascara than Badunkadunk? – Make sure it’s extra coated. – I don’t want to be excessive. – I can hear it now! Prom Queen! – Time for lashes! Who goes to prom with out lashes? – Not this girl. ♫ Fabulous ♫ – Due to the loss in
lighting that we experienced, we have turned down all
of the studio lights because we have got to
finish before we go to prom. – Oh my gosh, I am so mad that we weren’t using this diva
room light the entire time! – Now we’re divas!
– What! Time to put on our lips. I’m using Maybelline Rebel
Bloom’s Orchid Ecstasy because I’m a rebel and I’m in bloom. – All right, lipstick. I’m using Matte Diva because I’m a diva. And because we’re stupid and didn’t use the diva light to show you guys what we’re working with.
– What? I shoulda exfoliated,
that’s all I’m saying. If you ever wanted to overdraw your lips tonights the night. – I always overdraw my lips hashtag Kylie Jenner wannabee.
– For life. It’s fabulous.
– It’s marvelous, it’s prom! Feel beautiful.
– So we hope you enjoyed these fabulous looks for prom,
we want to see you guys recreate these looks so
go put on a prom dress and do your make up
– Work it. – and send us a photo. – Hashtag prom with EG! And we will share that
and follow you guys! So go do that. – If you love this look and think it’s the most fierce prom video out there, be sure to like it and share
it with all of your friends. – Don’t forget to check
out all of our other videos subscribe, ’cause, we’ll
do more of these, duh. And, we’re gonna talk to
you guys on another video, so very soon.
– We sure will. – Bye guys!
– Bye! – Happy prom!
– Have fun at prom!

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