27 Replies to “How-To Breaking Bad Costume – Walter White”

  1. Thatโ€™s actually a really good looking pork pie hat for how cheap it is. It looks like it could pass for a legit $50 porkpie hat.

  2. someone at my school did this at the boo bash beforeโ€‹ I was there and my band teacher warned us about that

  3. Walter White- what one particular element comes to mind
    Jesse Pinkman- ahhhhhh wire

    Jesse pinkman- This Is My Own Private Domicile, And I Will Not Be Harassed, Bitch!

  4. Was it me or was rob saying blue ice correct me if I wrong but I thought it was called blue sky in the show.

  5. I had a white overall and painted it with acrylic paint, then put it in the tumble dryer to set it. Works a dream

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