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Spider-man Self improvement #1 and this is a special outing. It ties directly back into our video on how
Spider-Man got his black costume. If you’re ready to go back down the rabbit
hole hit that like button. So Spider-Man’s famous black costume that
would become Venom was initially submitted as a concept by a fan in a response to solicitations/contest/begging
for ideas done by Marvel back in the 80s. However, his first concept was very little
like what ended up being published. Aside from both costumes being black and having
built in webshooters/augmenting spidey pretty much everything is different. Randy Schueller the fan who submitted the
idea was paid 220$ by Marvel Editor at the time Tom De Falco and offered the chance to
write the script however after a couple of back and forths it fell apart and Marvel ended
up going with their own idea. But now for the first time Randy Scheuller’s
original idea has been written into comic book form kinda there are still changes, but
the coolest part of this issue that makes it worth picking up for any behind the scenes
fan is the end. Which has Randy’s original idea submission,
his pitch and the really brutal corrections made to it by Tom De Falco. Stay to the end cause I would have cried if
I’d gotten some of these notes. So are you ready to take a peek through the
looking glass of what a world could have looked like where Spidey got his black costume another
way well then get ready for Burn Job by Peter David all around licenses property be it comics
or tie in novel connoisseur. Check out his star trek tie in novels if you’re
into that kind if thing which I am they’re amazing. And he has based his story off of Randy’s
original pitch. Th story opens as many Spidey tales do with
him berating himself he’s dived in front of a woman to stop her from being burned and
he’s just pondering all the other ways he could have dealt with the situation without
being burned he even calls himself a dummy so in short he’s in character. The woman he’s recusing actually has to
get the fire hose to put him out but the villain is still on the scene and it turns out it’s
firebrand and ok a weird thing happens here where bear with me there have been multiple
firebrands across dc and marvel in marvel there have been 5 firebrands the costume you’re
seeing here belongs to the first firebrand it’s bright extra, has an fight the power
first on the centre because the first firebrand was a radical activist before he became a
supervillain after things well they went too far. But this is the second firebrand Russ Broxtel
and I fell down a rabbit hole trying to see why they had had the same costume for a bit
I went full nerd, you never go full Nerd. He was part of an eco terrorist group so I
guess he felt he could keep the fist. None of that actually matters I just felt
like sharing…the more you know. You know for when you really need to know
about the first 2 marvel firebrands it’ll happen just wait for it. Anyways Spidey is down for the count and badly
burned thankfully Johnny Storm of The Human Torch of the fantastic four shows up to fight
fire with fire, cause that’s going to be super efficient. Really he’s there cause The Human Torch
and Spider-Man are really good friends best friends and they had the pettiest of starts
to their friendships it was glorious. Even though at this point Peter hasn’t told
Johnny who he is still makes more sense than Hal and ollie’s friendship no I’m never
going to let it go. Thankfully firebrand leaves rather than get
caught in a stalemate and Johnny takes Spidey back to the baxter building to heal. There we learn that Reed Richards Mister Fantastic
a character who I love to hate took it upon himself to make spidey a new costume cause… I dunno he was judging him for how sad his
costume was for how not made of unstable particles it was. So no joke one of the inventions Reed is known
for is the Uniform Computer which is what makes the fantastic four able to use their
powers all without damaging their uniforms all while looking fly. So he’s made Spdey the black costume and
it has randy’s original pitched colour scheme Black and red. For maximum edge. The suit is flameproof has webshooters built
in that response to Peter’s thoughts and the intensity of the situation and he’s
salty that Peter calls it awesome cause he’s a snob. There’s a really cute moment here when Peter
calls himself all his adjectives amazing spectacular and sensational, not superior not yet. Thrilled to have a new costume Peter sets
out but not before learning that the woman he saved is Firebrands ex and they have a
daughter so he can pretty much guess his next move with his eyes closed. Peter has some zany mishaps learning the new
ins and out of his costume on the way to Firebrand’s exes place, but when he shows up at the daughters
window to sneak in she;s terrified of him because of his black costume screaming that
only villains wear black to which I say not in new york I guess her mom keeps her away
from the bugle and the television and just outside. Still it works he does look pretty menacing. The girl flees from him right into where her
father is threatening her mother and things escalate when firebrand learns his daughter
had been told he was dead. Which you better skip town if you tell your
kids that and their father or mother is a super villain cause they’re not staying
in jail they have a special plot armour break out of jail card. Peter saves the day but the girl is still
terrified of him, so he sends the suit back to Reed with a note about how his rep is bad
enough as is he doesn’t need to be mistaken for a villain he’ll go back to his old costume
and being the friendly neighborhood spider-man. Ok so what’s different from the original
idea first off well Randy’s original idea had the Wasp featured prominently as the person
who designed peter’s new costume cause at the time the wasp updating her costume to
be chic was a thing she was a fashionista as well as a scientist and superhero. Spider-man accidentally causes a death in
randy’s pitch really it’s a standard spidey adventure but he has a new costume. Randy did say when he was interviews years
later his focus was a bit more on updating Spidey’s look. So you get to read the whole pitch back here
but then you get to the second draft with Tom Defalco’s notes on it and my goodness. I was having flashbacks to university issues
every time there was a note with a red why and a big question mark I felt it in my soul. The tone of the notes is very very blunt and
I was struggling to tell if this was just how he talked to all people and writers who
submitted pitches or if there was a bit of that ok fanboy we’re the professionals stay
in your lane thing going on. Pros especially in legacy licensed property
fields like this are very aware of the thin line between fandom, fanfiction and them. We’re all one good pitch away from being
hired and our fan ideas potentially becoming canon so some creators try and put on airs
to make fans feel lesser than.Or like they care too much or don’t know what they’re
talking about doubly so for transformative fandom
and shipping a niche within an already sub-niche. Like how Donny Cates likes all his fans except
for the shippers. Not saying that’s what’s happening here
at all but it’s what these notes made me think about. Some are helpful like how the comic should
open on an action shot of spidey so we see the old suit before he changes. But some of them like wrong new york city
crowds don;t react this way or Boring! Not dramatic!. I would cry, and then it would have lit and
I’ll show you i’ll show you all response and I would have sent back like 12 more drafts. There are many notes stating that this is
all happening in spidey’s head what is going on in the art. Which fair question it is a visual medium
but at the same time this is a fan not used to pitching things in this format and there’s
not really any quarter given for that in the notes, but on the flip side you’re running
a business so no you don’t have time to coddle people and hold the hands of amateurs
while they learn for a one off but then re flip why offer the chance to a novice. They had to know it wouldn’t be like a polished
perfect pitch. So notes like Why? Are they broken? Did you remember to establish how they work?! I dunno maybe I’m a sensitive wilting flower
but some of these notes seemed harsh or maybe he was just being treated like everyone else
like a professional which in a way is more respectful so yay? I’m torn what do you think. Randy never mentioned minding and was always
grateful to have his idea liked and always kept the letter marvel sent him about it. Randy seems like a chill dude Ok so this story is fun and cute and still
pretty different from Randy’s pitch to be honest but cool to see. In all fairness though for spidey history
it’s probably for the best this fell through how spidey got his black costume in the comics
was a lot more epic and felt more necessary there is a struggle here in pitch and final
as to why he changes costumes. The shift from red to white is an improvement
as well, and of course later venom but that was just cause of the backlash. Doesn’t count. Now when Randy came out after Spider-Man 3
in 2007 to talk about his contribution to marvel history one of the things he did lament
was the lack of acknowledgment so this is cool, but he did also say he would love to
have been called a fanboy stud. I didn’t see that anywhere in this issue. So I’ll say it here you Randy Schueller
for submitting this idea for putting your fandom all out there for the world to see
you are a fanboy stud. That was a ride tell me all your thoughts
down below and let me know have you ever submitted and idea as a fan? Did you get a response? Or do you keep it for the fics and forums? Thanks so much as always for watching please
do all of the youtube things like share comment subscrube and hit that bell notification so
that you never miss a vid. I’m Sasha and I’ll see you again soon
here on casually comics

16 Replies to “How Spider-Man REALLY Got His BLACK COSTUME!”

  1. The new black costume’s… alright. There are only so many ways artists can do variations on the black suit. No wonder it’s just easier to stick the suit on other characters and play off that.

  2. You are a hero for making a video like this. From what I saw the letter wasn’t harsh but it did treat Randy like seasoned professional. It’s almost cool but probably unnecessary.

  3. The only thing that bothers me about the notes is the rampant use Excalmation Points! This are written notes with constructive criticisms, I don’t know why you felt the need to established you are YELLING!!!

  4. Yeesh, those comments on the pitch gave me flashbacks to college film studies. As for the comic, it seems alright for a one-off adventure, nothing spectacular. Strangely, the story around it is more interesting to me, and a little inspiring.

  5. Seems cute, I didn't know Wasp had a history of being a fashionista (not that I know much about her in general tbh) but I like that, its cool when heroes can be competent and strong but also have frivolous hobbies. I think the notes seemed fair but that one about the crowd kind of made me laugh sort of picturing these grumpy new Yorkers seeing a superhero and being like "meh that's a three out of five at most"

  6. I want to see Sasha go full super villian and get fanfic writers justice and validation. Be our avenging angel. Go hard.

  7. 1. Some people are naturally more harsh/blunt critics. Is it always pleasant to deal with? No, but you’ve gotta learn to roll with the punches. Whether or not such critics are the norm for a person or industry can only really be known with further interactions.
    2. Wanting acknowledgement is a normal and valid feeling, especially as a fan.
    3. Sometimes in order to deal with overzealous or entitled fans creators become harsh or do what they feel is necessary to create a distance between them and fans. However, not all fans are crazy and creators open themselves to criticism and people taking their work and running with it when it’s put in the open. Most fan works are done to show one’s enthusiasm and love for a work, or at least one’s takeaway.

  8. I like the red and black color scheme: they made a similar costume for the PS4 Spider-Man game and it's one of my favorites. My problem with this story and the original pitch: why would Spidey give up the suit? It's so much better than his regular cloth uniform!

  9. I definitely would have cried, they should have been a bit more constructive. Although I don't know how the industry was at the time or even currently. If that's the norm I might not cry if it were to happen to me.

  10. After the new 52, I was so upset that I made my own New 52 on DeviantArt. 52 complete sketches with character backstories, ranging from a “Bruce Wayne leads Checkmate” book to a Superman reboot to a “Teen Titans vs Young Justice” battle book. I loved the ideas at the time, but looking back on them, I’m happy just to have my nice little slice of fan fiction on the internet.

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