How to Apply Bias Tape to Fabric | Sewing Machine

How to Apply Bias Tape to Fabric | Sewing Machine

Hi. I’m Jennifer from Workroom Social and today
I’m going to show you how to apply bias tape. So, we have our bias tape made. You can either make this at home or you can
buy pre-made bias tape at any Notions or sewing store. The first thing you’re going to want to do
is take your bias tape, this would be the right side of the bias tape and this would
be the wrong side, and you’re going to lay your bias tape right-side down. Then, what you’re going to do is you’re going
to go to the raw edge on the right, which is folded in, and you’re going to unfold it. Then, you’re going to line up the raw edge
with the raw edge of your fabric. You can pin your bias tape in place to help
you control all this fabric before you start sewing. The bias tape is quite stretchy, so pins are
a good idea when you’re doing bias tape. Okay, so I have my bias tape pinned in place
and now I’m going to sew the bias tape on and I’m going to sew just to the right of
the fold in the bias tape. So the fold is going to be on the left and
my stitching is going to be on the right. We’re just doing a straight stitch. I’m using a 2.5 mm stitch length, and we’re
just going to go all the way down. Okay, now when you come to the end, you can
just stop. If you’re using pre-made bias tape, you’ll
get it on a roll. You might get a couple yards at once so I
don’t usually pre-cut my bias tape. I will apply it, then when I get to the end
I will cut off the ends so I’m using exactly what I need. Okay, so now you can see our stitching is
just to the right of the fold so that when we fold this back over, it’s right on that
line. Okay, now the next step: we’re going to take
this whole thing, the bias tape, and we’re going to fold everything over. From here, we’re going to pin this in place
and then sew it down. Now, there’s two ways that you can think of
bias tape. Bias tape can be used on the inside of a garment,
so if you pretend this yellow is a neckline for example, the pink bias tape could be on
the inside of the neckline so you don’t see it at all. It’s just to clean finish your raw edge. But, you can also sew it so that the pink
or the bias tape is on the outside and so it’s a little bit more decorative. Either way is fine. It’s totally up to you, but we’re just going
to stitch this down just like this right now, and of course you can use pins. We’ll use pins to hold everything in place
since this is pretty stretchy. Okay, and then we’re just going to stitch
right on the edge here. Okay, so this is folded now and stitched down. You take this to the iron and give it a good
press. When you did that, if this were the right
side of your garment, you would have no bias tape showing. It would just be on the inside. Or, if you wanted to use the bias tape on
the outside of your garment then you have a really fun, nice, contrasting edge to your
garment. So, that’s how you sew bias tape.

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  1. Thanks for this lesson. Did you use a special foot or method for stitching right on the edge of the tape (last step)?

  2. Great – if you are sewing bias tape on a square…how about showing how to put bias tape around a neckline and sleeves?

  3. This is great if you are sewing in a straight line. Would have liked to see the start, stop, and corners of the square instead of just one edge.

  4. This has shown me nothing…because the bias tape was far too large. And if you were using it as an example, that should have been mentioned right at the get go. I'm looking for a professional way to apply bias tape. This wasn't any help at all.

  5. This is not actual application of biased tape, you’re just using it as trim,
    True biased tape will be on the edge, showing on both sides of the fabric

  6. sorta kinda problem…if you are sewing bias tape around neck edge…you wouldn't cut the bias tape immediately as you will need to overlap the tape to cover the edge of the previous tape.. a thought as I've made that mistake

  7. Very helpful – clear instructions and quality video images. I wanted to understand what bias tape is used for and this also provided variations to using it. Thank you!

  8. That's not how bias tape is usually applied. That's a way I've never seen and it's not the way I was expecting it the be. Thank you anyway for the video,it's still helpful

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