How to Apply Makeup : How to Apply a Base Coat of Eyeshadow

How to Apply Makeup : How to Apply a Base Coat of Eyeshadow

Hi! My name is Nordia Cameron on behalf of Today, we’re going to be showing you how to properly apply eye shadow.
We’re going to start off by using our paints all over the lid. This is to help the shadows
hold properly and to prevent any creasing. Those of you who are planning on having a
long day, whether it be a wedding or any major event, and you really don’t want to worry
about your eye shadow creasing, this is a really good way of preventing that. Ensure
gain, with everything that you do, blend well. Leave no visible lines. The paints also helps the eye shadows to show
their true colors. I don’t know how ever many of you have been to a store and selected
that perfect eye shadow, and it’s just gorgeous, the color is vibrant, and you’re like yes.
By the time you apply it to your face, the color differs. Either it’s not bright enough;
doesn’t show well enough, it doesn’t give you the effect that you thought. That is as
a result of not using some sort of eye primer. Right after, we’re going to follow by applying
a highlighter, which is a light eye shadow, right underneath the brow. This gives light
to the eyes, especially for anyone that has deep set eyes. If you have deep set eyes,
put this all over the lid. Remember to blend well. Look at the difference between this
eye and that eye.

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  2. could not see anything, what a waste and she did not even tell us what colours to use all I heard was about a highlighter

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