How to Accessorize Your School Uniform

How to Accessorize Your School Uniform

How to Accessorize Your School Uniform. Just because you have to wear a uniform to
school doesn’t mean you can’t assert your individuality. You will need An image you want to project
Accessories and creativity. Step 1. Know your school’s rules before you make
any purchases. Step 2. Start at the top. Use all kinds of barrettes, headbands, and
other hair ornaments. Or tie your hair back with scarves. Step 3. Pick up some cool jewelry–or make something
your trademark, like a personalized necklace or unique ring. Step 4. Buy a variety of scarves and learn how to
tie them in different ways. This alone will give you dozens of looks. As you add to your accessories, think colors
and prints–especially if your school uniform is a somber solid, like navy blue. Step 5. Forego the standard black leather belt for
something unique, like one with a vintage buckle. Or use a scarf as a belt. Step 6. Sneak a bit of color under your regulation
shirt with a brightly colored or cool tee. Step 7. Don’t forget watches–they are a great way
to add pizzazz to your outfit. Girls can make a statement with their choice
of manicure and polish. Step 8. If you don’t have to wear a standard loafer
or Oxford, shoes are an obvious way to put your best foot forward. Step 9. Make your backpack a canvas for your personality
with charms, pins, patches, and key chains. Or tie a scarf around a pocketbook for a more
sophisticated look. Step 10. Wrap up your look with a carefully chosen
sweater, hoodie, Pashmina, shrug, or cape. Did you know After California’s Long Beach
Unified School District adopted a mandatory uniform policy, school crime dropped 76%.

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  1. Yep um what this video is saying will go against atleast 9 rules in our school. Because our teachers will be thrilled if we come into school looking like a clown, brightly coloured nails and 12 inch heels… Maybe in Fantasy Land.

  2. Lol we can do SO much bigger in our school I wear high tops and knee high and they just compliment and I wear al kinds of jewelry. This is just my school?

  3. What if you're cold though? That's a stupid rule not being able to wear coats. What if the school is too cheap to turn on the heater and it's freezing in the winter time (my school does this a lot) and then you're freezing, then the next thing you know….next day you're sick. You're sick because of the school. My body is naturally a little extra cold blooded so I'm freezing everywhere I go so I have to wear a sweater or jacket. There's no way I can make an entire day without a jacket or sweater

  4. At least you're uniform doesn't even look like a uniform so you aren't too embarrassed when you go out in public and have no time to change, so you end up wearing the stupid uniform.

  5. I don't think you're allowed that in a private school considering private schools are prestigious, I go to a catholic school and a bunch of those in the video aren't allowed for the uniform.

  6. I try painting my nails,cutting my bangs and putting angry bird space pencil toppers on my pecils but I can't be noticed.

  7. Schools in my area of Ireland dont let you wear makeup, bracelets, pins, scarves, non school jackets, more than a standard two ear piercings (one per ear) expulsion for visible tattoos or facial piercings, all black flat shoes the only thing we can do with our uniform is shorten our skirts to as high as we like 😉 but we cant do anything to our uniforms that you mentioned..

  8. Where did you get the pink neck tie at 1:00 ?? I've been trying to find a similar one but dont know where to look 🙁

  9. My school im going to next year u can wear makeup nail polish more than one earing in one ear and let your hair down you can also express yourself through fashion and no backpacks because we only use binders (btw im in 5th grade going to 6th grade) middle school

  10. The only thing they named allowed in my school is the watches and accessorizing our book bags, our hair can't be very flashy, and if you do wear a watch, everyone CONSTANTLY asks what time it is because they're too lazy to look at the clock. -.-

  11. I always wear something with the sigil of baphomet on it doesn't mater if it is pendent or a ring

  12. Ya we cant do any thing like this in our school. Im in scotland and we must have our skirts to knee leangh hair in a pony tail(or down if its to short for a pony tail) we have to have white shirts black shoes blazers and our school tie no make up! Its HELL

  13. There is only a uniform for camp witch is a shirt but you can make it a tank and put patches on it you can wear your own shorts and shoes too

  14. If we are going to wear hair accesories they have to be in black,white,green or brown. We can't wear jewelry unless its a watch which has to be in the colors mentioned above and if we wear earrings they can't be bigger than a ten cent piece. We can't wear those scarves.No belts allowed since we wear these overalls that are tight enough. No nail polish not even a base coat. Shoes must be plain black and flat. Basically if you anit pretty then you can't look good in my school uniform.

  15. At my school you have to wear the white school shirt orwhite button down shirt, green pants or green shorts (both certain types supplied by school uniform shops), or a green and white princess style dress, or a navy and green kilt with tights. We also must wear leather fully covered lace shoes, no heels, wedges, flats or canvas shoes. No spbright scarves, no colourful jumpers, only the school ones. If we were socks that are any other colour than black or white we get in trouble.

  16. I go to a private school no heels no scarves no jewelry unless its small or has a small cross no dangly earrings unless there small no scarves no nail polish unless its Pastel and we have to we're knee highs ether white, maroon or grey and you have to sweater vest on church days

  17. Maybe because trying to look better than everyone else can lead to bullying.. That's my schools explanation..

  18. Why is there school uniforms anyway? I don't get the point of them. I'd rahter change to another school if I was told to wear uniform.

  19. Why would anyone care what other people wear? I mean maybe a 10-year-old or younger would bully someone because of their clothes but otherwise it's hard to believe. I don't think that anyone would care or even notice in my school even if you came naked to school.

  20. Yeah I'd rather change to another school than wear a school uniform. Luckily I live in a country that doesn't have schools that require you to wear them.

  21. My school do not have school uniforms but we did have a dress code through elementary and jr high I am starting high school this year

  22. last year i was in art class and i got marker all over my shirt! they looked like little sprinkles! it was actually cute! but it was crayola so i came out..

  23. My high school does not have a school uniform but we do have a dress code we can dye our hair wear tank tops it is a lot better the my middle school

  24. in my school,uniform is mandatory . any color shoes dosen't matter but, we can't  wear scarves or hats to class unless its winter!!!!!

  25. I do not have a school uniform we have a dress code u can dye your hair wear tank tops I am in high school I go to a public school

  26. I wish I could use these steps, they all seem amazing and fun to do. But my school has rules forbidding any jewlery, heavy makeup, I don't think we r allowed to wear heels, no scarves etc. Even ur hair colour has to be full on natural 😛 (naturally coloured that is e.g. brown, black, blonde)

  27. Our uniform rules are becoming a lot stricter, we all have to wear blazers and ties, polo shirts are banned, all shirts have to be white, shoes have to be all black, we can't wear a lot of make-up, we have to have our hair tied up (Thanks new depute head for making us all plain and boring!)

  28. We can't wear makeup or nail polish. We have to wear white or navy polos and navy pants,skirts,or shorts. We can't wear scarves or anything. We can't wear any jewelry. Our socks have to be plain white, and we can't have flats or heels, anything like that.

  29. Did you know, that long beach study was conducted 20 years ago and is proven to not be pertinent to today's schools.

  30. I feel like such a rebel wearing red and light blue jeans to school 😝 Even though my school is pretty strict with dress code, I get away with a little color. My secret is, I am super nice with teachers and am friends with most.

  31. my school doesn't allow most of these things. the things they do allow are mandatory hair ties for girls but they have to be a certain colour, no jewlery for boys unless religous, and bag decoration for anyone. i even know a few people that don't have a school backpack so they use their own! it sucks that boys only get bag customization though, girls get to do so much decorating!!

  32. I hate DIYs you need so much stuff I got everything but I didnt have creativity no what am I gonna do with al these stuff?

  33. So I go to a tech school and a lot of kids come from a district that has a uniform policy, and those kids show up at the tech school not wearing their uniform and they change just before they leave.

  34. I was told uniforms are supposed to save money. But you have to buy expensive school uniforms every year.
    So they dont save money. Some adults growing up getting to wear uniforms call it a luxury. Its really not…

  35. My school won’t allow anything from this video ;-; Everything has to be from the school uniform shop, made by the school with the school crest on it. 😖

  36. 1:22 Notice how you say “Girls can wear nail polish” Nail polish has no specific rules as to “Only girls can wear nail polish” if a boy wants to wear nail polish, that’s fine it’s 2019 and there are no gender specific rules.

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