How to apply top coat over nail stamping

How to apply top coat over nail stamping

Hi Everyone this is Swanette from Nailstamp4fun
today’s quick tip is how to apply top coat to your nail stamping design. I get ask, Why
do I smear my design with my top coat? Is there a trick? Well today I am going to show
you how. I hope you enjoy the video. In my opinion the best top coat is a top coat
that is thicker in consistency. It’s not too thin or runny. That way it doesn’t smear your
design. Let me show you what I mean. I am going to apply Seche Vite top coat, and Seche
Vite top coat is a thick top coat. I hope you can see the barrier that top coat creates
between your nail stamping design and the nail brush. That way your nail brush doesn’t
smear your design. That why it is very important to use a thicker consistency top coat. Next
I am going to show you a runny and thin top coat. That way you can see the difference.
You can see how thin this top coat is, you can hardly see it on the brush. That why it
smears so easily, because the bristles of the brush touches your design, it doesn’t
create that barrier that thicker top coat does. Here are some quick tips. You’ve just
finished stamping your nails, Give them some time to dry. I like to clean up before apply
my top coat, that why my design has time to dry. Once I am done cleaning up, I apply my
favorite top coat. Apply a generous amount of top coat on your brush. Gently but quickly
glide the brush over your nails, try not to apply too much pressure, or you will smear
your design. Try not to go over the area twice. If needed just wait for your nails to completely
dry and apply a second coat. Colorina top coat is a very runny and thin top coat, but
it doesn’t mean you can make it work. As you can see it does smear design. Here is a little
trick I can show you to make runny and thin top coats work. All you have to do is apply
very generous amount of top coat on your brush and try your best to be very careful when
applying the top coat. Try not to apply too much pressure. This definitely does take practice
, but you can make runny and thin top coats work. It just that a thicker consistency top
coats will make your life much easier. And that was my quick tips on how to apply top
coat over nail stamping. Tell me what’s your favorite top coat. I would love to know and
I know it will be helpful to others. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please take care and
happy stamping! Bye! And here is quick tip if you love Seche Vite as much as I do. Check on Amazon, this set cost around $16. You get a 4 fl oz bottle and .5 fl oz bottle of Seche
Vite. This is excellent because it equals 9 bottles of .5 fl oz and you know how expensive
Seche Vite is. If you do the math $16/9=$1.77 each. and if you have Amazon prime you will
get free shipping. Just a quick tip to let you know how I purchase my Seche Vite. I hope
you enjoyed this video. Please take care and Happy stamping! Bye.

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  1. Me encantan tus videos! Explicas muy bien. Yo uso gel polishes, luego de estampar vuelvo y pongo gelish top coat. Me gustaría que después hicieras un tutorial de como cuidas y preparas tus uñas antes de pintarlas. Gracias por compartir con nosotras tu talento e ideas.!

  2. Great tips, can you do one comparing seche and hk girl fast drying top coat, to see which shrinks more? Tfs – xoxo Emmie

  3. my favorite top coat would have to be seche vite as well. Best fast drying top coat for me at least. And I've tried a lot. lol☺

  4. Thank you so much… that was great and so helpful. My favorite top coats are Butter London and Qtica by Zoya

  5. Hi I was told that there is a note at the back of the seche vite bottle saying that using it might expose you to the risk of not being able to get pregnant! Just wanna point that out if you didn't know!

  6. Great video!! I also love using Seche Vite for stamping. I found another topcoat almost similar to Seche Vite called ASP Wow! It's dry! @ Sally's Beauty Store. It's dries super fast like Seche Vite and has a thicker formula (not as thick as Seche Vite but pretty close). This topcoat doesn't smell as strong as SV and cost about the same. 😊❤

  7. can you do a video explaining sech vite onto nail polish. like do you need to do it right away or can you do all 10 nails and then put sech vite on after every nail

  8. I really 💜 Seche Vite since it's thick, shiny and very fast drying formula. Since I wrap the tips I don't have any problem with shrinkage at all and it let's my polish last with minimal wear at least 1week.
    On days that my asthma may be acting up slightly or for those who have breathing sensitivies like I do they may like 📌Out The Door by INM since it's less harsh smelling, dries fast (maybe a minute or two longer than SV); it let's your manicure last for >almost< a week but not as long as SV and formula is less thick but not runny.
    HK GIRL I tried: quality/duration wise it is as good as SV but the strong odor is many many times stronger than my beloved SV.

  9. When you spray on a small amount of hairspray it will create a protection layer as well and will help avoid smearing 😉

  10. Thanks for sharing Swanette.. I like seche vite because of its lightning fast drying time but to me is annoying that it thickens out a bit below half bottle, I've used it's special drops (thinner) but after that use thickens out again. Another thing is the shrinkage on the sides 🙄 and idk why after a day or 2 the whole polish comes out as a sticker or as if I had applied a peel off base coat.. Last year I purchased HK girl and I love it! Nice gloss/shine, fast drying, no chipping, no shrinking I mean is just 🙌🏼 😘

  11. Very nice video Swanette! TFS Since I do not have regular access to Seche Vite – I use Sally Hansen Fast Dry non-chip topcoat, that one is sold in my country as well and it doesnt smear the designs either, just a tip for the Europeans around 😉 .

  12. I use Seche Vite as well, and never had a problem. I, too, was recommended to try ASP Wow topcoat when I was at Sally's Beauty Supply, but they were out of stock. 😯😯 I will definitely will be picking it up when they have it back in the store. Thanks for the Amazon tip. Will be stocking up on my SV.

  13. Thank you, Swanette! I really enjoy all your videos, but I especially appreciate these "lesson" videos. Would love a similar video about the factors (viscosity, opacity, dry time, etc.) to find drug store nail polishes suitable for stamping or other techniques. Thanks also for the Amazon tip! I like Seche Vite, but not its usual price tag!

  14. Hello!
    I use seche vite, Sally Hansen Insta Dri (red bottle) and CND Vinylux Top Coat. All of them perform good.

  15. Me encantan tus videos, no me pierdo ninguno. Muy bien explicado como aplicar el top coat. Yo tambien uso Seche Vite en esa botella grande pero me dura mucho mas de 10 meses jajaja. Tu utilizas Seche Restore alguna vez? o acabas las botellas pequeñas tan rapido que no lo necesitas? Ojala puedas contarme. Saludos y besos! Tienes el mejor canal de youtube para las que nos gusta el Nailstamp4fun!

  16. I use Poshe' Top coat when I stamp, I love it!  You can find it at Sally's Beauty Supply.  I'm such a junkie I buy the huge refill bottle on Ebay.  Poshe' is never talked about in the nail community and I just don't understand why.  This video was great!  I really enjoyed it.  TFS, TTYL, my friend.

  17. hey Swanette. love your videos. my fav top coat is colourstay gel shine top coat by Revlon. the brush is actually two sets of bristles so it coats the whole nail in only two strokes (or less for pinky) with a Revlon outlet near me it is very inexpensive about 2 dollars.

  18. I would like to give you guys an advice on how not to smear the design
    spray some hair spray on your nails
    let it dry for a minut
    then apply your top coat without worryin
    hope you try it and let me know how that will work out for you

  19. I looove KBShimmer's Clearly on Top. It's cheap, thick, fast-drying, and works all the way until the bottom of the bottle instead of getting goopy when you're only halfway in. I'm never going back to drugstore topcoats.

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