How to Buy a Winter Coat

How to Buy a Winter Coat

How to Buy a Winter Coat. You and your winter coat will be spending
many a cold day together, so you might as well get one you love. You will need The right fabric Proper lining
Good fit and flattering style and color. Step 1. Consider that a winter coat must be warm and
two of the warmest fabric choices are wool and cashmere. Cashmere is the warmest, but also the most
expensive. Fur and leather are also warm but require
more maintenance. Step 2. Look for a coat with lining made of a synthetic
fiber thermal insulation or goose down for added warmth in especially cold climates. Otherwise, an acetate lining will do. Step 3. Get a good fit. Wear a blazer or sweater when trying on coats
to make sure they’ll fit over your layers and still be comfortable. Raise your arms, sit down, and bend over in
the coat to see how it moves with you. Step 4. Find a flattering style. Length-wise, a coat should fall somewhere
between your thigh and knee. Try on belted styles, A-line coats, pea-coats,
military-inspired styles, coats with a hood, and double-breasted versions to see which
works for you. Step 5. Go for a color that flatters you, regardless
of what’s in style. Since you’ll be wearing it for months on end,
make sure it’s something you won’t tire of quickly. Did you know Although the winter solstice
is the year’s darkest day, the coldest days of winter come about a month and a half later
due to the oceans’ slowness to cool.

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  2. I bet most people would think these vids are pointless. Well, the next thing you know is when you want to find a winter coat, you remember the tips from howcast and use them.

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  4. you know, i bet one day someone will want to know how to buy a winter jacket, and they'll be happy someone out there actually gave out some tips

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