How Should A Dress Shirt Fit? – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide

How Should A Dress Shirt Fit? – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide

(playful piano music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston, I’m- (playful piano music) Hi, I’m Ashley Weston, I’m a
celebrity men’s wear stylist. This video is part of- sorry I said everything
like a question mark almost. (playful piano music) This video is part of my
men’s clothing fit guide. So today I wanna talk about how
your dress shirt should fit. I have Michael here to help me demonstrate how your dress shirt should fit. So let’s start with the collar. Now, hopefully you know your neck size, so grab a shirt, a dress
shirt in your neck size, and put it on, button it all the way up. Now, how do you know if
the collar fits properly? Well there is a test to figure that out. You should be able to comfortably fit one finger in the inside of the collar. Now a lot of sites say you should be able to comfortably fit two fingers, however the collar is too
large if two fingers fit. So I can only fit two fingers in, by choking him. So one finger comfortably fits in, this is the perfect collar fit. Moving down to his shoulders. The shoulder seam of your
dress shirt should end where your shoulder starts sloping down. Anything past that, it’s too big, anything before that, the
dress shirt is too tight. Moving on to arm holes. Your arm holes should be cut high enough but it shouldn’t restrict your motion. So with this dress shirt
that Michael has on, the arm holes are actually cut, you’ll see this once he puts his arm down, they’re cut a little too
high for my preference. It’s digging into his
underarm, which you don’t want. So we actually want an arm
hole that’s a little bit lower. You wanna make sure though, that you don’t have your
arm holes be so low, it’s such a big opening, that you have all of this excess fabric. That’s what you don’t want. Sleeves. So this is the perfect example of how your shirt sleeves should fit. It’s not too tight, where
it’s hugging his arm, nor is it so loose that it
billows and bunches at his wrist. So what is the perfect sleeve length? Well the perfect sleeve length
is when you button the cuff, that it ends- the cuff should end right at the bend of his wrist. That is the perfect sleeve length. Now I personally think that this shirt sleeve is actually
a little too short, because you want a little bit of bunching, just a tiny bit of bunching
so that when he bends his arm, it doesn’t ride up so much. Speaking of cuffs, there
are two types of cuffs. There is a French cuff, and a barrel cuff. So I have Michael in a barrel cuff. Now no matter what kind of cuff you have, you wanna make sure that when buttoned, it fits comfortably around your wrist, and ends at the bend of your wrist. So this is the perfect length. You wanna make sure that it doesn’t go past the bend of your wrist, if it does, the cuff is too large. How should the body of
your dress shirt fit? Well you wanna make sure that
you can pinch no more than two to three inches of fabric
on either side of the body. I don’t care what your
build is, if you’re skinny, or you’re a larger guy, there’s no excuse for billowy folds and
tons of excess fabric. Let’s talk about dress shirt length. The reason why I bring
this up is because I see so many guys wearing
their dress shirts untucked. Dress shirts are cut, generally, longer, because they’re meant to be tucked in your pants so that they stay tucked in. So when I see these men wearing
their dress shirts untucked, where the length literally
hits past their crotch, it looks horrible. So you wanna make sure if
you are gonna have your dress shirt untucked, it
should end around mid crotch. That is the proper length for
an untucked collared shirt. However, with dress shirts, they are not meant usually to be
tucked- or to be untucked. So make sure you have that
tucked in at all times. Like I said before, this video is part of my men’s clothing fit guide. Thanks so much for watching. Check out my website for
a more in depth article, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this. I’ll see you in the next one. (playful piano music)

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  1. This channel is seriously pretty amazing! I follow all the big names in men style and felt I knew a lot…

    I actually just took 23 dress shirts to the tailor because I just didn't know what the exact fit of a dress shirt was. This info is priceless!

    P.S. – The production quality on this is superb. (Do you do it all yourself?) I wouldn't be surprised if you had 50x the subscribers in a few months.

  2. wow.. i am glad i found this channel… your videos deserves many many more views ashley…. this channel is going to do very well in the coming days.. god bless you.

  3. As a long time sufferer of baggy dress shirt syndrome (very, very difficult to find shirts that fit right off the shelf/rack) I am going to add that I have never had any success with the 'military tuck' and I definitely did get a much better fit by having a cheaper shirt tailored as an experiment.

    However, when you do have a shirt tailored make sure you do not make the same mistake I did and have back darts added as well! Back darts will make a lot of shirts look weird.

  4. It is literally very helpful. I started altering my shirts just as it said. Thanks a ton for the information..

  5. Hi Ashley, thanks for the great explanation. I have a question. There is a crease below the upper button. Some of my shirts have it as well. I consider it a flaw and don't feel comfortable wearing it. Am I wrong?

  6. Two ways to make sure shirts fit great. Possess a Brad Pitt like Fight Club physique – check. Get the shirt tailored to fit exactly to conform to your body – check. Great video as always Ashley.

  7. I discovered your channel just yesterday and already learned so much. Thank you Ashley for the useful tips.

    Speaking of tucking, can you do an episode on the different ways to tuck your shirt? I'm especially curious to learn the best way to keep them tucked and not ride up. Thanks!

  8. Any idea of where to get shirts that fits someone that in and between a small and a medium? I like shirts (casual and dress shirts!) but its always something I hate buying. I tend to wear small to have a good fit, but because of my shoulders I need to go a size up which messes all.

  9. Can you please make a video on the most important essentials for a teen to have. As much as I love all these things you show, 90% are too expensive for me, so I can't have them all. So even if you made a video on what order to buy these essentials that you have talked about, that would be so so helpful.

  10. I have worn 17/34 in a full fit with good results, but I bought a nice shirt in the same size but slimmer fit, and the cuff rides up when I bend my arm. When I am driving, I it is a good 2" from my wrist. I am thinking that 17/35 might be better. What do you think?

  11. Hey there…This video is a great work from uh and it helped me a lot..Bt can uh plz make a video on trousers… that how should it fit…? And what kind of material is much appropriate..? I used to wear NARROW NO-BREAK Trouser and a liitle stretchable material so my legs doesn't stuck in trouser when I narrow it.. and yeah thanks for these beautiful tips..

  12. Thanks for this great guide Ashley. I completely agree that there's no excuse for billowing at the waist on shirts. I have been trying to find off-the-rack shirt companies that have a tapered fit rather than just the typical slim fit that I need to get tailored at the waist. In searching online I have come across Batch Men's, Hugh & Crye and Express Athletic Fit. Can you recommend any?

  13. It would be really nice if you could show bad examples, I think it would make certain things much more clear. Keep rocking thous great videos.

  14. Its great getting clothing advice from a woman for a change; I mean women are one of the main reasons men decide to dress well

  15. Question…So I went to a fancy shop today i was measured and it appears I am 15 neck 36 sleeve. Basically no store seems to have these two sizes together. is it better to go for 15 34/35? oppose to 16.5 36/37?

  16. Hello Ashley! I've been watching "Friends" and I'm shocked by how the male characters were all dressed in oversized shirts and jackets. After a while it's so annoying to see. Thank you for this guide.

  17. Why is everyone hating on the guy so much? He is hot af (OK I admit in a pretty intense way but that's not bad at all)
    I also dig the eyes 😉

  18. Ashley is so picky in this one.
    Everything she points out, Michael’s just like, “Wait, what?”
    And sleeve length is a matter of personal preference.
    I, for one, like a length that hits in between the top of thumb knuckle and above that creating a seamless image without the billows. Some people like it a little longer but there are no rules depending on what you’re going for.

  19. Hello Ashley,
    Thank you so much for all of the details on how the dress shirt should fit. I have been wondering and there has not been a source with such detail descriptions.

    Subscribed and will follow your channel.

    Keep rocking 😀

  20. I find that when i wear 34/35 the arm fits right but if i lift my arms in the air, the shirt comes untucked. Is this normal or is my shirt too short? (6ft 2in. 145lbs)

  21. High armholes are a sign of sartorial quality. They exclude a lot of customers, but they allow for more movement and hugging without the shirt coming out of your pants. Italians like to hug.

  22. cute girl. And I would recommend Yeabarron custom shirt online to customize – you might go through the professional customization process until you find the best fit but Amazon makes that process pretty easy

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